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#WatchMeDanceOn Choreography by Matt Steffanina 

Dancers: Gabe De Guzman, Joshua Price, Kenneth San Jose, Soni Bringas, Tati McQuay



Seventeen as Princes

S.Coups: He is the general type prince. He’s one of the old fashioned ones that actually go into battle and he really takes care of his kingdom.

Jeonghan: The prince. He has servants bringing him food, washing his feet, and tucking him at night. He’s really caring tho, you’ll just find him in his room slothing around.

Joshua: Several princesses/princes are trying to marry this guy. Like there was once a line at his castle because he is the most honey voiced angel in the country.

Jun: This boy!!!! He is the lamest prince. Like Joshua all the princesses/prices lines up for him but he ruined it by telling the lamest joke in existence. Really his line just doubled lol.

Hoshi: He is the prince that turned up at a ball. Yes! A ball! He had a dance off and he was scolded by his parents but he does it every ball anyway.

Wonwoo: A prince that also sloths around. He’ll be in the library most of the time reading every book that interests him. He is also lame but in a cool way.

Woozi: He is the most hard working prince. He is constantly looking for ways to improve the kingdom. He also was a music prodigy as a child.

DK: Smiley prince. There was a rumor around the castle at one point that he was stuck smiling. However, one day he stubbed his toe and they all realized it was a myth.

Mingyu: He’s the goofy prince. I mean he styles his servants hair and makes food a lot but don’t be fooled. He’s seen as cool but those close to him know…he also tries to be funny but he just earns stares not laughs.

The8: Minghao is a prince who likes to also have dance offs at the ball (along with prince Dino and Hoshi) He is sweet most of the time but cross him and you won’t think twice about not repeating that action.

Seungkwan: This sooo cliche. But Honestly, he would be the diva prince. He’s the type to be like, “Umm excuse me sweetie but who is the prince here?” He also like to let the whole castle know he can sing……

Vernon: Lamer than Mingyu tbh…He tries to be the swag prince (yes he probably refers to himself as that too) however despite that he’s still one of the most humble and caring princes in the country.

Dino: This little jelly bean. Listen, he’s the tries to act like a King even though his dad still alive. He is really mature but yet a kid at times. He is a really good dancer as well so he joins Hoshi in getting scolded for breakdancing at the ball and knocking over a punch bowl.

I haven’t written in ages but thanks to @taelynn/ @sprungkook I wanted to write this scenario and also a posible fanfic in the future


Lil beasts year 2:

Kaycee Rice, Lexee Smith, Gabe Deguzman, Larsen Thompson, Jaron Snyder, Joshua Price, Taylor Hatala, Nike Tratree, Tessa Brooks, Sophie Reynoldson, Phoenix “Lil Mini”, Kennadi Boese, Sparkles Lund, Talin Silva, Leah Roga, Kaylyn Selvin, Sean Lew, Kade Pait, Jordyn Jones, Big Will Simmons, Soni Brigas, Sophia Jahadamy, Boogie-Malia Tinay, Sierra Neudeck, Tatiana McQuay, Bgirl Lex

Joshua Washington & Chloe Price start the “fuck writers” club

This isn’t a ship, I headcannon josh and chloe as gay and lesbian respectively, but there are some similarities to be drawn between their characters. Both of whom are fairly awesome portrayals of disenfranchised groups (josh: mentally ill people, chloe: lgbt) but were ultimately robbed of a happy ending for no real reason.

Both have two possible endings where they straight up die, or they live but it’s a suffering life. Josh being a half turned cannibal monster and chloe dealing with the weight of hundreds of lives lost just to save her own. I mean obviously they weren’t the nicest angel people in the fucking universe but to imply they didn’t deserve a happy ending is to imply people like them should be held to higher standards and have more expected out of them.

but anyway rant over, I can see these two being absolute Bros in the afterlife

I forgot to add that, When we met them, I asked Josh why they weren’t at the meet and greet. He said that their manager wanted them to be in the meet and greet but Hip Hop International only wanted the 6 boyz. He said they really wanted to be in the meet and greet but they respected what Hip Hop International wanted. They looked so sad when Chris and him explained that to us. Chris’s mom said she was just happy they had fans like us, who recognized them and wanted pictures. When I was talking to Chris’s mom, Josh was talking to his mom and he was like “ Mom look, these girls are fans, these two right here” and she was like “ AWWH, THAT’S SO SWEET! JOSH, GO GIVE THEM ANOTHER HUG” It was just a priceless moment (x