joshua mendez

Lindsay Mendez in Carousel!?

Ok, so I had a huge freakout over Betsy Wolfe joining Carousel, and then a meltdown over her leaving, but THIS IS PERFECT! Lindsay Mendez is an AMAZING actress and stellar singer, and this part is right up her alley. I haven’t heard her sing legit soprano, but I assume she has to be legit trained, since she always mixes her belts. Honestly, I’ve been jumping up and down like an idiot rabbit of a person, but this is worth public humiliation. 

And everything I’ve posted about this cast up to this moment still stands. Jessie Mueller will probably do a good job, Joshua Henry will be amazing as Billy, and Alexander Gemignani will be an amazing Enoch Snow, and I think Carousel may sweep the acting awards at the Tony’s this year. But most importantly, Lindsay Mendez has it in the bag this year.