highlights of tonys 2017
  • denee benton looking like the goddess she is
  • josh groban rolling his eyes at bette
  • mimi lien getting the recognition she deserves 100 times over
  • my mom asking if josh groban gained weight
  • josh groban singing one note and me sobbing
  • josh groban
  • the grEEN COAT
  • lucas steele reminding me that even tho i’m gay, men aren’t worthless
  • lucas steele-n my heart with that violin
  • dave malloy hugging josh
  • josh bringing dave on stage
  • the people getting lit on stage watching tgc perform
  • dave and josh basically having a jam sesh on the piano
  • denee benton lookin like she was having the effin time of her life
  • balaga probably scaring most audience members
  • denee overall just making me the happiest person alive
  • ensemble member taking a shot with tina fey
  • denee smashing that picture with the purest look of joy
  • Grace McLean, Amber Gray, and the Great Kiss of 2017™
brother, let me be your fortress

Genre: Angst, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship
Word Count: 6,129 words 
Pairings: Rucas (major), Joshaya (slight) and Smarkle (slight) 
Summary: Riley goes into a coma on a Tuesday night, and for the first time, the rest of the group becomes the rock that Lucas can hold on to. (Lucas-centric-ish)
A/N: Yeah, this is a pretty long, angsty one. 


Josh sighs in relief at the sight of her in the Emergency Room, calling out her name in a strangled voice as he makes his way to her. She looks up, eyes glazed and wide as though she has finally realized where she is. Josh watches as she tries to say something but he does not give her a chance to. He wraps his arms around Maya and hugs her tight, not wanting to let go.

Maya is shaking, shock evidently consuming her as she leans into his embrace and buries her face into his chest. He can feel the wetness of her tears seeping through his shirt but he cannot bring himself to care less.

Maya is here. She is safe. That is all that matters.

“Riley,” Josh hears Maya’s muffled call for his niece and his heart sinks.

No. Maya’s safety is not all that matters because Riley is not with them. Riley is not freaking out at the sight of tears in Maya’s eyes. Riley is not here to cry about the patients in pain all around. Riley is not out in the waiting room with them because she is lying in the operating room as the doctors try to save her.

Josh pulls away from Maya gently, grabbing her face in his hands as he regards her. Bile rises in his throat at the blood that stains Maya’s dress. The once white dress is now covered in the dark angry crimson liquid. There is dried blood on Maya’s arms, probably from cradling Riley right after she was hit.

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Rami & Characters as Parents:


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It’s your children before absolutely anyone else.

He never takes roles if it means leaving your family for too long a period of time.

“Rami we can relocate if-“
“Absolutely not. I’m not uprooting their lives for some role.”

He spoils them rotten, but never lets them forget his humble beginnings and the importance of gratitude and appreciation.

He tries to keep them out of the spotlight, but feels tremendous pride when the paparazzi snap pictures of him doing everyday things with your kids.

He also finds said pictures online and saves them because he loves them so much.

He’s very conscious of online safety, much to the irritation of your kids.
“You should change your password every two weeks, there are so many dangers-“
“Dad, it’s just a club penguin account.”

Your kids love to tease him about his past roles. 

“Be sensible at the party tonight, don’t drink too much and don’t do drugs, please.”

“What, not even morphine? Or a little J? C’mon dad what would Elliot think?”

“You’re grounded.”

“Dad I can’t believe you were in a Twilight movie.” 

“God, you’ve done some digging…” 

He loves when your kids make up little productions together and perform them in the living room for the two of you. Even if the plot isn’t particularly good, his face glows with pride as he watches his children perfect his craft. 

He may or may not have had a large platform built in the yard so that in the summer the kids can put on performances while the two of you sit on the lawn chairs enjoying the sun. 


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Josh is the ‘cool’ dad. Or at least he thinks he is.

He picks your kids up from school in his flashy car with his sunglasses on.
“Hey pornstars! Hop in!”
“Dad that’s super weird please stop.”

