joshua 1:3

But seriously. Listen, I want you to know that if you would have us, we would love to come back here sometime. Also, when we make new music, will you be there? We promise not to disappear after this. We promise we’re gonna keep working, keep creating. But until then- *starts singing trees*.
—  Tyler Joseph’s Trees Speech, Newark ERS, 1/21/17
Seventeen in 3 words

S.Coups: 100% daddy material

Jeonghan: living shampoo ad

Joshua: god bless y’all

Jun: y’all need jesus

Hoshi: hyperactive lil’ kid

Woozi: grumpy lil’ kid

Wonwoo: gotta hate life

DK: gotta love life

Mingyu: tissues are overrated

The8: dog dog dog

Seungkwan: call me queen

Vernon: I’m only seventeen

Dino: korean Michael Jackson