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Persephone {pt.5 (FINAL)}

Type: Miniseries Continuation; 7th Sense | One | Two | Three | Four | Five (FINAL) |
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Fluff, Suggestive (NO SMUT), Demon!AU, Witch!AU
Member: Joshua/Jisoo
Word count: 3,701
A/N: Thank you all for the love this series has received and with bearing the long wait! :)

After so many years you were finally home.

Your yearning wish was finally granted, but not in the way you had in mind.

Your head turns over to the door when footsteps shuffle down the hallway. It wasn’t just one pair of steps, but multiple followed by voices. You grip the edge of the porcelain tub as the door bursts open.

You expected your family to run to you and spoil you with affection, but they only blankly stare into the bathroom.

“She’s here,” your little brother announced.

Your parents and older twin sisters frantically look all over the room, grief upon their faces. The space between your brows twitch. Why were they acting like they couldn’t see you?

“What’s wrong with them, Leon?” You uttered, staring at them strangely.

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Drabble: Lose You

GENRE: angst, fantasy, demon!AU, witch!AU romance (?) ~I’m starting, I don’t have idea~

WORDS: 908

A/N: It was written based on my wishes about how Persephone miniseries should continue. I don’t know how the @95boysbe will continue this but I know that she will do it in a perfect way! Please, everybody read the miniserie, it’s amazing and really caught my heart <3 

He killed the headmistress with his own hands, he fought with his father and was almost exiled because of you. You… The empty space that you had left in his heart was something that he never felt before, not even living all this years in the underworld he met something so cold and dark like this feeling. People called it love, but he could only feel the pain. He should have taken your soul when he had the chance, he should have make you his partner when he had the chance, but he didn’t. He lost you. So he thought that he deserved every single moment of suffering that he had to deal with his eternal life.

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Request: Joshua as a demon or succubus? Please? And fluffy I guess ~
Member: Joshua (svt)
Genre: A touch of angst but mostly fluffy
A/N: I got really excited just talking about Josh as a demon shjsdhe I’m SO sorry I just love these kinds of aus,,, I highkey had fun with this so in the future (when my ask is open) if you guys wanna request more fantasy aus like this or more drabbles with demon Josh I’d be hella down,,, esp since fantasy is actually my favorite genre to write so 👀