He loves to organize unusual holidays and expand your kids’ horizons, but he sometimes goes a little overboard.
“Safari vacation this summer? We can ditch the car and run with the lions!”
“Josh, I’d like to return with all our limbs.”
“Ok well what about storm chasing-“
“White water raft-“
“Josh, I love you, but shut the fuck up.”

Josh encourages your children to follow their dreams and pursue their ideas, whether it’s as small as your five-year-old son’s lemonade stand or as big as your daughter’s fundraiser for mental health centre for young people.

When Josh’s depression creeps out from the shadows he fears that he’s not a good enough father, but your children always seem to sense his insecurity and reassure him with hugs and movie nights.

Your children are what gave Josh the confidence to visit his sister’s graves. With them by his side, he feels unstoppable.


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Snafu is the king of pretend games. He’ll use whatever he can find around the house to set the scene for the game.

In fact its a struggle to get him to stop playing. 

“Wench, fetch me my dinner!” Snafu orders you while wearing a crudely fashioned cardboard crown. You roll your eyes but comply, placing his plate in front of him. Your son watches the interaction with a sparkle in his eye. 

“Wench, fetch-” 

“Don’t even try it kid.” 

“Sorry mom.” 

Your kids never get tired of sitting by the fire with their father and listening to his stories about the war. He tells them of his comrades, his injuries, his brushes with death, but his favourite memories to recount are those of your reunions with him when he came home from battle. 

Snafu is careful to remind his kids to always treat their love interests with respect, especially your sons. He tells them how you taught him the hard way about how to treat a lady, and that a respectful compliment or simply holding the door will go further than any cat call or crude pet name. 

He misses the thrill of going off to war and the adrenaline rush fighting gave him, but Snafu would never again risk his life, for his responsibility as a father was far more important to him than his responsibility for his country. 

In lieu of returning to the battlefields, Snafu teaches your children all he knows about hand to hand combat and survival in some of the toughest terrains. He never lets them forget that behind the sensational stories of heroism and bravado, was a terrifying reality that few survived. 


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Ahkmenrah is a big softie around his kids. He lets them try on his crown and heavy jewellery, he lets them sit on the throne and he lets them play wherever they want in the palace, but screw with his family, and you will know the meaning of the word fear. 

He can be strict, since he is the king and his heirs have a reputation to uphold, but away from the public eye he is just like any other father. He enjoys playing games and sometimes is just as childish as the kids. 

Ahk is a man of the people, and although your children often see his parents and his brother’s side of the family treating their servants and subordinates in a lowly manner, he will not accept such behaviour from his own kids. He is careful to teach them that although they are royalty, all lives are equal and one should treat others how they wish to be treated. 

Your children are brought up unrestricted in who they are allowed to be friends with. You and Ahk are firm believers that class does not matter where friendship is involved. This means that your kids are far more worldly than their higher class peers. 

As your children grow older, Ahkmenrah is enthusiastic to involve them in royal affairs. He explains the art of negotiation and that peace is far more favourable than war. He makes certain they know that other nations have many things to offer and it is in their best interests as potential future rulers to stay on good terms with them.

But Ahk will never let his children become naive, they know exactly how to wage a war that they will undoubtedly win. Because they know that one day they may have to teach someone the meaning of the word fear. 


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Dating Josh Pieters Would Include...

Requested: “"Dating Josh Pieters would include…“ please? Love your blog btw!”

