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This moment when you realize that even the posters for the promotion of Catching fire were well thought out.

Katniss is the only one standing as a reflection of her rejection of being the symbol of the revolution and a piece in the hands of the Capitol.

Then, apparently only the tributes have a white rose but you can see that Gale has one too because just like the tributes and every inhabitant of every district he is a victim and fights for his freedom. And maybe this is why Haymitch doesn’t have one, because he gave up on his years ago.

This is why I just wanted to say to every person who worked on this : 

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I just love how he seems so used of it like “it’s ok she does this all the time just keep talking please don’t pay attention”


“What are you doing you son of a b**** get out I was here first let me walk next to her”

First I was like “Look at those lucky bitches” and then I just

Just be you, that’s good enough for me

*don’t touch me too much feels nope i can’t leave me alone*