so last year at counter rev in melbourne me, megan and arni were dancing like, really over-enthusiastically to this providence. We were basically just the best people on that barrier.

And anyway we sort of became aware at one stage that Alex Gaskarth was standing side of stage watching the set and then we realised he was watching us and laughing at our dancing and he pointed us out to whoever he was standing with and when I think about it I just feel really awkward because for that short amount of time Alex Gaskarth knew I existed and was aware that I look absolutely ridiculous when I try and move in time with music.

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I hate that I don't like the new panic album :( it's such a horrible feeling. I am glad that other people are liking it though and I'm still going to buy the album to support them even though I only like this is gospel and miss Jackson. I'm cursing that the bonus tracks aren't on the album though, how good is all of the boys?! But yeah to me the album doesn't feel like panic. All previous albums, while very different, still felt like panic to me and I'm just not getting that vibe this time :(

Aww, sweetheart… I’m sorry. I can completely empathize with you. There have been so many of my favorite bands who came out with albums where I only liked 2 or 3 songs and it was such a disappointment… Actually, for example. I really don’t like Pretty. Odd. very much at all. I mean, I LOVE That Green Gentleman, it’s my favorite PATD song pretty much (too hard to choose a definite favorite) and Folkin’ Around and Pas De Cheval and ND of course, Nine I don’t like AS much but it’s great, and then the rest of the album can just fuck off for me lol. No no, I forgot Holy Spaces, I love that one too. But you know, it was a huge let down for me when that album came out because I was like WTF is this shit? I don’t like this… (when it came to like Behind the Sea, Mad as Rabbits, The Piano Knows Something…, Do You Know What I’m Seeing?, From a Mountain.. you know, all the others on that album basically. I just don’t like that style or sound at all. A lot of it just didn’t sound good, like they do a lot of chords that sort of clash and don’t sound quite right being played together in a lot of those songs and I just don’t like that stuff. It’s kinda really similar to jazz in a lot of ways in that respect. But anyway, that’s just me, y'know. I know my best friend in the WORLD loves Pretty. Odd. with all his heart and I know for a hell of a lot of Panic! fans, PO is their favorite album and I totally respect that. I wouldn’t say PO is a BAD album or not good music or poorly written, nothing like that, it’s just not my style… it’s not enjoyable, y'know? I definitely believe it’s a great album and just incredible lyrically. It IS. Just like the songs on Too Weird that I don’t like. It’s all about taste and personal preference. Don’t feel too bad, hun. I know it sucks, but listen to Nicotine on repeat for awhile and do the same with Casual Affair and maybe they’ll grow on you. Those are my favorites. PLUS ALL THE BOYS WHICH IS HONESTLY MY #1 NEW FAVORITE PANIC! SONG. BEST SONG NOT ON THE ALBUM. I’M SO PROUD OF DALLON FOR IT ,GJNSDGKNSDFH

Anyway. Hugs?

thekitchensonfire replied to your post: Someone give me a good movie to watch pleease

donnie darko

wherethewildonesmosh replied to your post: Someone give me a good movie to watch pleease

Anything by tim burton, or the Addams Family :D

joshfranvibeyvibes replied to your post: Someone give me a good movie to watch pleease

fight club and almost famous are my favourites… and bridesmaids.

till-m4y replied to your post: Someone give me a good movie to watch pleease

You can never go wrong with batman

Okay, I have few options now, thanks guys c;