Seventeen Reacts to: Their Girlfriend's new piercing.

He would find it amusing even though it’s just an industrial bar.
“It’s so pretty. Be careful, don’t snag it on anything.”

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Woozi loves piercings so he would get all too excited about a lip piercing. You would have to remind him constantly that the piercing is fresh and he can’t yank on it as much as he has been.
“Sorry, I’m just.. WOW it looks good.”

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He would help you clean and take care of your new double helix. He has a helix piercing so he knows how bad it hurts when it’s a fresh piercing.
“Careful darlin. You’ll make it hurt worse than it already does.”

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“Does that not hurt? Oh god, how are you going to eat? BAAAABE ARE YOU CRAZY?”
Concerned about how bad it would hurt to eat with your new tongue piercing but lowkey loves it.

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“Oooh, so pretty.”
Admires your eyebrow piercing and kisses your nose.
“You’re braver than me. I’m scared to get more piercings on my ear, let alone my face.”

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Highkey jealous as hell of your snakebites.

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“You got your what pierced? Are you- You let another man touch your boobs. Oh.”
Goes all kinds of diva on you about getting your nipples pierced, all in good fun though. He’d be scared to hug and cuddle with you.

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“Lemme see it. Y/N~ I wanna see your belly butTOOOOOOOOOON!”
Is grumpy because you won’t let him see it. Likes the idea of a belly button piercing but wouldn’t know if he likes the actual thing because you won’t let him see it.

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“How long have you had this? Have I been too busy to notice this thing or is it new?”
Asks about your septum ring but think it looks adorable on you.
“It’s cute, did it hurt?”

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He wouldn’t really notice the small gem in your nose at first. Would only notice it when you guys were playing around and it caught the light. He though it was glitter and went to wipe it off until he realized it was a piercing.
“Oh, it’s supposed to be there. I’m not the brightest crayon in the box.”
Do you like it?
“Yes, I love it.”

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Isn’t my bias beautiful? I love him so much. 

Gets a matching tragus piercing
“GodDAMN THIS HURTS. How in the hell are you so calm about this thing? I’m dying and you’re happy and oh my godddddddddddd.”

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“Uhhhh what is a dermal and why am I confused?”

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"That looks very painful. How did that go? And it just hangs there? I’ve never heard of a smiley piercing..”
Is very curious about the whole piercing thing.

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joshua’s birthday gift ↴
  • not smut
  • I know josh’s bday is far from now but it’s okay
  • joshua’s birthday was coming up (dec 30)
  • it was the first birthday and christmas you guys are spending together
  • since you’ve both got married last year
  • and you had been hiding something from him
  • you were waiting for his birthday to tell him
  • that you were pregnant with his child
  • you found out about two weeks ago
  • and at first you were scared
  • you kept procrastinating to tell him
  • but you built up the confidence to tell him on his birthday
  • it was perfect
  • it was after christmas
  • it’d be the best gift to him
  • so the house was filled with the guys 
  • all of you wearing sweaters
  • and christmas music playing
  • josh was sad 
  • that he couldn’t spend christmas and his birthday with his parents
  • but he was more than happy to be with you
  • “our big boy josh is one year older!” 
  • jeonghan wraps his arm around josh’s neck
  • you smile at josh as he shakes his head
  • “I think shua should open his presents now!” 
  • dino calls everyone to living room by the christmas tree
  • you always envied josh
  • he got double presents
  • he got presents from christmas and his birthday
  • “mine first!” you called
  • you ran up to your present for josh
  • it was a pretty silver box wrapped in a red ribbon
  • you handed it to joshua
  • the boys circled him as he took it from you
  • “thanks babe” he kissed you forehead 
  • he untied the ribbon
  • and your nerves kicked in
  • you were second guessing your choice of telling him
  • in front of everyone
  • you wanted to snatch the box from his hands
  • but it was too late
  • he opened the box 
  • and picked up the papers you got from the doctor
  • confirming your pregnancy
  • his eyes widened and his jaw dropped
  • “no way!”
  • the boys hopped up
  • “what is it?! what does it say!?” 
  • “we’re having a baby!?” 
  • joshua dropped the papers
  • “yes!” you nodded eagerly
  • “that’s amazing!” he quickly pulled you into  hug
  • “our hyung is going to be a dad!” seungkwan shouts
  • “looks like we have a new dad of the group” jun smiled
  • seungcheol feels salty at his comment
  • but is more than happy for joshua
  • “I can’t believe I’m going to be a dad!”
  • “this is the best gift ever! I have to call my mom!” 
  • joshua releases you and reached for his phone
  • “hey! my gift is better!” chan whines
  • you smiled at the scene
  • joshua was happy and eager
  • and the boys were also happy
  • it was the best christmas ever

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ya’ll, I know it’s summer but this was requested lol and josh’s birthday is of course in december! so I had to write the details! but I hope you all enjoy!

