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Wishful Thinking Routes: Prince Leonardo (BMP)

               A common request I see from Voltage fans is for there to be more characters for Be My Princess, specifically the butler characters.  Instead of these characters being confined strictly within BMP, I feel they should be spun-off like other Voltage games like My Sweet Bodyguard/Her Love in the Force and My Forged Wedding/My Wedding and Seven Rings. Though, Voltage does have a Butler game in Japan right now, which will eventually help curb our butler craving, they aren’t the butlers we fell in love with originally.

               Besides the BMP Butlers, I would have loved to have seen Prince Leonardo have his own route.  Prince Leo, as Prince Roberto liked to call him, was the Prince of Nerwan, which used to be a part of Dres Van Kingdom.  Prince Leo was the antagonist in Prince Joshua’s route, even kidnapped MC towards the end of the main story.  During Joshua’s sequels, the two have gotten on better terms and Leo becomes friendly with the MC.  I think he even has a crush on her, but tries to play it off as if he’s just teasing and joking around.

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Should I play Prince Joshua's Sequel?

Hi, I’m thinking about playing Josh’s sequel tomorrow, and I’ve heard it’s really sweet. I’m wondering though, is there drama or a lot of it? I just want to know ahead of time, if she’s going to have to be dealing with either another woman trying to hook up with Prince Joshua or the citizens of Dresvan not liking her/not liking the idea of a commoner for a princess? Also, were there any sad and/or depressing moments? I just want to prepare myself if there are.

I don’t mind drama towards her having to learn to be a princess (like with training), I’m just kind of sick right now of women trying to go after the male love interest (MSB ticked me off with their hot spring event), or having to deal with snide remarks about her being a commoner.

Thank you so much for your help. :)