joshua march

No one looks up anymore
‘Cause you might get a raindrop in your eye.

On the eve of a day that’s forgotten and fake

And our ocean graves are just beyond the sand.

I walk to you, rain falls from you

Can you wash me, can you drown me, please?

March To The Sea + Ode To Sleep + Drown  


Another one, guys!

Took 12 hours (I’m dun-dun-dun now) but thanks a lot to @twentyonecornflakesatthedisco for the great support and the idea, which I transformed and drew. 

I cried for the first time in a long time tonight. I didn’t sob, I almost did, but I didn’t let myself. I just started listening to Twenty One Pilots and the lyrics got the tears out of me. Just listening to what Tyler Joseph wrote and what he and Josh Dun put together just struck a chord. And when people ask why I like Twenty One Pilots or say that I don’t listen to anything quite as much it’s because it is so strange to feel this understood. I can relate to almost everything and it helps. I almost cut after about three and a half months of being clean tonight, but I didn’t because of this band. I put my hatred and anger and all my emotions and channeled it with the music and its hard to describe and probably even harder to understand. That’s why Twenty One Pilots matters to me so much.

March to the Sea by Twenty One Pilots—Lyric Analysis (Not my image)

I believe this song is about addiction that ends in ruins. Whether it’s addiction to depression, drugs, etc. it’s about how you follow a wave of people into this addiction with that small voice inside your head, whether it’s god, a friend, or simply just your instincts telling you this is the wrong way to go. Keep reading for a full lyric analysis.

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We were kinda shown that the Reapers have lives of their own, even if they’re not ‘alive’ in Week 1, with 777, but I don’t think this was really shown until Week 2. You get the guys that force you into wearing certain brands, the people stuck between The Grim Heaper and The Iron Maiden, Uzuki and Kariya’s Tin Pin match, the rest of 777’s band mates…

It really showed that they may erase Players, but they’re people, just like them. Perhaps not human, not anymore, but just because they’re not human doesn’t mean they don’t think and feel just as much as anyone else. If they didn’t, neither would the Players, because both groups used to be alive.

It’s fitting that they do this in Joshua’s week- not just because Josh is more tied to the Reapers than Shiki was, but because both Neku and Joshua needed to see this- see all these other people, dead or alive, how they live out their lives or unlives, broaden their horizons a little more.

In Week 1, Shiki was a large part of getting Neku to start trusting again, but they didn’t interact with others as much as Neku and Joshua had in Week 2. They read and imprinted people’s minds, they talked a little with people like The Prince and 777 and Beat and Rhyme, but not as much as they had with each other- and it works, because that’s how Neku started trusting again, Shiki was the first person Neku truly trusted in a long time, and he had to start with someone.

(He ended up getting hurt anyway when she was taken as his entry fee, but there was no way he was losing, especially now that he remembered everything, remembered the death of his best friend and not wanting that to repeat again and I’m getting sidetracked let’s get back to the topic of this post shall we)

With the way this week went, the Game Master not sending the daily missions he should have and ordering the Reapers not to attack the Players, it basically opened a door that allowed more interactions than there would have been in a normal Game, because there’s no time limit and everyone has nothing else to do- and Neku ended up opening his world more, alongside Joshua, whether they liked it or not.