joshua blackwell


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“Hey!”  You heard someone yelling over the sound of the music in your headphones.  You yanked out the earbud and stopped, reaching down to pat at your dog as it sat down on the side walk beside you.  A group of guys were hovering by the fence to a house across the street, smiling at you.  One looked like the guy from your English class, J.

“Wanna come over for dinner?”  One of the older guys asked, elbowing J in the side hard.  He glanced up at you with a small smile, a glimmer of hope in his eye.

“We’re having burgers.”

Vegas week is coming to an end and Joshua Blackwell is hosting one more party to celebrate the occasion.  He has called everyone into the hotel conference room where they were free to drink and dine for the night with one another.  Everything was going perfect until the lights went out, the power cut from an outside source, but luckily Gabriel had backup generators - though they’re only putting out enough electricity to light up emergency lights throughout the hotel.  

The guests figure they’ll go up to their rooms and turn in for the night, but the elevators trapped on the third floor and all exits are blocked.  The guests, staff and clients, are trapped in the hotel with one another with few places to go (the key cards don’t work so don’t even try going back to your room - or any other room with a locked door for that matter).  Think that’s bad enough?  Whoever has cut the power also contaminated the drinks, a mind altering substance coursing through the bodies of all guests.  How will your character react to the tone set by whoever is toying with everyone for the night?  Try to make it through the night without losing your mind too much.

// We thought this would be a fun event for the entire Haus.  It’s simple, you’re basically trapped in a dimly hit hotel having consumed a mind altering substance.  Let’s see you guys have some fun with this idea - please we would LOVE to also see characters branch out.  No threading with the same people every single time, it makes for a very boring dash.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask.  This is meant to be different and fun, so for the sake of it YES your character did drink something containing the substance.  Let’s see what happens!

Because of the subject matter please tag all threads “tw: drug use”, thank you.