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thanks to the mic levels of newsies live, we can finally hear the ensembles comments.

including but not limited to:

aw five to one, jack stomps ‘em - ben cook (meeting the delanceys)

hey get offa me - ben cook (meeting the delanceys)

yeah seriously I want more papes - chaz wolcott (davey refused jacks papes)

oooooh oookaaaayy - nick masson (they was coronas)

aww come on - josh burrage (new newsie price)

yeah right - josh burrage (sleeping in a worse neighborhood)

uh I can’t afford that - ben cook (new newsie price)

but I got no choice - josh burrage (maybe we don’t buy papes)

hey hey hey stop touching me - ben cook (les pushes everyone away)

no no thats not what he said - josh burrage (davey mentions a strike)

aww gee im touched - jeremy jordan (i nominate jack president)

nice - chaz wolcott (unioned we stand)

does anyone knows whats happening? - Anthony zas (discussing the strike)

yeah alright race - chaz wolcott (pleasure to tell weasel myself)

aww siddown - jeremy jordan (how’d she know my name)

wait really - josh burrage (you’d make the front page)

what? I liked it - josh burrage (crutchie’s strike sign)

we can handle ‘em - chaz wolcott (scabs arrive)

ah you’ll still smell - nico dejesus (last in time for the tub)

whats he saying - michael dameski (ya erster)

thats an oyster race - everyone (ya erster)

all right albert - nick masson (broom dance)

get ‘em - ben fankhauser (spoon battle)

spoon fight!! - josh burrage, nico dejesus, nick masson and ethan steiner (spoon battle)

thats it? - ben fankhauser (kara’s first tap solo)

thats pathetic - chaz wolcott (kara’s first tap solo)

ya gotta be kidding me - michael dameski (kara’s first tap solo)

that’s not right - ben fankhauser (jordan’s speed taps)

we made the front page - iain young (king of new york dance break)

he’s a sellout - nick masson (jacks betrayal)

guys! - ethan steiner (Jeremy and kara’s kiss)

lookout - nico dejesus (finale turns)

**feel free to add your own**

newsies things that need to be on itunes

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MOON x dan deluca and joey barreiro

ANYTHING YOU CAN DO x mike faist and adam kaplan

ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN x liana hunt and adam kaplan

TO KISS A GIRL x ben fankhauser

WHAT YOU OWN x ben fankhauser and corey cott

LETTER FROM THE REFUGE x crutchie morris

HELLO PARADY x chaz wolcott, iain young and company

SANTA FE x joey barreiro

SHUT UP AND DANCE TAP RENDITION x dan deluca and company

KING OF NEW YORK / WHY SHOULD I WORRY x jacob kemp and company

TOP OF THE WORLD x ben cook

UNEMPLOYED x ben cook and josh burrage

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something to believe in
  • katherine: you snuck up on me jack kelly, i never even saw it coming.
  • friend: [making serious face, looking at me dead in the eye] that's straight
Newsies Imagines:

X   Imagine Race offering to help you sell papes because you’re a newbie and a girl, and it’s hard for girls to get people to buy papes. The two of you end up making out.
X   Imagine Crutchie meeting your parents for the first time
X   Imagine Jack taking you up to his rooftop and telling you about Santa Fe
X   Imagine Crutchie helping you up after you slip on ice
X   Imagine Jack kissing you after the Strike is over
X   Imagine that you’re the one who gives the Newsies their papes in the morning, and developing a small crush on their leader … 
Santa Fe series Part 1   Part 2
X   Imagine Davey introducing you to his family for the holidays
X   Imagine Crutchie and you kissing under the mistletoe
X   Imagine spending Christmas with Spot Conlon
X   Imagine having a snowball fight with the Newsies
X   Imagine Race giving up cigars to afford reader a Christmas gift
X   Imagine Race taking you to Brooklyn, not knowing you’re dating Spot
X   Imagine celebrating Hannukkah with Davey and his family
X   Untitled
X   Imagine Jack asking you that fateful question
X   Imagine giving Wiesel and the Delancey brothers presents for Christmas because you know their lives have been hard, and even though you do it when the boys aren’t around, one of them sees you.
X   Imagine making Jack blush
X   Imagine helping Jack organize the Strike
X   Imagine that all of your friends ditched you at a school dance, so Crutchie comes and dances with you
X   Imagine being a Girlsie and you’re in the Refuge for Christmas

Omg guys apparently “we don’t believe what’s on Tv” is about his mother ???? He said it himself! I didn’t know that omg.