Seventeen Reacts to: Coming home to their S/O slow dancing w/their eyes closed

Brb2132 requested: Seventeen reaction to coming home and seeing their S/O slow dancing with their eyes closed ❤️❤️❤️

I hope this is good enough for you! 💞 You can request again if you’d like. - A


It’s been a long and tiring day at dance practice and he’s tired. He’s ready to just lay down and cuddle with his girlfriend (you). He pushes the door of the apartment open and doesn’t see you anywhere so he figures you had already went to bed because it’s pretty late. He grabbed a bottle of water and walked towards your bedroom.
He hears soft music playing on his walk down the hallway and pushes the door open slightly. When he peeks in, he sees you dancing slowly by yourself with your eyes closed. Mingyu would smile to himself and quietly slip into the bedroom. He would wrap his arms around your waist and press a soft kiss to your shoulder.
“Mind if I have a dance?”

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Would be home after weeks of being away due to filming with the group. He was excited to surprise you so he was being extra quiet on his way inside. It’s early morning so he hoped you were still asleep and not in the kitchen where you’d hear the door open. He would peek in and quietly set his bags at the door before making his way through the house. 

He stops in front of the workout room and giggles when he sees you slow dancing. He leans in the doorway, just watching for a few minutes with a cute grin on his face. She’s too cute, he thinks to himself before speaking to you softly 

“Good morning beautiful. Why are you up so early?”
Would dance with you and ask how you’ve been without him home. Enjoys the morning with you.

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He left early in the morning to get breakfast and flowers for you considering it was  your anniversary. He felt horrible because it was very late in the morning when he returned and he only left a little “see you soon beautiful” on the mirror in the bathroom.
He pushed the door open and set the food on the table, pouting a little bit because he could hear music playing upstairs from your room. He wanted to be back before you woke up so he could surprise you but traffic had to be a bitch and now he’s irritated with himself. I knew I should’ve left sooner. 
He made his way upstairs and to your bedroom, stopping to smile at your slow dancing. He admired for a short second before turning the music down.
“I’m sorry I wasn’t home when you got up this morning. Happy anniversary.”
He would hand you the flowers and ask if you’d dance with him before breakfast.

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He was babysitting his cousins so he wasn’t really home at all today but he did try to call you. The call dropped when the little one took his phone and threw it so he felt bad for neglecting and ignoring you all day. He decided he’d stop to get your favorite ice cream as well as a small teddy bear before driving home.

He would giggle when he found you slow dancing in the living room to peaceful music. He put the ice cream away and hugged you tightly. He apologized for startling you and handed you the teddy bear
“I missed you.” he mumbles, swaying back and fourth with you leaned against his chest

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Jeonghan was busy with filming the boys today so he only had fifteen minutes to talk to you. He left before you woke up and left you with a note. I love you and hope you have a great day baby! I’ll call you when I can sweetie. Don’t forget eat please. Love Jeonghan

When he did call you, it was rushed and he was irritated because they kept messing up and giving him the wrong lines so they had to restart every ten minutes. He was just overall over the day. He brought home some food for the both of you and felt better when he walked in to see you dancing to a cute slow song. You had stolen one of his hoodies and were just dancing with your eyes closed. He hummed softly, watching you for a few minutes
“You look so cute but you should come eat so we can go cuddle.”

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You knew Soonyoung would be home today, so you cleaned the house and got dressed in his favorite outfit of yours: faded blue jeans, a pretty baby blue blouse and a pair of sandals. You didn’t know exactly what time he would be home so you turned on some music and started to dance happily. So excited for him to be home. Gah~ hope he’ll dance with me.

He walked in with his arms full of luggage from his long journey to Hong Kong with the rest of Seventeen. When he walked into the living room and saw you dancing, he’d smile and set his stuff down before hugging you from behind. He’d dance with you that way in a comfortable silence before mumbling a soft
“Missed your dancing so much.”