  • Demon Joshua is wild y'all 
  • Like we all know him as this sweet little gentleman but in this au well,,, he is and he isn’t at the same time 
  • But first let’s get a little backstory on this boy 
  • Joshua is able to hide his demonic features at will in order to blend in with human beings, and he’s done so for many many years
  • Cause like,,, this boy is old as fuck 
  • When he does hide his demonic features he’s honestly just,, lovely,, all smooth skin and soft hair and those eyes that always seem to have a mysterious glint in them
  • In almost every identity he’s taken on amongst the humans, he’s always managed to make sure that he was well off enough to have nice clothes and plenty to sustain himself
  • (Though he’s certainly had periods of time where things definitely didn’t work out for him and he found himself struggling but I won’t elaborate on that in this post,,)
  • And as a result of his charming good looks and the secretive aura of his,, humans tended to fawn over him, to say the least
  • Like I mentioned, Joshua has been around for a very long time, and if someone who knew him really paid attention and did some digging, they could find little traces of him from here and there
  • Old paintings sometimes showcased him as a delegator or a friend of nobles and rich families and royalty 
  • Journals of men and women alike often described him in their entries with tones of admiration and affection, but also with curiosity, all of them saying he was clearly a man who didn’t reveal much about himself
  • Local tales in some of the oldest towns would describe a reticent man who lived lavishly and never seemed to age, and then one day after a string of misfortune amongst the townsfolk, he disappeared
  • Hell (pun not intended), even in history books sometimes an unnamed man who gave just the smallest amount of influence would be mention, and sometimes, that unnamed man was Joshua Hong himself
  • Of course, he changed his name, parts of his appearance, and where he lived every few decades just to avoid suspicion, but if you really paid attention to small details in obscure throughout history, you could find where he had left his mark 
  • He typically tried to make his marks as inconspicuous as can be however, and as a result many demons considered him to be one of the more moral ones of their kind
  • But by all means, a demon is still a demon, and they are inherently notorious for not being good at heart
  • Especially considering they feed off the souls of humans and feelings of guilt, fear, and sin, like lust and greed and the like
  • So they’re pretty motivated to get humans to do some not especially great things 
  • Many demons liked to cause large amounts of trouble, like revolts and wars and strings of homicides
  • But Joshua found humanity fascinating and deeply enjoyed living among it to observe all the humans
  • So while it was all fun and good (for lack of a better word) to cause noticeable trouble from time to time, doing it frequently was an excellent and fast way to become notorious among humans,, or even be slain by them,,,
  • So the majority of the mischief that Joshua caused was more,,, subtle, and humanlike 
  • Sure sometimes he’d pull out the big guns like suddenly pray on random strings of victims and steal their souls and leave them lifeless in an alleyway or turn a town against itself before going into hiding for twenty years
  • But hanging out in a forest by yourself in some cabin to read and brush up on your mental skills was only fun every couple centuries, and so he went with the other ways of screwing around with people
  • Something he did rather often was convince people to cheat on their spouses, often with himself, because it was surprisingly easy to do when you’re a mystically charismatic and highly attractive mystery man, and the feelings that accompanied this sort of deed were enough to keep him sated for long periods of time 
  • There was also stealing bits of souls (because those fed him the best) so that the person was alive, but something big and important about them changed and caused ripples in their life 
  • There was even smaller things like causing trouble in pubs where everyone was too drunk to think straight, giving people wrong information and spreading gossip, things like that
  • Joshua knew that humans would be appalled to know he did this sort of thing,, but they would also be appalled to know he was a demon, and this is how demons survive and sustain themselves 
  • Humans viewed him as an enigmatic being, and any of them who managed to get even a little close to him would occasionally find themselves questioning his morals 
  • Joshua had two demonic forms, one that was reserved for any time he wanted, and another that strictly only appeared when he entered Hell
  • The latter of the two was,,, extremely different from what Joshua normally looked like,,, and not to mention uncomfortable considering how much it altered his body and how infrequently he used it 
  • However, the one he did show to humans, was much tamer
  • It washed out his skin, making him appear pale and a bit veiny, it added horns to his head that began just above his ears up towards where his temple was that twisted and turned towards the back of his head, it turned eyes from a warm and gooey almond color to a striking gold with the pupils stretched long, it made his teeth long and sharp, it made strangely sharp and small little things pop out along his skin, only to be accompanied by feathers as wings sprouted at will 
  • It changed him from a proper gentleman to something that belong hiding in your closet late at night 
  • The only time Joshua would form his demonic form to a human was because they weren’t going to live long enough to tell anyone,,,
  • That is, until he met you 
  • Joshua had been “fond” of humans and the occasional fellow demon or supernatural in the past, but he’d never been in love
  • It wasn’t uncommon for demons to love someone, be it human or otherwise, but Joshua just,, didn’t have that experience??
  • He didn’t really want to fall in love with another supernatural, and humans,, well humans died, to put it bluntly
  • And yeah you could find them again when they were reborn and if you played your cards right they would remember you, but that sounded like,,, so much work to a guy who was just kind of having fun and exploring the world and watching history unfold right in front of his eyes 
  • You met him for the first after he moved to a new village, one not far from a large city in a time where the streets were made of natural resources and the engine was something you hadn’t even dreamed of and people were still out exploring and finding new lands 
  • You were the child of a baker and since demons can easily eat human food and must do so if they want to blend in, Joshua figured he might as well find some places to buy his food 
