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Joshua Lieben: Pregnancy Woes

A Be My Princess Fanfiction featuring Joshua/MC.
(with cameos of the others :))

Read Glenn Casiraghi and Keith Alford

* * * 

“Please stop following me around, I promise I will be fine!” I turned around, snapping at the life-size Charlesian vase that was placed ostentatiously in the middle of the corridor. My patience was reaching its very limit as an awkward looking dark-haired man cautiously stepped out from the shadow.

He stared at me for a long while, a blush slowly creeping across his cheeks as he raised his eyebrows in utter surprise. “H-how did you know?” The prince mumbled sheepishly, refusing to meet my eyes as I had rather ungraciously exposed his hiding place once again.

“Prince Joshua…” I sighed, no longer feeling amused by his overprotective behaviour with my annoyance level culminating rapidly. Prince Joshua had been stalking, for a poor usage of word, me for the past many weeks. I was touched, initially, to catch the clumsy prince fumbling all over me as he followed me from a distance. However, his eccentric way of showing affection was beginning to get to me when he refused to even speak to me when I had caught sight of him.

He was oddly tenacious, insisting on keeping his distance, preferring to watch me from his quiet corner instead of being beside me. There were even moments when I had wondered if Prince Joshua was a disturbing stalker or my lover. There were times that I had to assure myself that it was only my husband when I noticed a large shadow creeping upon me several times; eventually I was getting used to his perplexing behaviour.

“Please, get back to work!” I reprimanded him gently, putting a hand on his waist as my initial rage was washed away by his bashful glance, “Jan is worried… You have been disappearing fairly frequently..” Prince Joshua simply gazed at me in reply, mumbling quietly with concern etching deep into his face. “I was worried about you going to that place.”

I bit my lips and had to restrain myself from strangling my beloved, “I did tell you a few moments ago, didn’t I? I am going to the washroom. The washroom.” I repeated the word with gritted teeth.

In response, however, Prince Joshua only nodded in further resolution; as if heading to the toilet was a tedious and a dangerous chore and he continued, ignoring my earlier pleas. “Then, I will wait for you outside.” The prince gestured in the direction while he stood his spot adamantly.

“….Prince Joshua.” I admitted defeat, “…Do as you please, then.”

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