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He kissed your cheek before leaving to go buy wine and ice cream for the two of you. You turned on some music and couldn’t stop yourself from dancing along to it. When he got home, he would stop to smile at you. Puts the ice cream away and pours two glasses of wine before joining you in the living room
“You’re so precious baby girl. Never change ”

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When he caught you slow dancing by yourself, eyes closed and a cute little grin on your face, he’d have to take a picture. He’d send it to the group chat with this silly girl is going to kill me under it

He would continue to watch you with a smile on his face but would blush when you noticed him.
“Yah! You weirdo, why didn’t you say anything?”
“You looked too cute to disturb..”

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Vernon would be happy to see you dancing alone in one of his big t-shirts to a soft and slow song in the background. He would sing along softly to the song, wrapping you in his arms and kissing you gently
“What a pleasant thing to come home to.”

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He would giggle and watch you for a few minutes, seeing how much you were enjoying yourself. He would then shyly ask if he could have a slow dance with you.

“C-Can I- We have a dance?”

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Would set down the groceries, watching you with a big smile.
“You look so good dancing like that. You would look better dancing it with me though.”
Teases you but gives you a romantic slow dance in the dim-lit living room after eating dinner with you.

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His heart would absolutely melt when he walked into the apartment and saw you having a nice slow dance with yourself in your pajamas. He would grin and tell you that you looked beautiful dancing like that. He would then give you the bouquet of flowers and big teddy bear he’d bought you.
“I wanna dance with you though.. Like, if you’re okay with that..” Blushes afterwards

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He would fangirl. Without a doubt, he would squeal loudly and clench his chest.
“Too cute omg!” 

would sit down with big puppy dog eyes

“How come you don’t dance with me like that?”

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Ship: Joshaya (obviously)


Maya hated goodbyes. Everyone knew that. That’s why she took the cab to the airport this morning, alone. It’s why she was sitting in the airport, alone. She would rather be alone then have the sappy airport goodbyes that seem to be in every romance movie Riley forced her to watch. 

Everyone knew she was leaving, she couldn’t deny her dream job. Even if it was in California. She allowed them to throw her a goodbye party last weekend but that was it. Her mother and Shawn knew she was leaving this morning, they were probably on their way to the Matthews right now to tell them I left. 

“Flight JFK to LAX has been delayed two hours,” a voice overhead announced. Everyone around her groaned loudly, as they grabbed books and laptops from their bags. She grabbed her headphones and turned on some music as she stared out the window. It was pouring, it didn’t surprise her that her flight would be delayed. 

She searched through her backpack looking for her sketchbook, she couldn’t take the guilty thoughts going through her mind. You should have let them come. She thought to herself, and then snorted aloud earning herself some weird looks. Yeah, and then have the whole Matthews family show up sending her off with lots of hugs and lots of tears? No thank you. 

You’ll be back in two months for Thanksgiving. She thought hoping to make the guilty thoughts go away. If she kept thinking this way she would run right back to her family, to the Matthews, to Riley, to Josh. 

She finally found her sketchbook and pulled it out, but along came a small little journal she’d never seen before. It must be Josh’s, he’s always leaving little things like this in her room. She must have accidentally picked it up when she scoped up her sketchbooks. She flipped it open and in Josh’s messy but bold handwriting read ‘The Story of Us.’ 

Intrigued, she flipped to the next page. ‘Someday’ was written at the top. She smiled as the memory came back from the Mount Sun Lodge. She flipped to the next page ‘Reasons’ was written on the top. She skimmed the pages, and realized that this ‘chapter’ took place on Rileys birthday when he surprised her but she was too busy being adorably cheesy with Lucas and accidentally ignoring Maya. He writes that visiting Riley wasn’t the only reason he came over, he knew Maya would be there and it was a reason to get to see her again. 

She smiles, even though Riley was accidentally ignoring her because Riley was so in love. Maya stuck around anyways in hopes to see Josh again. They had another really good conversation that night. She flips to the next page, ‘Six Weeks’, written on the top. 

It took place on New Years, he writes about how he’s excited about tonight and that after his sociology class he rushes right to the Matthews house. He knew that Maya and him weren’t official and wouldn’t be until someday but it was still during the six weeks so he wouldn’t be able to kiss her tonight but at least he would be able to hold her hand. 

Oh no. She thinks, knowing exactly whats coming next. Riley told her that she should still date since someday hadn’t come yet. Maya refused, but Riley invited a guy over anyways. They got to talking and she found herself actually liking him. They shared a kiss at midnight. 

She couldn’t bare to read his reaction to this so she simply flipped to the next page. The word ‘Jealous’ was written on top making her heart sink a little. She didn’t realize it affected Josh this much. He writes about how he would keep making excuses not to go over to dinner because it seemed whenever he did Riley would invite Lucas, and Maya would invite Dylan. Soon he never came at all. 