  • He was introduced to you on an early morning in early autumn, your smile comfortable as you moved about the little shop and answered his every question before accepting his money in exchange for a few rolls of bread with a warm look in your eyes 
  • Something about you made him want to come back,,, yeah the food was good and everything but he found himself walking by the window to see if you were in there before he would go inside 
  • Maybe it was the way your hair would look messy after hours of running around between the kitchen and the front of the shop, how nine times out of ten you had flour smeared on your cheek, how he didn’t used to joke often but around you he couldn’t help it because your laugh rang so wonderfully in his ears when he did,,,
  • It could have been a lot of things, but regardless of what they may have been, Joshua was drawn to you 
  • When your father who ran the bakery pulled him aside one evening and asked if he would be interesting in marrying you (because at the time, dating for a long time or even at all before marriage wasn’t common), Joshua found himself saying yes 
  • The wedding was a small affair, some of the townsfolk attending as well as your family, and Joshua had to make up a lie about how his parents had died a long time ago
  • But he found himself smiling more during that ceremony than he had in a very long time,,,
  • Your friends and family embraced him with open arms, and he delighted in the way you seemed overjoyed throughout the entire day, pressing yourself close enough to him that you were never far apart 
  • He knew that humans lives were fleeting and you would die before he would,, but,,, he understood why people fell in love now
  • Because if being in love meant that he felt as warm and safe and comforted as he did when you clasped his hand while thanking the guests, then he wanted to be in love every day for the rest of his life 
  • He wasn’t saying he was head over heels in love for you yet but,,, if he said there wasn’t feelings there, he would be branded a liar 
  • He found himself watching you with a tender look in his eye as you looked around the house, wonderment in your gaze at his home
  • It was an amazing house, especially compared to the ones that most people had at the time
  • It was bigger and full of furniture from all over the world, pieces of art from his past adventures hanging on the walls, little souvenirs from the past places he lived placed here and there
  • “Where did you get all these wondrous things?” you asked, the awe clear in your breathy voice and an accent you would possess in later lives lacing your words 
  • “I spent my youth travelling around the world and educating myself that way- my parents had died and I needed work so I hopped aboard a ship one day and the crew went along with it,” he replied, the cover story slipping from his tongue as he stepped up to your side as you gazed admiringly at one particular painting. “I met lots of people and made enough money and connections to be allowed to keep all these things when I decided to settle down”
  • “It’s amazing,” you turned to him, the smile crinkling up the corners of your eyes in the most adorable way as you looked at him
  • “Not as amazing as you,” he found the compliment came rather easily when he looked at you, and that his heart did a funny little flip when your cheeks turned rosy 
  • The two of you lived your life together in peace, Joshua getting involved in new business opportunities to help the village grow 
  • For the first time in all his life, instead of just being mysterious man living up the hill, Joshua was an active member of his community, and a gentlemanly husband
  • Yes he still had to do some bad things under the cover of night or when he went on “trips,” but none of them involved adultery anymore, and he did them spaced out so that you wouldn’t be alone or worry about him
  • He had a soft spot for you and although part of him didn’t want to admit it,, over the years he truly did fall in love with you 
  • Panic welled up inside him when age began to show on your face, realizing that soon it would be suspicious if he didn’t age as well and that he wasn’t ready to face the daunting task of telling you what he really was, lest you were repulsed by him
  • You never would be, of course, because this was your husband and the man you fell in love with,,, your soulmate if you will,,, but he didn’t know that 
  • So instead of telling you, he crafted a will, making sure to leave almost all his possessions to you and “selling” a few off to a fellow demon named Jun in another part of the world and tracking down an old friend named Minhyun to convince him to move into town and keep an eye after you after Joshua had left
  • He made sure he had enough savings built up and did his best to find ways to replicate aging effects for a few years before he faked his own death 
  • He ran away after he was certain you had bought it, fleeing the town with a heavier heart than he had ever known
  • Leaving you was harder than the time he had lived on the streets as the scum of the earth, fled from those who learned of his identity and tried to kill him, or any other hardships he had faced in the centuries he had been alive
  • Because despite all the amazing things he had seen and done,,, he had been happiest when he was by your side,,
  • But he really and truly believed that for him to leave was for the best 
  • Minhyun updated him every few years,, you never remarried and lived peacefully in the home until you died in your sleep due a terminal illness nearly ten years after Joshua had left 
  • He met you again in your next lifetime when you were fourteen and already falling for a farmer’s kid and he himself was working with your father
  • Joshua himself looked a bit different, having done his best to alter his features just slightly and change his clothes and hair
  • He didn’t look exactly the way your past self had known him, but there was still enough of who he was so that anyone who knew him would still be able to say “That’s Joshua”
  • You were in love and too young for him, so when he found himself being introduced to you when he went to discuss business at your family home, he simply swallowed his pain up, smiled, and nodded politely as he told you his fake name he had been using for this new life of his
  • He could see the faintest flicker of recognition in your eyes, but instead of addressing it, he excused himself to the office to get to work 
  • When he left and shook the hands of your father and the other business associates before heading towards his horse, he heard your name call for him in the yard 
  • You trotted up to him, confusion and curiosity coloring your features as you met his eyes
  • “Have we met before?” you asked, a gentle hesitation to your tone as you tilted your head, your voice the same sound as before just decorated with a different accent. “Maybe when I was a child, perhaps?”
