Leaders’ Reunion - Arashi, V6, TOKIO & NEWS [Part 2 of 2] - Priceless moment: They singing their own version of Arashi’s “Hero”: “You’re Leader!" ♫

Arashi ni Shiyagare New Year’s SP 2015.01.01


Ohno Satoshi’s Coming of Age (January 8, 2001)

He looks like a cute little boy here ;P

BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY OHNO-KUN!!!!! I’m having a hard time on thinking about what to say for your birthday but the only words that come to my mind are “Thank you”. Good luck on your movie! You’ve been looking really tired for the past few days but you’re doing your best ne? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to fish again soon ;P  

ありがとう ございます! ほんとう に ありがとうございます!