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butlers and princes +theo & zain reacting to a pic mc posted on insta of her in just calvin klein underwear and bra,,, thing lol


“…” *silently tries to sweep his finger across the delete button*

“I…don’t want other people seeing how alluring you look in that picture.”


“Hey! What the hell is this!?”

“If you’re gonna do that type of modeling count me in next time, got it?”


“Whoa whoa whoa! Am I dreaming? Pinch me if I’m dreaming!”

“My dear MC, you never told me you had that type of clothing! That could reaaally come in handy one of these days, you know?”



(Prince Joshua?)

“Huh? Oh, yeah, right..I’ll get you as many dresses and shoes you want, no matter the price, just..don’t let other people see you in that, all right?”


“Are you out of your mind!? What if older men try to contact you after seeing that picture?”

“I..nothing..just…just delete it, okay?”


“You look absolutely exquisite in this photo, my dove.”

“Would you mind if I framed it for my eyes to see?”


“Hem, ahem! Delete it. The people that are graced to be working in Philip shouldn’t be seen in such vulgar positions.”

“Don’t mistake this for jealousy, understand? I just want to protect your well-being.”


“No, no..get rid of it, burn it, burn the clothes too!”

“Why? That should be obvious! Nobody is allowed to look at you in such a vulnerable state except for me!”


“If word got out to Prince Roberto about this, he’d surely send it to everyone, including the other princes..”

“Remove it, I promise you we’ll find other uses for that outfit someday.”


“I must say I’ve always kind of wanted to try this sort of thing out, too.”

“The next time we go shopping for Prince Joshua, shall we look for lingerie together?”


“What do I think of it, you ask? I want you to do whatever you want to do, and besides..”

“I’m the only one who can see you out of those clothes, so it doesn’t really bother me.”


“Calm down, this is fine, you’re fine, it’s fine..”

(Are you all right?)

“Yeah, I’m fi-you’re really these pictures..”


“Hmn, I don’t disapprove of your desires, my lady, but the fact that you’re alone in this photo is quite troubling to me for some reason..”

“May I join you, next time?”


“So people wear those types of clothes to model, as well?”

“That sounds cool, maybe I’ll try it one day when I’m older.”


So I hope no one else has done this. I may have spent way too much time on these…

I just put them on some Fate Stay Night backgrounds I found on google.

I have a need. I thirst.

Oh, before I forget.  We can’t leave out our favorite troublemaker, can we?

That’s better.  ❤

Live-Action Be My Princess

Here are my picks for actors to play our boys if there was an American Be My Princess movie/television show made. Enjoy!

MC: Zendaya Coleman

  • She is gorgeous and talented. I think she’d bring perfect elegance to the role.

Wilfred Spencer: Dan Stevens

  • British Prince. He is so sweet, and his facial expressions remind me of how Wilfred would be.

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can u do a headcannon where mc is anorexic and i want to see how the bmp butlers (and princes if u want) handle it? and maybe they see some scars on her wrists? ^^ ty i just wanna see how they handle it also including zain and theo pwease (^ω^)

TW: Mentions of anorexia and previous cutting under the cut.

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‘The Butterfly Prince and Sakura Princess’

Original drama by Nobel Michel Kindergarten Students





Edward Levaincois as the Butterfly Prince

Glenn J. Cashiragi as the Sakura Princess




Wilfred A. Spencer as Mr. Ladybug

Joshua Lieben as Bee Boy

Roberto Button as the Little Yellow Chick

Zain Tolstoj as the Little Green Duckling



Keith Alford and Yakov Chernenkov as Flowers





*Parents please arrive at least 15 minutes before the drama starts

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Is it possible for you to do a bmp writing in which the princes mistake the MC for a boy and what their reactions are when finding out the MC is a girl? I know the request is a bit odd, but I really would love it if you were able to write it. I do also understand if you don't want to. I love your work by the way!

A/N- Thanks so much for the request, it’s something different than all the cheating, dying, kidnapping, and blah (so it is not odd at all)!  I tried to do something new and interesting with this; I hope all of you like it.  I know it is long, but it is worth it I think!

Also thanks for re sending it, you added the butlers in the second time so I added them here with Zain and Theo for the lolz!  