  • Part of him wanted to tell you everything, to find some way to trigger your memories of your past life,,, but he knew better than that, so he shook his head and told you he simply must be going 
  • He spent the next several years going back to his old tricks, causing mischief but still keeping enough face to do business with your father 
  • When he heard that you had died at a young age not long after having your first child, he went into hiding
  • He spent the next several years simply hunting for souls almost lifelessly around the globe, his heart yearning to find your reincarnation when it came around again
  • He had foolishly fallen in love with a human, and as we all know, humans die, leaving him to wander the planet without his other half until your soul returned to it 
  • It wasn’t until he resurfaced decades later and began making connections again that he met the new you 
  • Once again he had changed his looks, but he made them a bit more familiar to Joshua you knew, though his name was once again different 
  • You were the child of a noble this time around, and he met you at a formal gathering full of important businesspeople and politicians and members of various royalties
  • When he saw you across the room, chatting with a cousin of yours, he could feel his breath being stolen away from his lungs
  • You were just as captivating as you had ever been, and when you glanced his way after feeling his eyes on yours, he felt himself stiffen unconsciously
  • But you smiled, and no matter how different you looked from your life when he first met you, there was something about your smile that had stayed the same 
  • He gathered his courage and approached you right then and there 
  • Joshua could tell that you thought something about him was recognizable, but he managed to make sure you wouldn’t mention it, not quite ready to have you remember your past lives in case you were married or something else that would doom him to spend the next several decades without you by his side
  • But when you mentioned that you had no husband, he could feel his body grow lighter than air 
  • It was a week afterwards that your courtship began
  • This time, he was able to do it properly before bringing up the subject of marriage (though at the time, couples only tended to be together for a year or so before it came up)
  • He took you on long walks along riverbanks and to restaurants where you could try amazing foods you had never thought of before
  • He drove you around in the clunky, early models of automobiles, the vehicles jolting roughly as he tried to figure out the breaks and making you gasp and laugh each time
  • He held your hand when you two were alone, his eyes searching yours contently
  • It wasn’t until the night before your wedding that you remembered who he was
  • You had woken up from a dream where you lived both your past lives over again with a gasp and ran out of your home without even thinking to put on shoes, pounding on the door of his own house in desperation to see him and confirm that it was all true 
  • He was surprised to see you at his doorstep until the words began flowing out of your mouth, your dirty feet stepping onto his carpet and making little tracks
  • He shut the door as he processed that you had learned everything before sitting you down
  • “How, Joshua, how do you look so similar in all of my memories?” you asked him, grasping his hands in yours tightly as your eyes searched his own 
  • With a sigh, he knew that this was the end of the line, that he needed to explain to you now what he was and needed to face the reality that you may never want him around you ever again
  • So he spoke, his eyes clouded with fear and his heart on his sleeve as he told you his side of the story, expecting you to leave the minute he was finished
  • But you didn’t
  • You threw your arms around him and kissed him breathless, begging him to never leave you the way he had before and to stay by your side forever and in every lifetime to come, and he could feel his worries wash away as he realized that no matter if he was a demon or a human or anything else, you would still love him no matter who you were 
  • The wedding went on as planned the next day, and the two of you settled down in a town not far from the one you had been born in
  • The life you lived was dreamy and full of love, the two of you teaching each other many things and him telling you of countless adventures he had over the past several centuries
  • You two danced around your shared home, his soft singing accompanying the movement of your feet, laughter being exchanged
  • He no longer had to lie about when he needed to go cause trouble in order to sate his true nature, giving him your blessing to run off so long as he didn’t do anything questionable when it came to relationships (though so long as you were around, he wouldn’t even dream of adultery)
  • It all just,, worked
  • You continued this life peacefully for many years, though when you began to age and he did not, the two of you had to move to a more secluded place to avoid suspicion
  • When you passed away, it hurt less than it had the first two times, Joshua grateful that he had been able to spend as much time with you as he had and had been able to be there when your soul moved on
  • Of course he still mourned for a long, long time, but the pain wasn’t the same level as it had been before
  • He met you again in two other lifetimes, though you did not live very long in either of them, he still cherished each moment he had with you
  • After you died that second time in the late 1960’s though,, he did not see you for a long time
  • Joshua slipped back into a numb sort of state, doing what he had to in order to stay alive,, but he yearned to find you again
  • The 70’s and 80’s and 90’s and early 2000’s came and went in a flash, and Joshua felt like a shell of the man he once was
  • You had been gone for decades and all he wanted was for you to be by his side again, for his hand to be laced in yours
  • He had nearly given up hope, spacing out as often as possible as the age of technology boomed in the 2010’s
  • It was many years later, when all his faith in finding you again was hanging on by a thread that he looked up through a cafe window to see,,, you
  • In a green shirt and a black hoodie, one earbud in your right ear and your converse scuffing the sidewalk underneath you, your eyes glancing around as if looking for someone
  • You looked different now, of course, as did Joshua, but he knew it was you
  • In a flash he grabbed his bag and stumbled out the door and to the front of the window, nearly smacking into you in the process
  • But when you looked at him in surprise, the recognition dawning on your features quickly as your breathing picked up and he could practically hear your heart pound, he couldn’t help but beam
  • “Hello, I’m Joshua, I’m a bit of a troublemaker, but I’m certain you knew that already my dear.”
Persephone {pt.3}

