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Joey: Well, I expected you to at least say good-bye.
Pacey: Oh, yeah, the good-bye scene. Played that one over a thousand times in my head. I come to you, heart in hand, and announce my plans. You look at me, pained, but then, of course, the potter sarcasm kicks in and I leave never getting what I came for.
Joey: What is that, Pacey?
Pacey: You never ask me to stay. Ever.

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So just how many holes have you been down??? (Been catching up from the past two days)

Oh, man. I’ve been crushing on celebs as long as I can remember. No joke. So, let’s do the big ones. The ones that had me collecting pictures and articles, and staying up late to watch interviews or movies, and the ones I still do that for… only now I have the internet.

1) John Stamos - I’m the same age as Jodi Sweetin (Stephanie on Full House), so imagine little me falling in love with this guy. My very first crush, and I still think he’s gorgeous. Don’t think I’ll ever truly be over him.

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2) David Duchovny - I had a thing for Mulder. I admit, it was probably more Mulder than David. But, yeah. It lasted for the length of X-Files.

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3) Joshua Jackson - Pacey Witter, man. This was one I thought would last forever, too. I was in deep.

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4) Ewan McGregor - I was in this for a long time, too. It really started with Moulin Rouge. Then it took me to Star Wars and a bunch of his other movies.

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5) Jensen Ackles - then this guy took over my life. I have dubbed him John Stamos Jr, because I don’t think I’ll ever get over him.

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6) Karl Urban - several years now. I was able to crawl out of the hole, but I keep tripping over it and falling in every once in a while.

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7) Tom Hiddleston - still in this one

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8) Sebastian Stan - my current hole

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