I was asked by the folks over at Style Over Substance to create a fan art homage to one of the greatest films of my formative years, The Crow. This was a joy to create, and I found it difficult to reign in going completely overboard with the story’s narrative, and just make a cool looking poster.

“They Keep Calling Me” is a 18x24 3 color screenprint. You can get one here:

June 1992. I was a young lad, sitting on my great aunts pool deck when my uncle walked up to me and slapped a small stack of comics in my lap.

“read these, you’ll love them”

I looked down, an odd issue of Lobo, X-0 Manowar issue 0, and Spawn, issue 4. I cracked open each of those books and poured over every sentence, every panel, every detail that was within their pages. I reread them all multiple times that day, knowing at this moment i’d fallen in love with comic books.

Spawn ended up being a cornerstone in my artistic and social life, Todd and Gregs work echoing through most of my artistic decisions. I feel lucky that I remember that day, the sun, the water, my uncles words, and the smell of those comic pages.