Edward-  My eyes widened as I watch the beautiful woman walk into the room.  Who was this woman?  I never seen any woman as charming as her before; this woman was more beautiful than the goddess of love herself.  She reminded me of a rare hidden rose hiding inside a dying bush.  Her beauty brightened up the room and she stood out as she walked toward me with a smile on her face, her cheeks were turning a lovely shade of rose red with each step.  I took a deep breath as I walked toward her with a curious expression on my face.  I knew I was supposed to wait for the commoner boy to return but I could not help myself.  Her hypnotizing allure was magnetizing me toward her and I began moving without a single thought

“Edward, are you okay?” she asked as we got close enough.  That voice, no it cannot be… but it is.  My eyes widened as I met her eyes.  The makeup that covered her face tried to mask her identity but I finally saw past the disguise.

“Mc?” I muttered to myself.

“Yes?” she responded as she watched me with a confused look.  She waited for me to say more but language had failed to express my feelings at the moment.  How did I not realize Mc was a woman?  A beautiful woman at that.  My heart started to race in my chest as I continued to gaze at her, I felt like I could die happily right here.  I saw a piece of heaven on earth.

“You look beautiful princess,” I finally said with a smile as I held my hand out toward her, “can I have this dance?”  Her cheeks reddened as she muttered yes.  I led her to the dance floor and placed my hands on her waist as she places her on my shoulders.  We danced for a few minutes and I could not help but notice how nervous she was; she ended up stepping on my toes a couple of times but I ignored it, I was too distracted myself.  She ended up laughing and I looked at her curiously, “what is funny?”

“To be honest,” she said, “I thought you believed I was a guy for a while.  The way you talked to me when you invited me to this ball after the flower accident, and the way you were just looking at me.  You seemed really surprised like you saw a ghost; I think I am just over thinking things, you can ignore me.”  I felt my cheeks redden as I looked away from her; I could not tell her she was right.

“I did not see a ghost,” I said, “I saw a fallen piece of the heavens, and now I am dancing with her.”

Louis-  I watched in awe as Edward danced with the beautiful woman.  He looked like he was in nirvana as they swept along the dance floor.  Who is that woman?  I have never seen her at any party before; I know because I would remember seeing a beauty like her’s before.  Strangely, she does look slightly familiar but I could not put my finger on it.

I ran my fingers through my hair as I watched the duo closely and the dance finished.  The two of them walked over to a table and sat down as I continued to watch them.  After a few minutes of talking the duo separated and Edward walked straight toward me.

“Your highness,” I began, “who was that woman.”

Edward laughed, “it is Mc.”  My eyes widened as I turned back toward the beautiful woman, that could not be her.  My cheeks reddened as I thought about the young boy Edward invited to the dance out of pity after Prince Keith soaked while driving.  I had trouble putting the two faces together as I watched other men talk to her.  I felt something strange in my gut as I watched the two.  “She is a very beautiful woman,” Edward said from beside him.

“She is, I didn’t realize that Mc was a woman until now though,” I muttered.

Edward looked at me smiling, “to be honest, I didn’t know either.”

Wilfred-  I watched as the beautiful woman anxiously walked through the crowd.  She looked out of place in the crowd as she searched for some solace in the chaos of nobles.  She caught men’s attention but ignored them as she searched for some comfort.

To be honest, she looked almost like Alice lost in Wonderland.  Where is the rabbit?  She was completely lost, and she piqued my interest.  She wore a blue dress almost like Alice’s and I tried to stifle my laugh.

Her expression lit up as she saw someone in the crowd.  She walked toward the source and it ended up to be Edward.  Edward always gets the interesting ones I thought as I begin to wonder what happened to the commoner he was with earlier, that boy was very intriguing.  Even though he was a shabby looking commoner he was brave enough to go head on with Keith who can be scary.

I laughed to myself as I grabbed a cup of wine from a waiter and took a sip.  I watched as Edward led the girl onto the dance floor and they began to dance.  That is when it happened; our gazes clash and my eyes widened.  Those bright, determines eyes broke the gaze first as she continued to dance.  Those were his eyes, I remember them well.  I never seen a commoner with as much determination as that boy.  She was he.  The cup of wine nearly slipped through my fingers as the pieces fell into place.

