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Mean Girls, Seventeen edition: Who are the plastics? They’re teen royalty. If Pledis was Ceci Magazine, they would always be on the cover. Plan V + My Angel

Seventeen as Unicorns

I’m actually at a loss for this, so I’m just gonna do svt as unicorn gifs. I hope they’re enjoyable and relevant. - Marcy


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Coups: a grandpa. just wants his family to be together. hosts family dinner every thursday night. 

Jihan: moved to a suburban neighbourhood in Canada. posts pictures of their happy marriage on facebook. they go to the bahamas every year. 

Meanie: look at how happy they are. wonwoo tried to fake his death just so he wouldn’t have to go to this. parents of vernon and woozi. too young to have kids imo. 

Woozi: meanie’s eldest child. meanie’s better child. good at everything. how does he do it

Vernon: meanie’s youngest child.  “cool kid”, “why can’t you be more like your brother?” just trying his best

Seungkwan: vernon’s bf (you all saw this one coming). mingyu insists he joins the family picture because he’s practically family. meanie love him more than they love vernon.

Dino: coup’s youngest child, the one that takes care of him. just graduated. sick of washing all of the dishes from family night. honestly an angel

Jun: the uncle you rarely see but gives you $50 everytime you see them. no one knows what he does. eats ramen everyday. 

Hoshi: aspiring model. insisted that he poses like that. said that if they don’t let him, they’ll never hear from him again. very dramatic

The8: has a very successful fashion line. jeonghan is salty. asked the photographer if they wanted an autograph.

DK: the lonely neighbour that sings too loud. don’t know how many times dino knocked on his door saying coups has to sleep. almost burned the house down while microwaving ready-to-serve mac and cheese. no one knows how he snuck into the picture


Heyah guys ! 

This one took me way too long to draw (and i’m not a huge fan of it. The drawings are really meh XD).

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Seventeen, Chill Songs, and Headcanons


1. Pick a boy
2. Read the headcanon
3. Close your eyes and press play
4. Live the headcanon

A/N: this is a new concept, so let me know what you think, okay?

S.Coups: Me And Your Mama by Childish Gambino

Imagine sitting around the kitchen table, a big window on the wall, but it’s too late at night to see outside. It’s the first few chilly days of fall, meaning you haven’t quite convinced yourself to turn on the heat for the year. Instead, you and S.Coups sit next to each other at the table, sharing a blanket while you both lazily munch on popcorn. Nothing seems relevant, but this song playing quietly around you and how your body curves into Seungcheol’s.

Jeonghan: 졸려 Sleepy by Sodam

Despite all the curtains open painting the bedroom in a white film, despite how many times you had previously tried to wake Jeonghan up, he refuses. You would pull the covers away, only to see that that didn’t bother him. You would try everything, but somehow he would always find a way to grab your hand and pull you back into bed, wrapping his body around yours tightly. The alarm would still be going off, as it had been for ten minutes. When he pulled you into bed for the final time you would settle after hearing the radio from the alarm play this song. The world had a funny sense of humor sometimes.

Joshua: Nano (TK Kaleidoscope Remix) by Spangle call Lilli line

Maybe you knew the words to this song, maybe you didn’t; within the moment though, but when you listened to it with Joshua you felt as though these lyrics, this beat, the tone of voice was made specifically for this moment. You had been trapped with Joshua in this recording room for a few hours, however you weren’t really trapped, either of you could have left at any time. It just didn’t feel right to. When this song played, when you rested your head in his lap and laid out your body on the cold hardwood floor, his fingers laced in your hair, you understood why you were trapped. It felt as though the universe had kept you two together to live out this moment, a moment where everything was truly perfect.

Jun: Night Time by The fin.

Just like the lyrics stated, it was the middle of the night. When you would look back at this day in the future you wouldn’t be able to say why you were out in the first place. You had taken a break from your late night drive in the middle of nowhere, stopping at a gas station. This song would play over the system and for some unknown reason, the moment it started Jun would look at you with such passion in his eyes, such youthful excitement. He would grab your hand and dance with you in a gas station in the middle of nowhere, a smile on his face that matched yours the whole time.

Hoshi: April by In Love With A Ghost

You hadn’t remembered putting this song on your phone, and maybe you didn’t, maybe one day the sky looked down at you and Hoshi, smiled, and gifted it to you. You were walking down the sidewalk of some suburban neighborhood, a car whizzing by you every few moments. One earbud in your ear, the other one in Hoshi’s. This song would play and even though you had never heard it before it just felt… special. Your arms would brush against each other, the bare skin mingling. You felt as though whatever higher power there was above, it had handcrafted you this moment.

Wonwoo: Oh My God by Rheehab

Hearing this song wouldn’t be a one time deal, in fact it was Wonwoo’s favorite. It had the perfect mix between hip hop and a chill vibe. Every spare moment you two would spend together, every lazy day, every few minutes you could scavenge together would be spent holding hands, resting on each other’s shoulders, lazily sleeping with this song on repeat in the background. Every time you would hear this song you couldn’t help but smile to yourself.

Woozi: F*ck Me and Feed Me by Rendezvous At Two

You two would both be laying in bed, the day just falling into the cusp of evening. You would have your head resting on his shoulder, one of his hands would be lazily gliding over your arm while the other would be scrolling through music on Youtube. It moment seemed perfect the minute he opened up this song, despite the words to them the soft beat and the melodic voice would pull the both of you in. He would rest his head next to yours, and for the next four minutes it would feel like you were the only two people in the world.

