joshua pinkas


Togashi Korimi - Mario Wibisono - So this was a a challenge. Korimi was established as someone with a general disregard for clothing, a worldly possession she sees little need for. But I needed her tasteful and covered in some specific ways. What resulted were a few drafts that were gorgeous, but needed some increase in coverage. So we made some revisions and in the end with the pants, tattoo’s and hair we have coverage about the same as a 1920’s bathing suit. I’m sensitive to the fact that some might feel this is fan service. We tried to make sure she was not hyper sexualized, or disproportionate. I think the level of details in her full body tattoo is the single most impressive part, it’s amazing. On reflection, the bo she is has in the crook of her elbow didn’t make it into the card image and I wish it had now, and the final crop makes it look like she is wearing just a belt rather than the stylized pants she has on, so a little self critique there.  On the whole I’m not a big fan of producing scantily clad women or men, so this was a rare exception and learning process. Mario was picked because I knew he could design complex enough tattoo’s that would act in a sense as clothing. The tattoo btw is a tribute to the creation myth of the world.

Kitsuki Yoyugi - Joshua Pinkas - I think the clothing design in this piece is one of my favorites, it is creative unique and memorable. His facial expression of, what now amused me when it arrived. 

Mirumoto Mitoshi - Lee Smith - I gave a fairly open description for this one as I wanted to get a feel for Lee’s armor and character design. We had to remove a mempo on it that wasn’t working to well it was reading more as a facial tattoo.

Mirumoto Rokai - Hector Herrera - Rokai showed up as a character in two cards from Embers of War and I loved him so much I needed him as a yojimbo style character. One of my design goals has been to include children in the art more, since they are one of the most important parts of the culture as I see it. So we had Hector make sure Rokai was defending a young student, she even has tiny wooden practice swords. It’s one of my favorites in the set. 

Shugorei - Alex Tooth - I wanted a statue/golem that was a tribute to Togashi Yokuni. We never got to the bulk I wanted in the statue but I really was pleased with the final result. It feels powerful which was the goal for modeling it on the old Dragon Champion.

Togashi Kasuru - Heather Kreiter - People will notice that in general Heather is my go to for Ize Zumi. Here is why. I can say give me an old ize zumi who’s in the middle of a fight totally zen and ignoring it and I get an awesome piece like this. Kasuru’s goal was to have a guy who is so intent on observing he’s literally letting the place come down on him if it gets him the insight he needs. The skin work is great, that older tanned flesh is hard to do right and she got it spot on.