Claude-  I watched as Wilfred gazed intently at Edward dancing with some woman.  Did he know her?  Chances are no.  If he did I would have also met her before but the woman was a mystery to me.  I sighed, I never seen Wilfred’s attention stuck on someone this long before.  His attention has always been kidnapped by words in books, never by an actual person.

I walked over toward Wilfred and whispered, “do you know the woman that Edward is dancing with?”  Wilfred smiled as he turned toward me with a mischievous look.

“Yes,” he said as he turned back, “I wonder if the other princes realized it yet.”

“What do you mean?” I asked confused as I turned back toward the woman, “who is she?”

“Remember that boy that was arguing with Keith earlier?  Mc?”  Wilfred asked as he kept his gaze glued on the woman.

“Yes?” I replied as I watched her.  Was she related to him?  Did Edward give the boy a plus one invitation?  Wait, why would he be dancing with the boy’s date…

“That is him,” Wilfred stated.  My eyes widened as I remembered the messy looking boy.  That cannot be him, she looked too… beautiful?  That boy looked like he lived on the streets or something.  I kept staring at her until I realized it was true.  She was wearing the same chain around her neck that he wore.


So it is true, clothes really do make the woman.

Glenn-.  “She looks… familiar,” I whispered to myself as Alan looked up at me like I was crazy.  Alan followed my line of sight and saw her.

“Ooo,” Alan squealed, “she is pretty.”  She was more than pretty, she was beautiful.  A familiar voice tried to whisper her name in the back of my head but I could not comprehend it.  I was just left to watch Edward dance with her as a pain in my chest echoed through my soul.

I turned toward Alan who was drinking apple juice as he looked around anxiously.  He was not ready, I knew he should have stayed at home.

Alan then turned toward me with bright eyes and asked, “I’m bored, can we play a game?”

With a groan I replied with, “no.”  That is when I heard two women walk by gossiping.

“Are you serious?” a woman exclaimed, “Prince Edward brought a commoner as a date?”  My eyes widened as I turned toward the woman; everything slowly came back to me as I remembered the only commoner Edward had invited was that man… women?  What was his name?

“Is that Mc?” Alan asked curiously.  Mc, that is the name!  Wait, Mc?  That name… It sounds so familiar….

Yu-  I smiled as I walked over toward the young master.  I know he was most likely getting bored of this silly party.  To be honest, I am too, but unlike the young master I am used to it.  I ran my hand through my hair as I saw both the boys  distracted by Edward and his date.  As I turned toward the two I noticed something familiar about the woman; I just could not put my finger on it.

Where is she from?  She is not a noble; I would definitely remember her.  She looked out of place, she looked like a bright candle shining in the pitch dark.

A pain echoed in my chest that refused to be ignored.  My heart remembered something my brain seemed to deny.  I felt internal confliction as I walked up to the duo.

She looked more radiant the closer I got.

That is when I heard Alan ask, “is that Mc?”  I turned to look at the woman and the memories flood back.  

Mc, my childhood friend… Mc, my first love… and Mc that…

Edward brought a guy with the same name here.  The guy that fought with Keith.  Wait… was that man my first love?

Roberto-  I watched Edward happily dance with a beautiful, mysterious woman.  The woman looked familiar but I could not put my finger on it.  I turned my attention toward Alberto who was standing guard by the exit making sure I do not slip away from the party.  He knows me too well.  I sighed as I turned away to move my attention to other things.  Time passed and I bumped into the dancing woman from earlier.

“Sorry,” she muttered.

“It is okay,” I said with a smile, “weren’t you dancing with Edward?  What is your name by the way?”

She laughed, “Mc.”  Mc?  That name…

“Wait.. weren’t you that guy Edward brought?” I asked as my eyes widened.  She laughed even more as she nodded her head.  She had a cute laugh.  “So are you a crossdresser?” I asked curiously as I looked at her feminine outfit not and mentally compared it to the outfit she wore before.

Her cheeks went bright red like a tomato, “NO!  I just don’t like wearing girly clothes that much…”

I laughed, “okay, okay, okay…  So you are a woman then?”

“Yes,” she responded.

Alberto- I watched Roberto talking with a woman in blue dress and tried to recall who she was.  She looked somewhat familiar the more that I watched her.  After their conversation the duo went their separate ways and I quickly lost track of the mischievous prince.