Dating Josh Pieters would include:

  • vacations to South Africa to meet his family and childhood friends
  • having to listen to him talk about South Africa non stop when he gets back
  • late night brainstorming sessions for video ideas because he wants to be original and values your input
  • the rest of the boys flirting with you to mess with Josh
  • Josh getting super jealous and pissed off at the boys
  • putting sunscreen on his back all day every day
  • helping him dress for the weather when he forgets how cold it is in London
  • hugs where he lifts you off your feet
  • hugs where he literally engulfs you with his giant long arms
  • hugs where he rests his head on top of your head and rubs your back
  • “Josh you don’t have to get the flour down for me, I can just stand on a stool.” “But what kind of boyfriend would I be then?”
  • piggy back rides
  • having to take care of him after he does stupid things for videos like eating chili peppers and not sleeping for 60 hours
  • him being incredibly supportive of everything you do
  • being friends with the entire buttercream squad
  • having an amazing boyfriend because let’s be real Josh is the most boyfriend material out of all of them

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platonic joshler showering together to save time ok yes

yes okay good

itd been abt a year since they started traveling together so obvs after all tht time they were,, p comfortable w/ each other u know

but one morning they had both woken up rlyrly late nd they had an interview in lik 20mins so theyre panicking n rushing around trying to get ready so they can b Presentable

so josh is th shower trying to b as quick as he can but its not Good Enough for tyler so ofc tyler just goes nd strips everythin off n gets into th shower w/ josh

josh who is just ?????????? what the fuckening ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

tyler just looks at him in is lik “itll b quicker this way chill" n he just,, starts washing his hair before adding “besides its not like i havent seen u naked dude lol”

so there they are just,,,, showering together in this shitty hotel bathroom

after tht it kinda becomes a thing for them

like it saves time ??? and water ????? why wouldnt they ????????

they also find out a lot of things abt each other they otherwise probs wouldnt of known

like josh brushes his teeth in the shower, which tyler finds Disgusting

“dont u get soap in ur mouth ??”


“but what abt spitting ur toothpaste in th bathtub thts gross”

“how is it any different to spitting in a sink ??”

“it just is okay ur gross”

and much to joshs Horror tyler uses 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner

“oh my go d is tht 2-in-1 shampoo”

“yeh why”

“u heathen get out of my shower”

“i was in here first ?? this is my house ????”

“i said g e t o u t

lets talk abt joshler!!

Notable points of the 18/2/16 concert:
  • I died first of all
  • TRANSVIOLET being cuties opening the show and the lead singer being so excited over meeting Josh
  • Josh and Tyler serenading each other in WDBWOTV
  • Slow version of Stressed Out??
  • Josh’s backflipping
  • Slow version of Holding Onto You????
  • Playing Not Today for the first time ever?????
  • Goner????? Everybody cried???!!!
  • Tyler doing the ‘Josh Dun!’ Part of the judge and Josh giggling a lot
  • Tyler climbing the balcony for Car radio
  • Trees at the end was perfect
  • It was a perfect concert 

This post is for Buns @peetasbunmyoven whose birthday is today. I hope you have a fantastic day. Here is a post of your favorite man. Enjoy!

“My Hands are Clean” Josh

“This is Jen” Josh

Sexy, Sweaty Josh

Rock On Josh (tongue porn)

Hunky josh

Josh can handle his liquor

“I Want You in My Bed Tonight” Josh

Baywatch Josh

“Look, it’s See Through!” Josh

Psychedelic Josh

“I’m So Good I Don’t Even Need to Look” Josh

DJ Josh

Puppy Josh

Baseball Pro Josh

Sub Josh

And last but not least…

New O-Face Josh

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This post is for Sammy whose birthday is today. Happy 30th! The best is yet to come! Here is a post of our precious cinnamon roll we love so much. :)

Klutz Josh

“He’s Got Moves” Josh

Thirsty Josh

Monkey Face Josh (and Ryan Seacrest)

Giving Josh

Josh’s Got Moves

Baseball Pro Josh

Josh: Fan of Sports Bras

“Josh’s Weiners”

Swagger Josh

Josh, as Teddy

O-Face Josh

Sub Josh

Drumroll Josh

Josh Sandwich

“Coach, Put Me in the Game” Josh (arm and booty porn)

Hutcherwife Josh

This makes him even sexier

Shirtless Josh

Humanitarian Josh

And last but not least…

Your favorite

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lmfao l*caya fans still talking about maya hiding her feelings for lucas, my pal she literally said “i don’t like lucas, i like you.” like what else does a girl have to do she picked josh… what planet do you live on? she’s not stepping aside, she’s not picking between her best friend and a boy or being selfless. 