Mingyu: So Faded 텅 빈 by BEVY MACO

The soft lapping of the warm water in the tub would be the only sound besides the beat that this song was creating. You would be resting against Mingyu’s chest in the bath, only this moment wouldn’t feel like a moment of sexual tension, but rather a moment of comfort and sweet intimacy. You felt completely at home in this small bathtub next to the love of your life as a beautiful, beautiful song played ever so innocently in the background.

DK: Peach Pit by Peach Pit

Imagine driving down an empty road much faster than you should with the car radio and it’s shitty sound system pumping out this song. It’s way too hot out, the windows rolled way down, DK’s sweaty hand clasping around yours with his other hands on the wheel. You two would share a peach lemonade, with only one straw because DK forgot he was supposed to be cute and get another. You would just close your eyes, feeling the wind in your hair and your hand in DK’s. What bliss.

The8: Sad and Boujee (Remix) by elijah who

Even though the lyrics to this song aren’t exactly the nicest, the moment he decided to play it in the dance studio you felt as though you had never heard a song as sweet. You two had been in the dance studio for hours, you happily watching and talking to Minghao as he danced every now and then. He would just look at you with a big smile as this song created the most wonderful vibe in the room, even if you hadn’t wanted to dance before you would want to now.

Seungkwan: I Kissed a Girl She Kissed Me by Kid Bloom

You would be waiting for your flight to arrive and take you back home in the airport, clicking on whatever song caught your eye as you passed the time. Seungkwan’s head would be resting in your lap as he tried to pass the time by sleeping. At one point, he would take the phone from your hands and pick out this song to show you. His eyes would stay locked yours trying to gage your response to it. Seungkwan had the kindest gaze and when the song mixed with it, you could feel nothing but warmth inside.

Vernon: Is feat. POP ETC by Kanno Yoko

It had been a day at the beach, the gritty sand had stuck itself under your feet, only you didn’t seem to mind. Vernon had hooked his phone up to the speaker so the only thing you could hear besides whatever song played was the crashing of the waves on the beach. You were sharing an ice cream with this song began, the day finally coming to the end. You would watch the sun set over the beach and hear this song play in the background as Vernon playfully fed you ice cream.

Dino: Chippoke na Ai no Uta (Music Box Version) by Sakurako Ohara

You two had just returned home from a day of sledding in the first snow of the year. Both of your cheeks were stained a deep rosy red as Chan tried to warm your hands in his, every once and awhile blowing hot air into his hands that cupped around yours. This song would play from the other room, probably from one of your roommates choosing to listen to it. The sweet melody of the song would warm you up as you two could do nothing but smile at one another.



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seventeen during finals week

has tHIS BEEN DONE??? im almost done finals; i have one more, and i honestly did not learn anything from that class. my professor never posted lecture slides and just kahslkdas ANYWAY. im procrastinating hahahahakdadj //ded


  • takes breaks all the time
  • gets himself pumped for studying only to not study
  • looks at his notes, flipping through them aggressively bc he did not retain any information
  • hardcore crammer
  • manages to barely pass his classes


  • mood swings
  • will suddenly laugh hysterically in the middle of studying
  • gives up half way, leaves his things in the library to get food and spends most of his time hanging around the cafe by the library
  • prolly would hover over joshua while studying


  • has his notes all easy to read
  • willingly shares his notes with his friends
  • the type to joke around failing class even though he gets good grades
  • keeps his study area neat and tidy!


  • probably more focused on balancing his pen on his nose
  • barely took notes during the semester
  • never attended lecture or is always late whenever he shows up
  • learned all the shit by himself
  • lowkey genius fr fr


  • the type to get really into studying
  • but only when he feels pressured
  • locks himself in his room to study to limit distractions
  • lights a candle to keep him calm
  • only goes out of his room for the bathroom or for food


  • super chill
  • like too chill
  • prolly the type that says shit like “whatever happens, happens man”
  • lays in bed watching movies on his laptop
  • keeps tabs open for the study guides uploaded by his professors 
  • the tabs make him feel like he’s doing something right even tho he aint even studying


  • evil eyes anyone who tries to distract him
  • doesn’t have final exams, just final projects and papers
  • locks himself in his room and barely sleeps bc he needs to finish his projects
  • physically has to be dragged out for him to eat and see sunlight


  • reads manga instead of studying
  • studies for 10 minutes and rewards himself with a break
  • likes to walk around the library rather than studying
  • accepted his grades way before finals and knows he can barely do anything to salvage it


  • eats while studying
  • gets distracted by the food he eats that he doesn’t really study
  • super stressed about needing to study but still doesn’t study
  • works well under pressure but is highkey on the verge of tears bc stress
  • passes with a B average


  • will talk to no one
  • bad mouths professors for not teaching him anything/giving him too much work
  • gets really salty trying to study
  • super bad mood like a dark aura emits from his body and everyone just avoids him during this time of the semester


  • asks you to quiz him using the quizlet he found online
  • intense memorization
  • mental breakdowns
  • calls his mother to ask her if she’ll still love him after he takes his finals
  • gets mad at people who try to distract him


  • tries to make a rap for vocabulary words he needs to remember
  • goes to joshua for help
  • probably spends his time trying to learn pen tricks
  • has a fidget spinner and just plays with that instead
  • goes to seungkwan to show him what he can do with the spinner and gets smacked by a book


  • eats with mingyu
  • probably dancing instead of studying
  • usually gets good grades
  • has to have the older ones tell him to study or else he wont