She wiped a tear from her eye, I thought you didn’t want to cry in an airport. She thought to herself bitterly. She skipped past all the pages about him being jealous or him trying and failing to date other girls. The title ‘Too Good for Him’ stopped her from continuing to skim them. 

A tear falls onto the page, smearing the ink slightly as she reads his point of view about finding out that Dylan was cheating on her, well actually cheating on another girl with Maya. He recounts the phone call, when Maya called him in tears and then hangs up abruptly when she realized that it was a bad idea. She thought that he would just go back to studying but no, he found Dylan and yelled at him for being a douche and about how Maya was too good for him. Riley found him before it got too serious and led to a fight. 

Why didn’t anyone tell her he did that? 

He doesn’t write for awhile, just a short paragraph saying he was too busy with school and couldn’t make it over to the Matthews much. 

The next thing he writes about is months later when she showed up to his dorm, completely soaked, her makeup smudged from crying, and bloodshot eyes, and a takeout box in her hand. He describes how his heart broke seeing her like that and how his heart felt like it was going to burst when she was wearing his pajamas to get warm. He continues to talk about how they split the dessert she had and talk about what they wanted to do with their lives for the whole night. He never did find out why she was so upset. 

Maya pauses to look out the window the sun was starting to come out again, she glanced around the room to see most of the other passengers for flight JFK to LAX working on their laptops unaware of the emotions the 22-year old was feeling. 

She remembered that night like it happened yesterday. Her dad called her and told her he was going to be in the neighborhood and that he knew she was closer to Shawn, and that he didn’t deserve to be in her life anymore but he really wanted to take her out to dinner. That was the first time her dad had reached out to her so she said yes instantly and curled her hair and wore her best dress. 

The wait staff started giving her pity looks after an hour of waiting, and after two hours they gave her a free dessert which she asked to be put in a to go box. She couldn’t go home and face her parents. They were worried about her going tonight but she had insisted that he would come. It started raining halfway to Josh’s dorm. 

She continued on reading about how happy Josh was that they started hanging out. He writes about how they were going to try all the pizza places in Manhattan. How they saw a movie or went to a underground hipster cafe to listen to local bands every weekend. Or how they would just chill in his dorm room talking until late at night. He could never stop listening to Mayas plans to travel the world painting in every town she visited. 

He writes about their first kiss, and how nervous he was before it. Which makes her chuckle since he seemed so confident. At least she wasn’t the only nervous one. He then writes about how embarrassed he was when the leather bracelet he always wore that Riley got him for his birthday got stuck in her hair and they almost had to cut a chunk of her hair to get it unattached. 

He talks about their first date, then their second date, and then how he was in love with her and he was scared to tell her because they had only been dating two months but he had fallen so quickly. He knew about her past and didn’t want to scare her away when he had just gotten her. 

Oh, Boing. I’ve loved you since I was in middle school she thinks, with a smile. 

The next chapter is him ranting about how I told him I love him before the romantic outing he planned that night just so at the end of it he could tell me. Maya actually laughs out loud when she reads ‘I planned a romantic picnic in central park, and then a hot air balloon ride where I was going to tell her as we floated around about the New York skyline but no. She just had to tell me first when we were stuck in traffic and I was yelling at some guy for cutting me off.’ 

He continues to write about their adventures, and she can tell that its getting closer to present day when she reads about they’re indoor skydiving adventure that they did two weeks ago. The day before she got the call for her dream job. 

There’s another entry that day, that makes her heart sink. He was going to propose. He had this whole plan about how he was going propose that he had written down.I could be engaged.” she whispers to herself, as she reads the plan. She turns the page and she didn’t think it was possible but her heart breaks even more. 

The ink is already smudged from his own tears and there is a bunch of scratched out words like he needed this to be phrased perfectly and it looks unfinished, but she can still make out what hes trying to say. He didn’t want to let her go to California, but he didn’t want to be that person that held her back from her dreams. He thought about following her, but chose not too since she was 22 years old she deserved her freedom. If she wanted him there she would of asked. 

I want you with me. I just didn’t want to take you away from your family. she argued with him in her mind. She turns the page but its empty. That’s all hes written. She slams the book closed not sure of what she was feeling. She stuffs it back into her backpack along with her sketchbook, and sits down staring at the floor. How could she get on the plane now?


He sat on the couch, playing video games with Auggie. He had a nervous feeling in his stomach that something bad was going to happen but he had called his parents this morning and they were perfectly fine having a lazy day and the rest of his family was here. Shawn texted that they would be coming over today to hang out so he would see Maya shortly. 