Things I would like to see in season 3
  • A continuation of the Sense and Sensibility plot, because both girls need this. 
  • For Riley and Maya to grow more independent and take some time apart. 
  • For the love triangle to finally be resolved
  • For Rucas to come out victorious
  • Lucas fighting for Riley
  • More Joshaya scenes (but I don’t want them to become canon yet). I just want more build which will lead to an eventual romantic relationship.
  • More Riley and Topanga 
  • To finally meet Lucas’s parents
  • To meet Zay’s parents
  • To learn more about Lucas, Zay and Smackle
  • More Shawn x Cory
  • More guest appearances from the original cast - especially more Feeny
  • A Mr. Feeny x Eric scene
  • For Riley to finally use the camera Shawn gave her in season 1
  • More Lucas x Smackle
  • For Maya to date someone who isn’t part of the main cast.
  • More Auggie and Ava
  • More Auggie x Riley
  • More Auggie x Lucas. Also, more Lucas x Cory.
  • More Smackle x Farkle
  • More Farkle x Stuart
  • For Mr. Turner and Shawn to interact
  • More Josh
  • Josh x Farkle x Zay x Lucas scenes
  • Josh x Riley scenes
  • Zay x Farkle x Lucas bonding scenes. 
  • Shawn x Maya x Katy scenes
  • Some cute af, romantic Rucas scenes. 
  • For canon to acknowledge that Farkle is good looking
  • For some random girl to hit on Farkle and call him cute, because I need to see how Farkle reacts to that. 
  • Maya becoming more confident in her artistic abilities
  • More Boy Meets World flashbacks
  • To finally see Morgan
  • An episode where Missy, Charlie and Billy randomly return, so that someone can poke fun at their random disappearance. 
  • Angela x Topanga bonding scenes
  • Riley putting herself first. 

This post is for Christina @hungergameshutch whose birthday is today. I hope you had a great day! Here is a post of our favorite guy. Enjoy :)

Unsure Josh

DJ Josh

Not Impressed Josh

Homeschool Prom Josh

Josh Gots moves

“He Doesn’t Know the Affect he Has” Josh

Tongue Shot Josh

Whipped Josh

Josh has Periods

Excited Josh

Goofy Josh

Dirty Sexy Josh

High Five Josh

Josh Jaw Porn

And last but not least…

New Josh O-Face

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This post is for  Alex’s smartalexy birthday! I hope you had a fantastic day! Here is some Joshy to brighten your day. :)

Busy Minded Josh

Slightly Jealous Josh

Air Guitar Josh

Running Man Josh

American Pride Josh

Competitive Josh

“Josh-uh, Josh-us”

Lip Porn Josh

Manscaping Josh

Hanging Josh

“Baseball…the soft version” Josh

“Well, not that’s not exactly…” Josh

Josh is a licker

Angry Josh

And last but not least…

Shirtless Josh

gifs not mine

This post is for Ana @the-golden-sunflower whose birthday is today. I hope you had a great day. Here is some Josh for you, although nothing can compare to Josh’s photo shoot. What a present!!

“Thankful to the fans” Josh

“Baby” Josh (unf)

Home Run Josh

Tumblr Gif Josh

Tongue Porn Josh (but kinda gross)

“Don’t Question Him” Josh

“I Dunno” Josh

Competitive Josh

“Brotherly Love” Josh

Selfie Josh

Slightly Aroused Josh

Josh in a beanie (yum)

Illiterate Josh

Handsome Josh

And last but not least…

O-Face Josh

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