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Joshifer Reaction to The Kiss photograph

Clearly I have a little bit of Ben Wyatt in me because my OCD nerd is kicking.

Because everyone is using the wrong reaction for Jen when she views “The Kiss”. 

So Jen’s expression here as she grabs Josh:

Is actually in reaction to seeing a photograph taken with Liam, from ‘the other” kiss scene, you know the one, where Katniss sadly says goodbye to Gale (I’m not inserting that kiss):

And all the Everlarkers went:

You can tell by the shirt Liam wears in that scene. The image is a still probably taken by a photographer on set. Unfortunately I haven’t found it, but I did a lot of painful research (and saw Gale and Katniss kissing way too many times. Blegh!*)

Now when the next picture pops up with them about to kiss:

Josh and Jens natural reaction is to look at each other and giggle:

And may I add, that is not an awkward reaction, they’re so comfortable with each other and it’s such a cute happy moment. And right after that as the photo dims his smile is so sweet and look at her expression soften. 

And if you look closer Jen actually says “Awwww!” 

Which makes me go “Awwww!!!!” (What a cupcake!)

And it makes Francis laugh because Francis knows

*My feelings on the Gale kiss are no reflection on my feelings on cutie Liam