Type: Miniseries Continuation; 7th Sense | One | Two | Three | Four  | Five (FINAL) |
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Fluff, Suggestive (NO SMUT), Demon!AU, Witch!AU
Member: Joshua/Jisoo
Word count: 3,023
A/N: This is such a messy chapter *sigh*

You sat on the edge of the white bathtub, watching hot water flow through the faucet and slowly fill the tub. Threads of mist weave into the air above, occasionally kissing the surface of your neck. Your shoulders shrug as a shiver runs down your spine, reminiscent of a rather intimate morning. Surprisingly, he left no marks considering the time he spent on your neck and shoulders. You rub your neck, trying to rid of the phantom feeling of Joshua’s lips and teeth nipping all over your skin.

You yearn to see him again. Unlike your usual anticipation, you were feeling rather impatient this time. You wish to feel his arms around you, his fingertips occasionally slipping up your shirt and brushing your bare back. You wanted his face buried into your neck, lips latched onto your skin and his breaths brushing just along your jawline. You blush from the feeling of his chest pressed against yours, caving in and out with each drawn breath.


You shake your head. You shouldn’t have been dazing off about him during a chore. Thinking about Joshua was making you careless. The headmistress would be furious if she knew you were lagging behind on your task.

You turn off the faucet before pacing out of the bathroom and down the hallway that leads to the headmistress’ bedroom.

“Madam,” you called as you gently knock on her door. You crack the door open and peek in.

“Your bath is…ready…”

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I’ve been watching this stupid ass gif of this fuckin raccoon for 5 minutes straight and I guess that’s how you can tell I have no life.


Type: Miniseries Continuation; 7th Sense | One | Two | Three | Four | Five (FINAL) |
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Fluff, Suggestive (NO SMUT), Demon!AU, Witch!AU
Member: Joshua/Jisoo
Word count: 3,721
A/N: Your favorite demon prince is back~😈
warning: mentions of violence.


You sit down on the small stool in front of your small vanity table, shivering as the cool wood kissed the back of your thighs. You brush your damp hair over one shoulder before holding your arm out in front of you. The other joins and you heavily sigh.

Bright red marks line along your arms, raw and bruising from the headmistress’ punishment for something she wouldn’t tell you. Your shoulders slump as your arms return to your side. Flushed marks and blotches of colorful bruises were painted on your thighs as well. Your knees were of a scarlet color and extra tender from kneeling for nearly 5 hours.

You frown, knowing you had done nothing wrong. The headmistress snapped and unleashed her anger on you.

