joshua arnold

-The Wisdom Of Emond's Field-

by  Allen Joshua Arnold‎

As I recall, I saw her first
Descend a flight of stairs.
I felt her gaze, a blaze of life
Engulf mine in a glare.
The fury in her eyes shone bright
With a light no dark could yield.
That’s the day I fell in love
With The Wisdom Of Emond’s Field.

Bound and sworn, a hound of sorts,
My sword pledged to another.
In my chest, a chiseled stone
Was honed to know no lover.
Yet as I watched her walk away,
I felt my layers peeled.
That’s the day I pledged my heart
To The Wisdom Of Emond’s Field.

Far from home, I roam this land,
A king without his crown;
To hunt the shadows haunting me,
And strike Sight Blinder down.
My kingdom lays in ruins,
But it’s she I can still shield.
That’s the day I laid my crown
Before The Wisdom Of Emond’s Field

On the day she went away,
She wore, dangling from a string,
Around her neck, close to her heart
My family’s signet ring.
Mashiara, keep it near,
And know our love is sealed.
That’s the day I swore my life
To The Wisdom Of Emond’s Field.

Every night, I watched the sky,
And held her in my heart.
No moon that passed before my eyes
Could pull our love apart.
For in my chest now burns the flame
Of a passion she revealed.
That’s the day I vowed return
To The Wisdom Of Emond’s Field.

On the day I found my way
Back to my lover’s side,
I found her body in a lake;
She barely clung to life.
I pulled her from the water’s grasp,
And saw that she was healed.
That’s the day I said my vows,
To The Wisdom Of Emond’s Field.

Mashiara, love of mine,
I have no lands to give.
So, my heart, I hand to you,
For as long as I might live.
You found, deep down, a part of me,
I thought remained concealed.
That’s the day I crowned my queen,
The Wisdom Of Emond’s Field.