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“Not that Kinda Girl” by Fifth Harmony // Choreography by Brian Friedman

Dancers: Maddie Ziegler, Autumn Miller, Jessica Richens, Jal Joshua, Samantha Long, Morgan Geraghty, Lonni Olson, Kaycee Rice, Sean Lew, Richard Curtis, and Diego Pasillas

Adore U (Joshua Smut)

Joshua is so cute~

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You knocked on the door of your boyfriend’s recording room, and after a moment of silence, slowly opened it. Joshua was sat at his computer, moving his head to the beat of whatever project he was working on.

You smiled to yourself as you walked over and wrapped your arms around your boyfriend. He pulled his headphones off, and immediately span around in his chair to face you.

When he saw you, his eyes lit up like a million fireflies, and he gave you the biggest grin you’d seen in a while. “[Y/N]! You came!”

You laughed and pulled your hands away from his neck. “What do you mean, I came? Of course I came,” you smiled, feeling Joshua take your hands in his own.

“I don’t know, I just thought you might be too busy,” Joshua said, intertwining his fingers between yours. You’d missed this feeling. It had been too long.

You leaned down and kissed your boyfriend’s forehead quickly. “Sorry if I interrupted you. I won’t bother you anymore,” you sighed apologetically. “I’ll go say hi to the other members.” You turned to leave, but felt your hands strongly held in place.

When you locked eyes with Joshua, you saw that he didn’t have the attitude of a little kid anymore. “Bother me? You don’t understand how much I’ve missed you, [Y/N].”

Joshua pulled you closer towards him. “I’ve missed feeling you,” he said, running his hands down your sides. “Kissing you,” he whispered, standing up and walking you backwards towards the wall.

You gulped and stared into his eyes. You knew you were visiting your boyfriend, but you never thought it might escalate so quickly to something like this. “Joshua,” you began.

Without a word, Joshua held your waist against the wall and pressed his lips to your neck, ever so softly. He repeated this several times, and each time he opened his mouth a bit more, so eventually he was gently sucking on your sensitive area.

You writhed your legs, and, knowing Joshua loved your reactions, sighed next to his ear. He locked eyes with you suddenly and bit his lip, his growing erection already pressing against your leg.

“Oh my God, [Y/N]. I’ve missed you so much,” Joshua whispered against your neck, working his way up to your ear. He kissed your lobe, before sucking on it tenderly. His arms were either side of you, placed flat against the wall.

“Joshua,” you said quickly. “What if another member comes in? I can hear Mingyu and Wonwoo just outside.”

You bit your lip nervously, and Joshua pushed your hair to the side before holding your face and stroking your cheek with his thumb. He kissed your lips softly, and looked at you, smiling. “I already told them I was busy recording today. They won’t come in.”

You sighed with relief and rested your head against the wall. Joshua took this opportunity to dive and shower you with kisses. The kisses fluctuated between passionate sucks, to sweet presses, to moist licks. He ran his tongue up your neck until it met your own, and you both moaned in harmony.

Joshua reached his hands down to the hem of your shirt and pulled at it wantingly. You smirked against his lips and slapped his hands away. To compensate, Joshua slid your jacket off and threw it to the side, so he had more access to your collarbone.

He kissed it sweetly and by now his length was rubbing against you through the fabric of both your clothes. You were wearing tights, so the sensation was so close to your skin that you shivered. Suddenly, Joshua knelt down and started running his hands up and down your thighs. He kissed each one softly, moving closer to your womanhood as he went.

You soon felt his fingertips play with the top of your tights, and pull them down with ease. Soon, they were around your ankles, and you felt yourself blushing at the thought of Joshua being able to see how you wet you were already.

Joshua leaned forward and held your thighs. He stuck out his tongue and ran it over the black fabric of your panties, only adding to the wetness.

You squealed, and held your breath in anticipation for the next move. Just then, you both jerked your heads towards the door as you heard the handle turn. Joshua stepped back from you, pulling up your tights as he went, and you picked up your jacket, your heart beating in your chest.

Mingyu stood in the doorway of Joshua’s recording room and looked over at you. In the corner of your eye you could see Joshua quickly pull a cushion over his jeans to hide the prominent bulge he had created.

“Hi, [Y/N], I didn’t know you were visiting,” Mingyu smiled.

You bowed politely. “Sorry I didn’t say hi, I was just talking to Joshua.”

Mingyu opened his mouth to reply, but turned his head when he heard Wonwoo calling his name behind him. He left quickly, closing the door. You and Joshua looked at each other, forcing back laughs, still out of breath.

Joshua laughed and span around in his chair. “Sorry, it’s my fault. I said no one would come in.” He rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, and you walked towards him again.

“It’s fine,” you smiled. “The bigger problem here is that it’s kind of obvious that we’re both yet to be satisfied.” You eyed the erection that was strained against his jeans, and rubbed your own legs together.

Joshua smirked at you and pulled you closer. “That’s true. And I’m dying to get these jeans off, and you out of that pretty skirt…”

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