joshua ilon

Joshua Ilon talking in Juno Steel’s voice is so surreal, mostly because he looks like the cute barista at your local independent coffee shop who gives you free coffee when you look sad instead of someone who drinks whiskey by the gallon and hangs out with giant sewer rabbits

I’m relistening to 2mask2muderous because I miss Noah Simes’ voice for research, and being reminded of how incredibly talented joshua ilon is

Some hits:

1. His deadpan “what” (of course)

2. How he can sound panicked or angry without ever raising his voice (my headphoned ears thank me)

3. How his sarcastic and self aware misanthropy sounds different from his genuine depression

4. How somehow I can tell if he’s looking someone in the eye just by tone of voice

5. The way he pauses before leaning into a really bad one liner (“I was always a good catch” come on that’s a delightfully terible line)

6. How he can be charmed by Rex’s excitability and irritated at the same time

7. His subtle little snuffles and hiccups when he’s upset

7b. The catch in his voice when he says he’s missed the smell of Rex’s cologne “ever since”

Y'all, I feel so validated. None of my friends get why I refuse to watch it but this? This is why. Because it’s terrifying. And I’m so glad I’m not alone in knowing the truth.


[ID: A screenshot of three tweets, all dated 12 Apr 2017. The first is by Joshua Ilon 🍞🌹 @joshuailon, the voice actor of Juno Steel: “Tune in next time for :Juno Steel and It’s A Dog This Time”

The Penumbra Podcast @thepenumbrapod has retweeted it, and added in all-caps, “QUIT SPOILING EPISODE TITLES”

The last tweet is a reply by Joshua Ilon. It reads, “Or else: Juno Steel and the New Voice” /end ID]