ginger, get the popcorn…

Thanks to everyone who came out to last night’s special holiday show at the Theatre at the Ace Hotel! It was a special night for all of us.

Thanks to the WorkJuice Players: @paulftompkins, Marc Evan Jackson, Paget Brewster, @hallublin, Mark Gagliardi, Craig Cackowski, Joshua Malina, Annie Savage, Autumn Reeser, Janet Varney, and Busy Philipps.

Thanks to our special guests: Timothy Omundson, Chris Tallman, and Open Mike Eagle.

Enormous thanks to Jordan Katz and the Elements of Style, featuring composer Jonathan Dinerstein. And thanks to Rhett Miller and Ted Leo for the amazing new songs.

Thanks to our director Aaron Ginsburg. And thanks to Ben Acker & Ben Blacker who created, wrote, and produced the show. The doors are closed for now, but they aren’t locked.


Scandal 6x04 “The Belt” Season 6 Episode 4 Sneak Peek - Mellie dances to celebrate becoming President. Olivia excuses herself when Quinn and Charlie peek in to watch her moves. Quinn jokes, ‘I didn’t know the leader of the free world was supposed to twerk.' 

  • Richard Schiff: [Toby’s storyline in 'In Excelsis Deo'] was originally written for Sam. It was written for, um, what’s his name?
  • Hrishi Hirway: Rob Lowe.
  • Richard Schiff: No, that’s not it. …Yeah, it’s Rob Lowe.
  • Josh Malina: Janel had the same problem. We’re going to address this in some sort of group therapy session down the line.