“Did you change your shampoo?”

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Halloween Scenario Teasers🎃

Vampire!Mingyu Part 3, Vampire!Minghao, Demon!Joshua, & Werewolf!Seungcheol! Posting teasers bc I’m sick and can’t finish all if them today

Ft.Mingyu death

  • So in the small time where the nearby purebloods are figuring out if they’re your “match”
  • Mingyu is watching with envy
  • Like someone had taken his chance to win honor, offered to everyone but him
  • Which was basically happening
  • Except he wasn’t in it for the honor
  • He’s in it for you
  • You and 4 other heirs were waiting in the rose garden, waiting for the arrival of other purebloods
  • The patch of orange roses weren’t glowing anymore, because one heir had found her partner
  • Soon Jun came in and said the other purebloods would arrive tomorrow
  • So you went looking for Mingyu
  • You found him in the hallway of the giant vampire castle
  • Actually he found you
  • Crashed into you actually
  • And pulled you outside again
  • “Mingyu?! What’s this about?”
  • “We need to run away”
  • You’re not against the idea bc this place is…creepy
  • “But don’t I need to help these vam-”
  • “Don’t you understand?!?! They want you to marry a pureblood, have children with them, and then kill you”
  • Well.
  • Frick.


  • Minghao is a half-blood vampire
  • This is bc his parents are a vampire and a human
  • So he has the powers of a vampire, but he also has the strengths of a human
  • As in not burning in the sun and not having to drink blood etc
  • But anyway
  • You’re at a Halloween party with some friends
  • And you’re just chilling at the side while people dance
  • When suddenly there’s this loud scream
  • And like what?!? What happened?!?!?
  • There’s a bAT IN THE PUNCH BOWL
  • oh the windows are open
  • Someone just shoos the bat away and slams the windows shut
  • You’re so exhausted from panicking about a small bat that you step outside for fresh air
  • And some dude is just sitting on the first floor window ledge???
  • He looks like some emo kid
  • Well anyway he gives you a heart attack and you nearly fall over
  • The emo dude is just like “…could you chill”

Demon At Your Doorstep

Ft.Joshua/Jisoo(s Chri- actually no, the complete opposite)

  • THiS bOi
  • He wasn’t always so bad
  • He was an angel once
  • Yknow, angel; wings, halo, the whole shebang
  • And a very good one too
  • He was one of heaven’s favourites
  • And he was living a perfect life as a protector and guide for those who have died
  • One day when he was chillin’ in heaven
  • That should be a song
  • Someone there’s body glowed red then purple
  • And then they fell through the floor
  • Josh is like
  • What just happened?!?
  • An older angel explained to him the issue
  • That person wasn’t really supposed to be in heaven
  • Basically he cheated the system but they found out and kicked him out
  • The guy was being sent to the gates of hell
  • But Joshua…he wanted to know more


  • So I’ve never written a werewolf au
  • But eh who cares about werewolves
  • I mean you don’t think they exist
  • Like hahaha tf??😂😂😂 Men that turn into wolves during the full moon? Lmao
  • And then there’s Seungcheol who just
  • Wtf are normal humans
  • So basically
  • Seungcheol grew up as a werewolf
  • He was bitten as a child poor smol
  • His parents didn’t know what to do so they abandoned him
  • He was roaming the streets alone
  • But luckily
  • He goes through this painful fit on the ground
  • But the pain goes away after a few seconds?
  • He’s just like wait wut why can’t I stand on my legs?
  • Wait do I have legs
  • What is this thing in my face it’s called a muzzle sweetie
  • “So I’m a wolf now?” yea boiiiii k sorry
  • And so our smol wolfie was found by other werewolves when he howled
  • And they took him in even after the full moon was over
  • So he lives with werewolves now!!!
  • Which makes him kinda…savage? Basically he isn’t really used to human etiquette
  • He grew up as a wolf ok, his werewolf parents didn’t teach him much human stuff
  • They thought it would be best if he didn’t come in contact with humans
  • And for a while, they were right
  • He was better off away from people
  • Growing up in the woods
  • Away from (normal) human communication
  • And with the exception of his weird wolf family,
  • Forever alone
  • …well…maybe not forever
Worn Out

