anonymous asked:

Why did you pose for Joshua?

I do it occasionally because in all honesty, he puts up with a lot of shit from the theatre club, single-handedly designing the costumes and sometimes even the set for all the performances and otherwise, he knows how to give me some fucking space.

It’s not too different from costume fittings, anyway. He tries to be professional and quick about it, and if Joshua’s trying to improve his skills without wasting money on hiring fucking overpriced models, sure, it’ll help the performances in the long run anyway.

Besides, it’s not like he’s the type of fucking little shit to jeopardize someone’s privacy with those sketches on purpose.


Joshua O’Hare c) salemintheworks - lookititsjosh

Samson Owensby c) steeveay - samsonowensby

Josi c) Mine! mundocrayzer

Because everyone was using flowers crowns, and these guys are too cute to be excluded~ ºvº

The last panel came suddenly, at the last minute… I just… I do not even know what the hell was that. Josi is always there.. in those intimate moment xD… Yes, she is… o-o…

Well, hope you like it :3

See also a little extra! which was supposed to be the only thing that would make today .-.

It’s right HERE!