I think that by the end of last season, you saw a relationship between Hook and Charming that started to become something…more, you know, in terms of friendship. And I think there’s a mutual respect that’s starting to happen, and a friendship that’s starting to happen. And I think Charming now sees that Hook is, you know, he is in love with his daughter and cares for her very deeply. And I think that’s something that he sees and he recognizes it because… he knows what love is. So I think he sees that sees that and respects that… (x)


This kiss will forever and always be my favorite kiss. Do you see how they look at one another? That was the first time Emma had ever looked at Killian with trust and love in her eyes. He has a look of relief that he had finally won her heart over and he was willing to do anything to win it.

He traded his ship, his home, his life as a pirate for her, and she opened up to him letting her walls down for the first time.

Just a beautiful moment❤️