I left the post and scouted the edge of the party to see Roberto making his way toward the door.  I walked up behind him and tapped the prince’s shoulder.

“Your highness where do you think you are going?” I asked.  Roberto jumped and quickly turned around with a disgruntled look.

Roberto ran his hand through his hair and said, “well that was quick.”  I did not say anything as I sighed, why does Roberto always have to try to sneak out of his royal duties?

“Well while we are talking sir,” I began, “who was that woman you were talking to?”


“Mc?” I asked as I tried to remember the name.  Wait… was that the name of the boy Edward had invited to the party?  But… Roberto was definitely talking to a woman.  Maybe a different Mc?  “What family is she from?” I asked.

“She is not a noble,” Roberto stated, “she is the girl that was arguing earlier with Keith, remember?  The crossdresser?”  I stood there in shock as I gazed at the prince waiting for him to say he was just joking.  That girl was Edward’s boy?  Edward invited a crossdresser to the party?

Keith-  I watched the beautiful girl in blue drinking wine as she stood near a wall.  It was hard not to watch her as she danced with Edward, and spoke with Roberto.  I could not help but feel a bit envious as I watched them from afar; I had to step in and doing something soon.  Like a lion I waited for my prey to be alone and defenseless to pounce; the time has finally come for me to go in for the kill.  I walked through the crowd that naturally separated around me and up to the girl.

“Would you like to dance?” I muttered to the girl and her eyes widened as she stared at me.  I did not wait for her to respond as I pulled her toward the dance floor and put my hands on her waist.  She slowly put my her hands on my shoulders as we slowly began to dance.  “You know you can try?” I whispered low enough for only she can hear.  She was dancing alright with Edward before, what is wrong with her now?

Her face reddened as she glared daggers at me and she spat, “I didn’t say I wanted to dance.”  That voice…

“Mc?” I said and she nodded her head, “as in that stupid commoner?”

She pushed herself away from me, “yes I am the one you speak of, and you are a pompous jackass.”

Luke-  I jumped up as I saw the girl Keith was dancing with push him away from her and yell, “yes I am the one you speak of, and you are a pompous jackass.”  She turned away from him and stomped off into the crowd.  Keith’s expression showed both anger and shock as he watched her leave him behind.

I rushed over quickly to his side and asked, “what happened, your highness?”

Keith turned toward with fire in his eyes as he said, “it does not matter.”  Before I could say anything else he stomped off.  I heard a voice behind me laugh and turned to see Roberto walking toward me.

“He’s okay… Luke right?” he said.

I nodded my head, “yes your highness.  Do you know what just happened though?”

Roberto laughed, he was amused by the whole situation, “remember that boy that Prince Keith was arguing with earlier?”  I nodded my head, the boy caused Keith to leave the room yelling in anger.  “Keith was just dancing with him,” Roberto stated, “him being her.”  My eyes widened as I remembered the girl that Keith spent so much time watching through the night.  She was that boy?  I scratched my head in confusion as I rushed after my prince.

Joshua-  I took a sip of my wine as I looked out onto the garden.  I had to get a break from the crowd and ended up outside on the balcony; luckily no one else was out here.  I heard the door open behind me; I had spoken too soon.  I turned to see a woman wearing a beautiful blue dress walk to the edge of the balcony and sigh.

She did not even realize I was here.

I watched as she looked out at the garden and whispered, “wow… it’s amazing.”

“Yes it is,” I said causing her to jump, “the flowers are imported from all the kingdoms.”  She turned toward me and I gasped.  Her eyes were a plain colour, but at the same time they were beautiful.  They shined brightly in the night sky that enveloped us, they reminded me of stars.

“Sorry, did I interrupt your… private time?” she asked curiously.

“No,” I said as I turned my attention back towards the garden, “you see those roses over there?  They were given to the garden about hundred years ago by Charles kingdom by the current king’s grandfather.  The sunflowers, and the cherry blossom trees are from Oriens.  The–”

“How do you know?” she asked.

“Books,” I said, “and the whomping willow is from Dresvan.”

“Why are you telling me this?” she asked.

“You seemed interested in the garden,” I stated, “and you looked like you never seen it before.”

