A reading of “Letters to an open air”


A reading of “Translating the avenues” from my book of the same name

The Blacklist:

Beginning later today, at around 8PM EST, I will begin sharing a series of poems that I’m throwing into a new section of the site known as The Blacklist. These poems, which have been sitting around for ages, are all poems that for me personally just didn’t seem to meet my standards. In some way though, I still feel as though they deserve some little time in the limelight, so I decided to pass them along to you, the fans and afficienados of my poetry.

You will be able to immediately identify these poems because they will be constructed on a black background with a white text. That way you can immediately identify their place in the ever-expanding back catalog available for review in the ARCHIVE.

If in the future you want to see all of these blacklisted poems in one place, just click the link to The Blacklist area located at the top of the site,

All the pieces are entirely unedited and appear in their original format. With any luck, one of you will pull something out of one of them and they won’t be an entire waste of life.

Onward & Upward,


You see this on the television when they remake old films or television shows. It’s very apparent in reality television, and in regards to the internet, people are getting some sort of credibility for destroying pages out of books, for writing a bad haiku while looking pretty in some plastic frames and a collared shirt.
—  A quote from THIS interview
This past week

…has been entirely made out of hysteria. Both I and the lady have been beat senselessly by some abnormally-super-powered cold. Today is the first day since Tuesday I’ve felt remotely normal, and by remotely normal I’m exaggerating a bit.

I just wanted to remind everyone that there are a few more days left to the Translating The Avenues contest. The contest ends on Tuesday January 24th at 8:00PM EST. The rules function the same as the Leaving Frost… one. All you do is “like” the Facebook page for it and you’re entered (click here), and you can double your chances by “liking” my Facebook page as well (click here). If you’ve already done one or both at some point in time, you’re already entered.

I’m going to spend the remainder of the evening trying to feel a bit more alive. Maybe it’ll work out alright and maybe it won’t. Either way there is the promise of Nyquil sleep, which is always nice if one is miserably ill and overly-stressed.

The best to you as the night goes by.


Evening Couch, Pt 5; starring The Toby & The Elly

News Update #2 (regarding new album)

For those of you who have been with me for awhile, you will remember the Spoken Word album I put out awhile ago. It has been tucked away for awhile, but right now, at this very moment, I have pulled it back out of the fire. The album was called Out of the Loud. It featured poems from my books Translating The Avenues, Mixtape, as well as some previously unpublished poems. It was downloaded by nearly 3,000 people. 

Due to my renewed interest in the Spoken Word format, I am bringing Out of the Loud back into the public’s domain. You can download it by visiting the new ALBUMS section of the site. It’s completely free. More or less it was all done as a token of appreciation for all of you and what you have done for my life.

* * * *

But none of that is new information to many of you who have already downloaded, and still to this day, enjoy the album.

But this is the news you have been waiting for, that I faintly brought up the other day. There is a new album in the works, that will be released on October 16th, 2012. It’s called Piece of Roads.

Piece of Roads will feature completely brand new works. What makes this album truly special, and quite different from the original one, is that all the tracks on the album are unscripted, unedited, off the cuff recordings….all of which have been recorded on the road or in little brief moments of silence.

Like I said, the album will be released to the world on October 16th, 2012. It will be available in the ALBUMS section, just like Out of the Loud. I’ll release more information, and updates on the recording process as more time passes. But I just wanted to shed some more light on it. It’s good to know the loop.

Oh yeah, and here’s a preview of the cover:


I had received a message regarding the "Cigarette Girl" book

…So I thought I would go ahead and clarify it for everyone in case anyone else was curious about what it was.

I don’t know for certain that it is an actual old book (and at the moment I’m much too lazy to simply Google it), but I would guess that it actually is. According to the cover, it’s Virgin with Butterflies by Tom Powers. What I possess, however, is actually just a journal/notebook (as demonstrated below in the photos). I stole it from my sister, who picked them up at Half-Priced Books (I might be wrong about that, but I know that is usually where she finds things like these). My guess is that if you search the internet for them, you can find them elsewhere. And again, if I had to guess, I would say it most likely is a real book/story you can find somewhere. She has other ones (I can’t remember the titles of them, but the next time I’m at her house I’ll take pictures of them if anyone is interested). Anyhow, that is that.


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A little heads-up

I’ll be giving away some Mixtape, Volume II-related things via my Facebook page in the coming days/weeks, so if you have yet to give it a “like” and all those bananas, be sure to do that so you don’t miss out on free things.

More news regarding all of this tomorrow (which in reality, at this point, is actually just later today: 05/29/12)

Until then. Visit the page. Like it. Keep in touch. Kiss your mother. With that mouth.

Day 11

We’re at October 11th.

40 to go.

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Evening Couch, Pt 1; starring The Elly


Brown Legs Presents Mina And The Sofa.