“Shawnie!” Cory yells, as the door opens, Shawn opens his arms wide for Cory to jump into. Topanga walks over and embraces Katy. 

“You used to Shawn and Cory being soulmates yet?” she asks, taking the youngest Hunter from Katy’s arm. After Katy and Shawn got married they had three more kids. Twin boys, Jack Allen and Michael Cory and a little girl Ellie. 

Katy doesn’t get to answer, because Riley comes running down the stairs, her newly husband trailing behind her. “LIGHTNING!” she yells holding up her ring, only to drop her arm to her side when she doesn’t see the fiery blonde with them. Josh is about to ask where she is but Riley beats him to it. “Wheres Maya?” 

Shawn and Katy exchange a nervous glance before Shawn says, “Maybe you should all sit down for this.” 

“What? Is she okay? What happened to her?” Josh asked, hurriedly wondering why Maya wouldn’t text him if something was wrong. 

“She’s fine, but she left this morning,” Katy states calmly, as she rocks a fussy Ellie. 

“Left? Left to go wher- oh. She’s going to California? Now? Why didn’t she tell me? I am her best friend! I should have been there to see her off!” Riley says, beginning to cry. Lucas sits down next to her to comfort his pregnant and very emotional wife. 

“You know Maya, she’s always hated goodbyes especially public ones,” Katy says, trying to play it off at as a joke. Josh stares down at the floor. He knew she probably wouldn’t tell the whole family or Riley since she’s been a mess lately but him? He just assumed he’d at least get a text but she was gone without a goodbye. 

“Don’t worry, she said she’ll be back for Thanksgiving,” Shawn says, trying to make the situation not seem as depressing as it was. Josh knew Maya better then that. She wouldn’t come back unless she had too. She knew if she got away with the Matthews not coming to the airport the first time she definitely wouldn’t get away with it next time. She would only come back if she promised and at her goodbye party she made sure never to say she promised to come home. 

“When does her flight leave?” Josh asks, speaking up for the first time. He couldn’t let her leave. He couldn’t. She was the love of his life and even if he had to quit his job and find a new one in California as long as he was with her it’d be worth it. 

“It was delayed two hours so thirty minutes,” Shawn says, “but you won’t make it. The traffic is horrible.”

“I’ve gotta try,” he retorts, grabbing his jacket, he pats his pocket that carried the box holding the engagement ring. He had been carrying it around for a month waiting for the perfect moment and he had finally thought of a brilliant plan when she got the call. 

“Good luck!” the family called out behind him before the door shut. He broke out into a run. He had to get to Maya. 

Once he finally arrived at the airport he had five minutes to find where she was before she left. He ran straight up to a desk to ask for directions. His pride would have to be set aside for now. “Hi how may I help you today?” said the perky woman behind the counter. She was eyeing him up and down. 

“Where is Flight JFK to LAX?” he asks, as he taps his fingers nervously on the counter. She clicked away on her laptop before looking up at him with a sad smile. 

“It just left, I am sorry. There’s another one in three hours. Can I book you for that?” she asks. 

“No thank you,” he says, tapping the counter one last time before exiting the airport to head back to the Matthews home a failure. 


This was the right decision She told herself, as she wheeled her suitcase across the familiar fire escape. She popped her head through the window to see her best friend sitting on her bed blowing her nose and sobbing. “Hey, why so sad?” she asks, jumping through the window, tripping slightly since she hadn’t done that in years. 

“Maya?” Riley asks, looking up with a big smile. “MAYA! Your back! You didn’t leave! I don’t know what I would do if you left.” she throws her arms around the blonde and squeezes her tight as she begins to sob. 

“Whats going on in here?” Shawn asks when he pops his head into the room, Cory following closely behind. “Maya? What are you doing? What happened to your flight?” 

“I decided it would be better to be here, I need my family’s support,” she replies hugging both Cory and Shawn. 

“You should go see Topanga and Katy,” Cory suggested. She nodded in response and walked down the hall to the kitchen. Just as she appeared in the kitchen, Ellie ran over quickly screaming. Maya leaned down and picked the little girl up and gave her a squeeze. How could she even think about leaving her family?

“Oh baby girl! I am so happy to see you!” Katy says, quickly hugging her. Ellie grabbed onto her mother, so Katy took her from Maya and back over to the toys.  

“I am glad you stayed,” Topanga says, giving her a hug before moving back to the kitchen to finish up making dinner. 