Warnings: None

Word Count: 447 (original starter), 2211 (new section) = 2658 total

Tags List (Because I am good at tumblr and know exactly what I’m doing): @bkwrm523 @eyeofdionysus @littlegreenplasticsoldier @mrswhozeewhatsis @helvonasche  @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell @manawhaat  @mamapeterson @teamfreewillimagines @teamfreewill-imagine @writingthingsisdifficult @spnashley @kittenofdoomage @abaddonwithyall @captainrogerss @lovemydean-o-saur @oriona75 @winchestersinthedrift @ruby-loves-supernatural @faith-in-dean @mysupernaturalfics @sis-tafics @but-deans-back-tho

Previously on Worn Out:

The nights had been drawing shorter, a soft frost coating every surface in the early mornings. You had wrapped up warm, wearing an old sweater on top of your clothes as you headed into town for a hot chocolate. Having bought the drink you took a seat on an old, worn out sofa in the small coffee shop and pulled out case notes on the latest case you were following. After growing up as a hunter and studying at college you had earned a good degree and worked your way to a secure position in the FBI. You were looking over the case notes as the door to the coffee shop opened and you heard a familiar voice order a set of coffees. Looking over the brim of your mug you saw Sam Winchester standing at the counter, scanning the room until his eyes land on you. In two strides he was standing by your table smiling wide, pulling you in for a tight hug. You stared and hugged back, staring at the man you had been told was long dead. He smiled and as he spoke you stared, eyes narrowing as your hand moved to the gun on your hip. Sam, however, noticed your movement and held his hands up and motioned to the sofa opposite you.

“I guess we have a lot to talk about, huh?” he sighed and collected the two mugs of coffee and sat across from you.

“You’re supposed to be dead. I saw the death certificates… I went to your grave…” you muttered as Sam tilted his head, looking over you.

“You’ve lost weight… Y/N,” Sam began, his eyes scanning over you, “You’re wearing my old sw… oh my god, I’m so sorry Y/N/N.”

You looked down to the file that lay open on the table in front of you, Sam’s eyes followed yours to see the reports on missing people from the town you were in.

“You’re here for the hunt…” you muttered before leaning in, “Don’t use your fake FBI credentials here, I’m with my partner and he will pick up on them.”

Sam tilted his head, “Wha… Y/N… you’re FBI?”

You passed him your very much read credentials and sighed, “I work for a department that basically took up the Men of Letter’s work without the name. My partner isn’t the fondest of hunters, especially those who pretend to be FBI agents.”

As you gave Sam this warning your phone buzzed to a text from your partner:

~You never told me you were friends with the Winchesters. And you never told me this case was demons, Bambi. We need to talk about this, now.~

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When Seventeen summons a demon
  • S.Coups: "well.. nice to meet you"
  • Demon: *in thoughts* "wow he so daddy material tbh"
  • -
  • Jeonghan: "make me beautiful forever"
  • Jeonghan: "jk i'm perfect lol"
  • -
  • Joshua: "please start reading the bible, it would only benefit your demon life, I promise"
  • Demon: "no"
  • Joshua: ".. i'll stab you bitch"
  • -
  • Jun: "bro, just wanted to talk a little"
  • -
  • Hoshi: "How do you get rid of a demon?"
  • Demon: "idk"
  • Hoshi: "you have to DEMONstrate hahahasdnhuhasud"
  • Demon: ".... bye"
  • -
  • Wonwoo: "make mingyu love me forever"
  • Demon: "well.. I don't have the power, but i'm pretty sure he does anyway"
  • Wonwoo: "..FOREVERRR"
  • -
  • Woozi: "just wanted to make sure this works"
  • -
  • DK: "what do demons have for breakfast?"
  • Demon: "not again"
  • DK: "devilled eggs!!!! lol"
  • -
  • Mingyu: "make me food"
  • Mingyu: "yup :3 "
  • -
  • The8: "hi, my name is minghao"
  • Demon: *blushes*
  • -
  • Seungkwan: "wow u actually cuter than i thought"
  • -
  • Vernon: "ayy yoo wazzup man"
  • Demon: "...k"
  • -
  • Dino: "hi, i want to reincarnate michael jackson"