This post is for Buns @peetasbunmyoven whose birthday is today. I hope you have a fantastic day. Here is a post of your favorite man. Enjoy!

“My Hands are Clean” Josh

“This is Jen” Josh

Sexy, Sweaty Josh

Rock On Josh (tongue porn)

Hunky josh

Josh can handle his liquor

“I Want You in My Bed Tonight” Josh

Baywatch Josh

“Look, it’s See Through!” Josh

Psychedelic Josh

“I’m So Good I Don’t Even Need to Look” Josh

DJ Josh

Puppy Josh

Baseball Pro Josh

Sub Josh

And last but not least…

New O-Face Josh

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This post is for Christina @hungergameshutch whose birthday is today. I hope you had a great day! Here is a post of our favorite guy. Enjoy :)

Unsure Josh

DJ Josh

Not Impressed Josh

Homeschool Prom Josh

Josh Gots moves

“He Doesn’t Know the Affect he Has” Josh

Tongue Shot Josh

Whipped Josh

Josh has Periods

Excited Josh

Goofy Josh

Dirty Sexy Josh

High Five Josh

Josh Jaw Porn

And last but not least…

New Josh O-Face

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Dating Josh Pieters Would Include...

Requested: “"Dating Josh Pieters would include…“ please? Love your blog btw!”

Dating Josh Pieters would include:

  • vacations to South Africa to meet his family and childhood friends
  • having to listen to him talk about South Africa non stop when he gets back
  • late night brainstorming sessions for video ideas because he wants to be original and values your input
  • the rest of the boys flirting with you to mess with Josh
  • Josh getting super jealous and pissed off at the boys
  • putting sunscreen on his back all day every day
  • helping him dress for the weather when he forgets how cold it is in London
  • hugs where he lifts you off your feet
  • hugs where he literally engulfs you with his giant long arms
  • hugs where he rests his head on top of your head and rubs your back
  • “Josh you don’t have to get the flour down for me, I can just stand on a stool.” “But what kind of boyfriend would I be then?”
  • piggy back rides
  • having to take care of him after he does stupid things for videos like eating chili peppers and not sleeping for 60 hours
  • him being incredibly supportive of everything you do
  • being friends with the entire buttercream squad
  • having an amazing boyfriend because let’s be real Josh is the most boyfriend material out of all of them

A/N: I know this was requested like ages ago sorry! I’m finally starting to catch up on requests though!

This post is for  Alex’s smartalexy birthday! I hope you had a fantastic day! Here is some Joshy to brighten your day. :)

Busy Minded Josh

Slightly Jealous Josh

Air Guitar Josh

Running Man Josh

American Pride Josh

Competitive Josh

“Josh-uh, Josh-us”

Lip Porn Josh

Manscaping Josh

Hanging Josh

“Baseball…the soft version” Josh

“Well, not that’s not exactly…” Josh

Josh is a licker

Angry Josh

And last but not least…

Shirtless Josh

gifs not mine

anonymous asked:

i just had tons of nutella n now im feelin hyperactive!ty {probs a sugar rush or smthn} n j's thinks 's cute! -🌊


hes bouncin all around frm eatin a buncha candy n gigglin n smilin n runnin all aroun th house n playin with j !! “joshjosh!!” “yeah, baby?” “come find me!!” n they play hide n go seek tgether n ty sneaks up on j n spooks him n after ty gets a bad belly ache n is all tired n j jus smiles poppin a skittle in his mouth ee

This post is for Ana @the-golden-sunflower whose birthday is today. I hope you had a great day. Here is some Josh for you, although nothing can compare to Josh’s photo shoot. What a present!!

“Thankful to the fans” Josh

“Baby” Josh (unf)

Home Run Josh

Tumblr Gif Josh

Tongue Porn Josh (but kinda gross)

“Don’t Question Him” Josh

“I Dunno” Josh

Competitive Josh

“Brotherly Love” Josh

Selfie Josh

Slightly Aroused Josh

Josh in a beanie (yum)

Illiterate Josh

Handsome Josh

And last but not least…

O-Face Josh

Gifs not mine