Riley guides her towards the couch and everyone who is not cooking sits down around her to hear why she decided to stay home but she gets cut off by the door being opened and Josh annouce, “I didn’t catch her,” before looking up and making eye contact with her on the couch. “Maya?” He whispers unsure if hes seeing things. 

“Hi,” she replies sheepishly. 

Topanga claps her hands, “Dinners ready, how about you two go talk and I’ll keep your dinner warm in the oven,” she says, looking at Josh and then at Maya. 

They both nod and then silently make there way to the bay window in Rileys room. Maya sits down on the bay window. “So,” she says, as he sits down next to her. 

“You were going to leave,” he says, looking down at the floor. She wasn’t sure if he was relieved, happy, or mad. 

“I was,” she nodded guiltily. “But I didn’t!” she says, hoping to lighten up the conversation. How did she think that she could just leave and it wouldn’t affect any of the people around her? “I am sorry I didn’t tell you. I don’t like goodbyes, and if all of you came to the airport-,”

“Maya, I get why you did it but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt that you wouldn’t tell me. If you really didn’t want us to be there we wouldn’t have but we could of said a proper goodbye,” he says. 

She raised an eyebrow, “You think that if I told them I was leaving this morning they wouldn’t show up at the airport?” she snorts. 

Josh chuckles slightly, “Okay, yeah I guess they would but it’s only because they love you. I love you.” 

“You still do?” she asks, slightly worried. 

Josh shakes his head in astonishment, and pats his coat pocket. “Yeah, of course. I don’t think I could ever stop loving you. Why did you end up staying? Was it my dashing good looks?” he asks. 

She laughs, and shakes her head. “Nope, but it was because of you,” she says, standing up and pulling her suitcase and backpack into Rileys room since she left them out on the fire escape. “It was because of this.” she states, unzipping her bag and pulling out the journal.

His face pales visible. “Oh, um, I.. uh.. didn’t think you’d ever read it,” he says, not meeting her gaze as he scratched the back of his next awkwardly. 

“I loved it, and it made me realize I want to be here. I need my family’s support. I need Riley’s happy-go-lucky attitude. I need you,” she says. “I know you have a plan, and I know I already took saying ‘I love you’ first away from you so you can either ask me now or I will.” 

“Wha-,” he says, then it dawns on him and his smile grows. “Well, Miss Hart, your in luck.” He pulls out the black box and gets on one knee. “Maya H-,”

“Yes!” she says, excitedly jumping up from her sitting position. 

“You didn’t even let me finish,” he pouts jokingly. 

“You were taking too long!” she says, pulling him up so she can give him a proper kiss. After they kiss, she looks down at the ring. “Oh my gosh this is gorgeous!” she exclaims placing it on her finger.

“Riley helped me pick it out,” he states shyly. “Speaking of Riley, should we go tell her and the rest of the family?”

“Eh, what’s five more minutes?” she says, pulling him down for another kiss. 

                                                      THE END

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Leona (Part 12)

Menyebalkan rasanya karena tahu Nicky datang menjenguk Leona. Bawa bunga pula. Tambah menyebalkan lagi, karena Leona tidak bilang. Malah tahu dari orang lain. Sebenarnya kalau Leona cerita, aku tidak masalah. Mau Nicky datang bawa bunga atau pot kembang sekalian, bodo amat. Namun, ini malah dirahasiakan. Apa sih susahnya cerita?

Oke, aku tidak bisa menganggap kalau Nicky itu hal yang sepele. Biar bagaimana, dia adalah mantan pacar Leona, pernah Leona peluk-peluk. Jika mereka bertemu dan berkomunikasi lagi, sebaiknya aku tahu. Atau haruskah aku tahu? Aku kan bukan pacarnya. Apa harus jadi pacarnya dulu, untuk bisa merasa hak mendapat informasi tentang siapa-siapa saja yang bertemu dan berkomunikasi dengan Leona? Jujur, sebenarnya aku tidak ingin merasakan hal ini: cemas yang tidak bisa kuelak karena menyayangi dia. Yang kuinginkan itu, menyayangi dengan santai-santai saja, tanpa perlu khawatir hatinya diambil orang lain. Yang kumau itu, aku kalem-kalem saja, karena aku tahu orang yang kusayangi itu juga menyayangiku. Joshua Zani yang sebenarnya itu begitu, kan; santai, kalem. Sama hidup juga begitu, kan. Santai.

