I think that by the end of last season, you saw a relationship between Hook and Charming that started to become something…more, you know, in terms of friendship. And I think there’s a mutual respect that’s starting to happen, and a friendship that’s starting to happen. And I think Charming now sees that Hook is, you know, he is in love with his daughter and cares for her very deeply. And I think that’s something that he sees and he recognizes it because… he knows what love is. So I think he sees that sees that and respects that… (x)


This kiss will forever and always be my favorite kiss. Do you see how they look at one another? That was the first time Emma had ever looked at Killian with trust and love in her eyes. He has a look of relief that he had finally won her heart over and he was willing to do anything to win it.

He traded his ship, his home, his life as a pirate for her, and she opened up to him letting her walls down for the first time.

Just a beautiful moment❤️
If you’ve ever watched an episode of Arrow, you already know that Emily Bett Rickards thrives in emotional moments. Simply seeing her on screen crying is enough for us to reach for a box of tissues. Although she’s in a superhero short, Rickards plays a character far from Felicity Smoak. She’s a mother and a wife, who can’t seem to find a way past the tragedy in her life. The change of character is jarring at first, but as the film progresses, Rickards proves she will have an extensive career long after Arrow. Emma’s most heartbreaking moment comes when she’s sitting in their living room rewatching her wedding video. A moment lacking any dialogue, Rickards shines.
Once upon a Marauders

This photo has sent my whole mind into such a deep spiral it’s unreal i looked at it and thought damn the bromance is strong in this one and suddenly it hit me that there were four of them and things just escalated from there in a way i couldn’t have foreseen.

My mind instantly went, four friends, like the marauders.  I started to think about it and although i couldn’t assign the actors parts in this little comparison the characters fit way to well. Now i know the picture is of the actors so quick funny using how my mind has cast the characters in this; James (Josh) and Sirius (Colin) having a great bff hug Remus (Sean) next to them happy as hell and Peter (Micheal) like hey guys um i’m here too in the background.  

Now onto the character and why i see them as who i do 

Charming as James Potter 

Now i don’t think anyone can deny that both James and Charming go out of their way to protect their families. Both Fathers got hurt protecting their child luckily Davids wasn’t fatal but were not going into that too much because jily pain.

Not to mention both mens children grew up orphans feeling no one loved them and became saviours of their people, people they knew nothing about their whole life prior, but shhh we’re not thinking about pain right now.

We also have an added bonus of the Storybrooke time now you may disagree but during this time we kinda got a story line which could in someways parallel James chasing Lily all those years and her being like “no James no” between David and Mary Margret 

my poor heart can’t take continuing this comparison but i’m sure i’ve got it across enough 

Killian Jones as Sirius Black 

External image

Oh season 2 Killian you swav mother fucker, you flirt, you sexy dark haired smug bastard …. wait i’m going off topic or far too into topic in terms of hello Hogwarts Sirius.

Kinda misguided men being pushed down the villain route for the wrong reason after being wronged so badly. Now I know Killian made bad decisions on his own and Sirius was simply completely wrongly accused but any hooker i hope would see where i’m going with this point. 

this steams into loyal and as Killian puts it honorable men we know now after good form this is something he prided himself on in the past and something he’s striving to rekindle in himself. Something we know too well are attributes Sirius has boat loads of. 

He tried to in a way adopt Bae for a little while yes this went to pot but we know he regretted the out come and tried to go back on it at least in someway. As painful as it is bringing this to point Bae and Harry lost a father figure through death or choosing to leave (and a little betrayal sshhh he’s not perfect)This equates to the fact Sirius became a father figure to Harry. Obviously we’re not now thinking about Emma as relating to Harry in this point of the post because well…. that would just be so damn wrong.

Both of them had also lost their parents by abandonment/disownment. now i will stop myself here before i go deeper into this one.

Added bonus Captain Charming aka Sirius and James bromance galore 

We all know Sirius and James we best friends in such a great way now look at these two fools their bromance is blooming is such a wonderful way since Neverland. The love and friendship is becoming strong there is no denying it now.

Robin hood as Remus Lupin 

Outlaw, enough said don’t you think? hello poor boy/man cursed with being a werewolf.

Now his personality as far as we’ve seen so far show me some Remus, He is the leader of a group of miscreants but he’s trying to keep them in line in someway still, I think can agree although not a leader this was good little prefect Remus’ job with his unruly friends .

Protective but doubtful father in both cases, Lupin was worried about Teddy not having the best life because of him being werewolf and Hood is having to bring his son up on his own. He seems slightly worried about being a good father and giving him a good life because he hasn’t got his mother to help him but he’s doing everything he can cause he means so much to him.

I don’t think anyone can deny we can totally see him being a Lupin type extra to the budding Captain Charming Bromance  

Nealfire as Peter Pettigrew 

Now I am not saying he is evil not at all in more ways I see him as school age peter. 

I know it is by far not the same level and this is not a Captain Swan fan bashing Neals actions back in the day I promise, but in a very small way his actions which lead to Emmas arrest  touch on Peter’s secret keeper betrayal that lead to James and Lilys deaths. I must stress I don’t mean this one too strongly at all. Neal with never be that kind of evil he has Henry to ground him I don’t think even with Rumples ‘death’ he will spiral in anyway or has at any point .

Now onto a happier funnier note Neal jealous of Captain Charmings friendship

Look at his face poor thing ‘Wait i don’t understand am I not in the bromance?’ I think it’s adorable really but i do hope in the future he does come out of the Peter spot in this and gets to join them in someway. I’m not personally a massive fan of Neal but don’t hate him, though I am shipping the Captain Charming brotp so much right now idiots. 

so there you go that’s what has happened in my mind today leading to conversations with Carmen and Katie  and as well who aiding in some of the comparison points