“I have never been here before,” she stated.  I looked at her confused; who is she anyway?  I should have asked this earlier.  She cannot be a noble, she would know more about the place.  Does she work here?  No… she has no uniform.

“Who are you?” I asked and she laughed, “what is funny?”

“We met already, did you already forget?” she asked.  I nodded my head and she said, “Mc.”

“Do you mean you are the commoner Edward brought?” I asked and she nodded her head, “I thought you were…”

“A boy?  Everyone seems to think that,” she said.  I looked away toward the garden as I tried to register the new information.

Jan-  I watched silently as Prince Joshua talked to the woman.  Leaning on the wall I wondered who the woman was.  Joshua was pointing at stuff over the balcony as she watched; so, I could not see her face.

“Jan?” a voice called and I turned to see Zain walking toward me.

“Yes,” I said as I straightened my posture and turned toward the noise.  I felt like a kid that was caught putting his hand in the cookie jar before dinner even though I did nothing of the sort.  Zain’s expression turned to curiosity the closer he got to me.

Zain looked out the glass door once he reached me, “so, that is what you were looking at.  I was wondering where she went.”

“Who is she?” I asked as I turned to gaze at her.  I did get a familiar vibe off of her but I could not connect the wires.

Zain smiled nervously, “that is the commoner that Edward brought.”

I turned toward Zain with a confused look and back at the commoner, “didn’t Edward bring a guy?”  I knew Edward brought a guy because I could never forget that silly argument he, I am guessing she now, had with Keith.

“Edward brought a woman, not a man.  I was surprised too,” Zain stated with a smile before saying he had to go and do something.  I turned my attention back toward the duo outside and curiously watched the woman.  She is an interesting one if this is all true; thinking about it, Zain has no reason to lie to me about this.  I wonder if Joshua knows this yet.  She turned around and I finally got a glimpse at her face.  It really was Edward’s little pet.

Zain-  “Umm…” Mc said curiously while looking at the clothes I brought, “why is it all male clothes?”  I was taken aback by the question.  What did he mean?  He is a guy right?  Did he expect me to bring a bunch of dresses?  Edward only asked if I could prepare clothes for a commoner boy he was bringing.  Is this man a crossdresser?  I did not know what to say and Mc’s cheeks reddened as she said, “I know I dress boyish but I am a female not a male.”

My cheeks reddened as I looked her up and down and realized it was true.  I did not get a good view of her closely earlier, all I heard about her was from Edward.  If Mc was not a female than she had a big chest for a man… Why did Edward make a mistake like this?  Does he even know that Mc is a female?

“I am so sorry for the mistake Miss,” I said as I quickly bowed my head low, “I will go get new clothes for you, sorry again.”

“It is okay,” she said  with a small laugh as I quickly backed out of the room with the maids to fix the issue.  How could I make a stupid mistake like that…  I took out my phone and began to create quick preparation for dresses to be brought up to Mc.

When I met up with the Michel later and told him about what happened he laughed, “it is okay Zain, everyone seemed to think the poor girl was a boy at first.  I had to take a double look myself, but I knew from the beginning that lovely Mc was a girl.”

Theo-  I rushed up the stairs with a box to be brought to Edward’s guest from the prince himself.  I searched for the room quickly as a sigh left my lips.  I really did not want to deliver something to some commoner boy.  If I was being asked to do something by a prince than I wanted it to be something interesting.  Running my fingers through my hair I found the room and opened the door quickly.  I knew he was changing and I did not care if I saw anything, it is just…. wait what.

My cheeks matched my hair as I looked at the sight infront of me.  Standing in front of me in just underwear was the boy Prince Edward had brought.  He was about to put on a beautiful blue dress and….

He is not a boy, definitely not a boy with that figure.  Oh god, I really hope she is not a boy now…. Please god.  She turned toward me with shocked wide eyes.

I threw the box onto the bed besides her and yelled “sorry” as I ran out the room slamming the door shut.  Oh god, I hope she does not tell Zain about this.  The image was not ingrained into my brain, but truthfully I could not complain.  She was a very hot woman.

Thank you Prince Edward, you are now my favourite prince ever.

Forecasts say that it’s gonna rain BMP princes on your dash ( ̄∇ ̄)┌"“

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