Aku tahu aku ini lumayan tampan. Permasalahannya, Nicky lebih tampan. Iya, menurutku Nicky itu tampan sekali, kulitnya putih bersih, mukanya bule kearab-araban. Aku, aku hanya setampan orang Manado yang kecipratan sedikit darah Belanda. Kulitku tadinya putih, namun sekarang gersang karena maklum anak Bekasi. Ditambah lagi, aku ini bokek selalu, sedang ini selevel sama Leona, anak orang kaya. Aku kuliah naik bus dan kadang nebeng, sedang Nicky ke mana-mana naik mobil sedan. Sumpah kalau disandingkan dengan Nicky, aku cuma menang tinggi sedikit.

Hanya karena tahu Leona tidak bilang-bilang ketemu Nicky, aku jadi lupa kalau dulu dia telah memilih aku dibanding Nicky. Sekarang, setelah cemburu ini datang, aku meragukan itu. Benarkah Leona memilih aku, atau karena aku yang lancang mencuri hati Leona? Bahasa kasarnya, aku telah mengambil pacar orang.

Cemburu ini seperti cemburu yang menyusahkan hati, tetapi ini ada, kurasakan. Kalau sudah cemburu begini, aku kesulitan mengagumi diri. Yang kulihat, diriku itu penuh kekurangan, wajar dikecewakan. Sungguh perasaan yang memalukan untuk seorang Joshua Zani.

Setibanya di kantin, kutemukan dunia lamaku. Aku bergabung di meja yang diisi mahasiswa-mahasiswa penggiat capsa. Mainnya pake duit. Judi di kantin ini menarik, karena kalau kalah, bayarnya dari kolong meja. Sementara di dompet, aku ada duit 45 ribu. Rencananya iseng, aku main dengan rasa yakin pasti menang.  Ternyata kalah, alhasil tersisa 11 ribu. Setelahnya aku menyesal. Rasanya mau cakar-cakar muka sendiri. Sungguh derita yang tai kucing, karena sudah dilanda cemburu, terus kalah judi.

Setelah kalah judi, aku baru ingat di kampus ini aku punya sahabat. Ku-SMS Ronny, kubilang lagi di kantin, dan kusuruh dia ke sini. Maksudnya, biar nanti dia datang, aku makan pake duit dia dulu. Eh dia jawab lagi di rumah, katanya malas kuliah. Sialan! Dan hari ini aku telah melakukan dua kebiasaan burukku, yaitu bolos kelas dan main judi. Dua hal ini kulakukan karena satu hal: cemburu. Makanya aku paling benci kalau diriku ini sudah cemburu. Kekanakkan. Sukanya merepotkan diri.


Di mobil, perjalanan menuju mall

“Aku tadi nggak kelas.”
“Ih, Josh? Kenapa? Dosennya nggak masuk.”
“Nggak. Mendadak males.”
“Astagaaaaa… ih gimana sih kamu kok males sih Josh…”
“Males aja.”
“Terus kamu ngapain? Ke kantin?”
“Yoi. Main judi.”
“Ih Josh…. Udah aku bilang kan, jangan judi-judi. Nggak baik buat kamu. Mau menang mau kalah, judi ya sama aja, Josh…kamu tuh aneh deh ih…. Bingung Nana..”
“Loh kok kamu yang sewot, Le? Emang aku main judi pake duit kamu??”
“Ih, Joshh….”

Aku, kalau cemburu ya begini, rasanya ingin bikin Leona sakit hati. Mulutku berubah menjadi tajam, kata-kata yang kulontarkan, kuusahakan supaya menyakitkan.

