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s e v e n t e e n ✗ VALENTINES

seventeen have decided to whip up some valentines for us lovely carats :,) feel free to send these to ur boo when that special day rolls around.

vocal unit

hip hop unit

performance unit

special thanks to: @purplelucia @chanthepeach

if you have any suggestions for the performance unit, hmu yall! i’m thinking of creating an extras page and adding your ideas!


See? I’m not always a shit editor

The ships:


vernon and seungkwan, aka relationship goals

the softest pair ever, a sensitive peach and a 4d meme,1 person always gets caught staring adoringly at the other, how seungkwan pats Vernon’s face ever so softly, and how Vernon smacked Seungkwan’s ass not so softly


jeonghan, joshua, and s.coups, aka The devil, the angel, and the poor man in the middle

Joshua is the pure one(I mean… until jeonghan joins the picture), S.coups is the neutral, and Jeonghan is the swindler, S.coups + joshua= nice sunny day; and then jeonghan joins in and now S.coups can kiss his leadership goodbye. He somehow gets manipulated into doing ridiculous shit and then notices a few seconds later; (They wont let him live)


jun and the8, aka stan chinaline 

The precious Chinese beans, near debut times Carats though jun was the bad boy and the8 was the sweetie, WRONG, now we have mommy jun and thughao, performance slayage 24/7, getting the recognition they deserve now


wonwoo and mingyu, aka visual overflow and lame ass jokes

The visually and aesthetically pleasing ship, all the way from the og days when Wonwoo wore beanies a lot, When you first look at them you see 2 good looking guys who seem quite serious but NOPE, dis ship has MingEw: the germy clumsy tree puppy and Wonwoo: the building build dad joke weirdo… ENJOY!


 woozi and dino, aka the cutie and the makne who are forced into doing aegyo the most

Not really a popular ship but I notice a reoccurring thing that happens to both of them: They both really fucking hate aegyo XD, one is part of the hyung half, but due to his height and features - members cant help but smother him, Channie is the makne so… Dino nugu aegi??


hoshi and dk, aka the fucking idiots 

Whether they are doing the soonseok ‘talk’ skit, grandma and grandpa skit, or saying a ongoing series of puns that hurt me physically, they always make me laugh and cringe. The big smiles after they do dumb stuff is really beautiful really…

[ENG] 170530 Joshua’s Twitter Interactions With Fans

Opening Tweet: [17’S Joshua] Hello!!!!

Fan: Shua-ya, I love you❣️ All the best for The Show~~~~~>< I will also work hard at work❣️
JS: Thank you :)

Fan: Yo burger king, I’m the rap king, you mAKE ME WANNA SING
JS: Yo yo I like your flow, it’s smooth like a sailing boat, cool and refreshing like a root beer float, it’s so cool I need to wear coat.
JS: Wear a.^

Fan: Shua, did you agonise over what to eat today last night as well….? Noona agonised over it but ate something different…. *laughs*
JS: I have determination in eating meat.

Fan: Hello Shua-sshi (attached image)
JS: Hello Jane*-sshi.
(T/N: Fan’s name)

Fan: Wah, it’s hot *cries*
JS: When it’s hot, Americano :)

(T/N: ^ denotes tweets that are tweeted and replied in English)

cr: jiakass @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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dear seventeen,

because we’re together, i’m able to smile
and because it’s you, i’m able to cry
like this, how can there be anything i can’t do?

no matter when and where you are
even if we’re unable to be together
we will have, like we have, a smile blossom

we will become the spring to your smile. 

carats.  웃음꽃 ♡

h.js ❥ no, no, it's my treat

joshua x reader; 100wtsily

gif; mine

word count; 679

synopsis; you go on a date with joshua and he insists on paying. based on prompt 3, “no, no, it’s my treat”

✎ can u hear me sobbing bc this was so soft it hurt me

Swallowing anxiously, you stepped into the restaurant, its cozy atmosphere immediately washing over you and calming your nerves. You looked around, wondering where Joshua was. He had asked you on a date the other day, his face flushed and eyes wide, mouth left gaping as you responded with a quiet yes. You were both busy—irritatingly so—and had agreed to meet up for dinner after you both got off of work.

A waving hand caught your eye and, sure enough, Joshua was smiling timidly and waving you over to his table. Breathing out a sigh of relief, you ambled toward him and sat down.

“Did you wait long?” you asked, concern coating your words. You really didn’t want to mess up this date.

Joshua smiled more brightly, his initial shyness dying down at your attempt to spark conversation. “No, not at all. I had just sat down when you came in,” he explained. A gladdened smile reached your lips as you shifted your attention from him to the menu. You glanced over the options and picked out a meal, purposefully choosing something that wouldn’t be messy. Joshua chose something with similar precautions in mind.

The waiter came shortly and took your orders, returning quickly with your drinks and then swiftly zooming off to another couple across the aisle. You two talked for a while, the food being oddly slow to cook. Your conversation started off trivial—you spoke of work, neighbors; nothing of large importance was mentioned. You got to know each other—you learned each other’s favorite foods, a few weird high school stories, odd habits and quirks. Throughout the night you found yourself focusing less on his words and more on the fluttering of his lashes, the rosy dust on his cheeks when he caught you staring, the curve of his plump lips as he grinned at you for the millionth time that evening. You adored the way his hair fell over his forehead and how his nose scrunched up when you made him laugh. The shape of his eyes and the softness of his gaze lured you in and captured your attention so deeply that you nearly forgot to eat.

Somewhere along the way, you were able to see that Joshua was noticing the same beautiful things about you.

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3 years ago today I met two of the most important people in my life for the very first time.

They played at a small venue in my hometown.
There was less that 10 people waiting outside the venue all day, and it was surreal having small chats with the boys as they went off to wander around my usually incredibly boring hometown.

The show was powerful, intimate, and being at the barrier, I felt so close to the two people that gave me a purpose.
And meeting them afterwards was another experience entirely.

There will never be enough words to thank Tyler and Josh for everything they’ve done for me over the past 5/6 years, but I am truly thankful.

Stay street my friends, stay alive.


[TRANSLATION] 170408 pledis_17′s Twitter Update

[17’S] 첫 번째 퀘스트 아쉽게 패배한 형팀의 느낌있는 인증샷 #패배했지만_인증샷은_우주최고 #세븐틴 #형팀 #어느_멋진_날

[17’S] Actual shot of hyung team who sadly got defeated on the first quest #WeGotDefeatedBut_OurActualShot_IsTheBestInTheUniverse #Seventeen #HyungTeam #One_Fine_Day 

[t/n: actual shot = proof shot, the photo of them at the place where the quest took place]

credit: erin @ fyperformanceunit
© credit if taken out!