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Scandal High S01E01 | Jimmy Kimmel Live

Scandal was created by Shonda Rhimes, who is also the creative force behind Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder. She’s very prolific. Before she had all this success, Shonda created a teen drama. They only shot four episodes. It was never picked up, so it hadn’t been seen on television until we started airing the episodes on our show. This is episode one of Scandal High. Episode two premieres Thursday, November 5th on #Kimmel.

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“I write for individuals, not just for instruments. Taking into consideration what the individuals can do, that’s what I write. I write for their capabilities and what I know they can do. Their creative process is very much involved in the whole situation, it’s not totally just me. And that’s why I hired them because I know they’re as strong as me on their instrument." 


Scandal Cast and Crew - 2015 Holiday Photoshoot #Scandal #5candal

A perfect way to start the Holidays! Such a beautiful and amazing group of people! :D