joshua cosimo


I decided I wanted to make this design as easy to print as possible. I used stippling to develoup depth within the design. My objective was to create a three color design with as much demension as the 20 screen multiple color prints I had been doing. I eliminated completely the outline screen that I ussually use for registering and opted for a stippled shadowed registration screen. I burned those screens and then used them to create a second screen more stippled and more detailed. I printed the screen mirroring the image. The negative space I hen used to formulate another element to the design that would allow me to flip it on itself and repeat in continuation.


I began silkscreening in 2002 as a composition building aid. My first endeavours were hand drawn, and hand resisted designs. In 2006 I was introduced to the photo process for developing screens. It was a much more rapid and to a certain degree more vapid process. I created lots of work that was good but did not seem like my own, that is when i accepted a challenge and began to hand draw my patterns. These are the initial printing of two canvases that will be turned into a painting. The design means innocence (orange blossoms), fertility (oranges), beauty (roses) and wisdom (pearls) and is in a fish scale pattern.


I print without using regestering tools. It allows me to work fairly quickly when printing and because my prints are interlocking it making the process fairly easy as well. I also use paper resists, a process I began to apply when I was doing more pop work for an italian streetwear brand back in the naughty naughts (2006-2009).


I made a custom print for Casa Falu, a “casa de la costa” in punta negra uruguay. It was important that they be light and airy but also block the intense morning sun. I chose a light yellow linen printed with my astral portals print. Final reults were almost stained glass like. The density of the fiber coupled with the lightness in the weave makes them transparent but light opaque.

My latest wall panel from villas that only exist in my dreams. It is a wall panel from the chamber of long life and clarity. The canvas is a hand printed linen I made and then patchworked with antique silk ribbon and then overlayed with a copious ammount of sterling silver leaf. I am waiting for the silver to tarnish a little bit before i stablize it with varnish. the canvas is 1 mt by 2 mt.