“Kalo aku mainnya pake duit kamu tuh, baru deh protes, Le.”
“Kamu tuh aneh, Josh.. aku maksudnya baik, ngebilangin.. karna aku tau judi kan nggak bener, Josh.. kemaren-kemaren kamu udah rajin deh masuk kelas, nggak ke kantin, nggak main judi.. eh sekarang bolos kelas lagi, main judi lagi..”
“Dan tadi, kalah.”
“Tuh kaaaaaan….. abis duitnya?”
“Sisa sebelas ribu.”
“Ih Josh sumpah ya… sedih tau nggak aku liat kamu gini.”
“Apa sih yang kamu sedihin? Bunga dari Nicky?”
“Ih kok jadi ke Nicky? Ya ampun Josh, kamu tuh masih marah ya??”
“Ngapain marah? Situ pacar juga bukan.”
“Josh.. kok gitu ngomongnya?”
“Aku mikir ya, Le, apa yang diomongin Fajar, Benny, Robbie itu ada benernya sih. Lama-lama aku kayak manfaatin kamu ya.. kuliah dijemput, pulang dianterin, makan ditraktir, nonton ditraktir. Iya nggak sih?”
“Jangan didengerin makanya, Josh.. mereka itu kan nggak tau apa yang kita rasain. Kamu ih…”
“Tapi bener, kan? Selalu kalo kita jalan, kamu yang bayar?”
“Josh.. aku bayarin karena kamu emang nggak duit, kan.. dan aku ada.. emang salah, ya?”
“Ya jadi kesannya morotin. Kamu mau aku porotin?”
“Aku tau kamu nggak gitu kok, Josh, sama aku. Aku bayarin apa-apa itu tulus, karena aku tau kamu emang nggak ada. Nanti, kalo kamu udah kerja, aku pasti nggak mau bayarin kamu. Makanya kamu tuh peduli dong sama masa depan. Coba ya Josh, judi itu di mana masa depannya? Trus apa untungnya kamu bolos kelas?”
“Wait… maksud kamu aku cowok yang nggak punya masa depan?”
“Ih Josh aku nggak ngomong gituuu!”

Kulihat Leona mulai meneteskan air mata. Satu sisi, aku sedih melihatnya menangis. Namun, di sisi lain ada kepuasan tersendiri. Cemburu itu tidak enak, dan egoku berkata kalau Leona perlu mendengar hal-hal yang tidak enak juga dari mulutku. Aku tidak menyadari, bahwa kata-kata yang sudah kulontarkan untuk membuatnya menangis itu akan kusesali  di lain hari.

“Kok nangis?”
“Ya abis aku sedih kamu mikir gitu!!!”
“Sedih gimana?”
“Aku tuh nggak bilang ya kalo kamu nggak ada masa depan..”
“Ya secara nggak langsung kamu ngomong gitu.”
“Sumpah ya mesti gimana sih jelasinnya???? Ya Allah….. huhuhuhu…”

Makin banyak kulihat air mata menetes basahi pipinya, tetapi aku belum puas.

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He was standing in line for tickets when saw them. Maya with some dude who looked straight out of a catalog. He didn’t realize he was staring until his friend, Andrew, waved his hand in front of his face. “Dude, did you just zone out or something?” he asks, following Josh’s gaze over to Maya. “Isn’t that chick the girl who admitted she loved your at that party?”

“Uh yeah, that’s her,” Josh replies, looking away when Maya throws her head back laughing at something her date said. He should be over there making her laugh.

“Wow, do I guess she moved on. That’s good right? That’s what you wanted?” Andrew asks, as they move forward in the line.

Not really. “Yeah,” Josh practically snaps. He shakes his head, he needed to get Maya out of his head. They would have their someday. Their someday just wasn’t today.

After paying for his ticket and some popcorn him and Andrew went into the theater and found some seats. He was munching on his popcorn and watching the previews when he noticed and certain blonde sitting a couple rows in front of them. Great.

He tried to pay attention to the movie, he really did but he just couldn’t when every joke he could hear Mayas laugh. Sometimes during the scary scenes he would see her move closer to her date. Since when was she scared of movies? She must really like this guy.

The next thing Josh knew the movie was over and he had no idea what happened. “That movie was amazing!” Andrew says, as the lights come on.

Not wanting to tell his friend he was staring at his nieces best friend the whole time he just nods in agreement.

“What was your favorite part? Mine was when the clown came out of no where and drove the bus into a house,” Andrew says. “What was yours?”

Josh furrows his brows while Andrew described his favorite part a little confused as to what this movie was actually about. “That was uh mine too,” he replies, since he couldn’t think of any scene.

“Dude I made that up,” Andrew says, catching Josh’s lie. “I saw you staring at her the whole movie. Why don’t you go tell her?”

Josh sighs and thinks for a minute, “Because we’ll have our someday and I am not going to let her sit around and wait for me. I gotta let her live her life until its our time and then I can swoop in.”

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“That kind of love, I haven’t experienced, except with my family, thus far. But, I definitely look forward to the day at one point, where I get to meet a girl where I have the same love for her that I have for my family. Because, that love I have for my family is undying, unconditional. You know my little brother can get pretty hot headed sometimes, and you kind of want to punch him. But, you love them so much you’d do anything for them.”

- Josh Hutcherson on Peeta’s Love for Katniss


“I’m someone who can fall in love at the drop of the hat. My parents raised me to be very accepting of other people, so because of that, I feel like I might be overly accepting of girls. If a girl shows any interest, I’m like, “Yes! I love you, you’re amazing!”.