joshua + your ex ↴
  • what if joshua saw you talking to your ex?
  • how would he react?
  • honestly thinking
  • I feel like josh wouldn’t freak out
  • he trusts you completely
  • and based from his personality
  • he’s too kind to go off or blow up
  • he’d be uneasy at first
  • but he knows you love him
  • just as much as he loves you
  • so joshua wouldn’t be anal about it
  • here’s how that scenario would go:
  • you’re grocery shopping  w/ josh
  • and you told him to go get the pack of waters
  • since it’s heavy af and he said he’d be back
  • you push the cart down the frozen food section
  • but you were looking at the selections instead of straight ahead
  • your cart bumps into something 
  • you’re alarmed and look at what you hit
  • it was another customer’s cart
  • “y/n?” 
  • you make eye contact wit the person
  • it was your ex
  • mark (of got7)
  • lol I love LA boys sorry
  • “mark! hey!” you come around your cart
  • and he hugs you before letting go shortly after
  • you guys broke off on good terms
  • you both figured that
  • your relationship was WAY better of as ‘just friends’
  • he saw you as a friend than romantically as a woman
  • “how are you doing?” he asked
  • “pretty good, and you?”
  • you both had a conversation
  • catching up
  • that’s when josh came up from behind you with the waters
  • “hey babe! this is mark!” 
  • you tell joshua as he puts the waters in the cart
  • “hey man, how’s it going?”
  • mark and josh do that bro fist hand shake thingy
  • “pretty good” josh rests his hand on your shoulder
  • lowkey claiming you
  • “mark!” a voice calls mark
  • and you all look behind mark
  • it was girl
  • obviously his girlfriend
  • so joshua let his guard down a little
  • it didn’t affect you one bit
  • that mark had a girlfriend
  • you were so happy for him
  • and joshua also made you happy
  • you couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend
  • “we’ll see you guys around!” mark called after you guys left
  • “I’m proud of you” you smile at joshua
  • “they don’t call me seventeen’s gentleman for nothing”
  • he winks and you laugh
  • you love him x.

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requests are always open! (:

anonymous asked:

Joshua trying to ask you to prom?? 😍

LOL okay here goes nothing

joshua asking you to prom!! hehe

  • to make this easier (for me not for joshua lolololol), y’all are going to be friends first alright!!
  • okay so 
  • you’ve known joshua literally since forever, like you were always in the same class but the both of you just… never became friends until the last year of school
  • and the both of you are legit super hilarious and and friends and its all fun and memey and occasionally really annoying (he’s still a dude)  and you’re also friends with his 12 other brodudes
  • and you walk home together really often! like. everyday actually
  • and tbh your friendship’s just really tight and even though it’s not the kind of relationship where you open up all the time, it’s refreshing and relaxing and a break from all the dramatic gossipy friendships you have with other people
  • okay but here’s the thing
  • whenever y’all are walking home together and you burst into laughter joshua’s always slightly mesmerised (is this the right word) by the sight of your laughing, smiling face?? and he DOESN’T KNOW WHY 
  • and the sun’s rays kinda just wash over your face and you literally glow and bask in all this light and you look absolutely radiant 

and that my friends is when Joshua Hong, Hong Jisoo, realises how fucking whipped he is 

  • and then he decides. okay since prom is coming why not just ask them to go together? I’ll get both a prom date and I’ll be able to disguise my confession
  • but at this point he’s also lowkey panicking like “CRAP how am I supposed to ask them to prom that’s going to be so weird like Joshua even though you’re strange and memey and sometimes slightly awkward this is NOT something you will be able to live throUGH OH GOD”
  • and because of this, because of his conflicting, hormonal feelings, he ignores you for a good whole week.
  • way to fucking GO josh
  • and you begin to feel so upset and just sad and droopy and disappointed because he really means alot to you and you thought he wanted to just. stop being your friend and that was why he was ignoring you
  • like you begin to think that he got bored of you, especially since you two just became friends this year and your friendship might not be as important as it is to you to him 
  • and you try to talk to him after class too but he bolts straight out of the door and you can’t get a hold of him and you become even sadder and more disappointed
  • is this disappointment lowkey fueled by sum good ol’ romantic feelings?? :~) maybe
  • he’s actually rushing out of class to meet jeonghan and seungcheol who agreed to give him “advice because you know how experienced we are with these things ;-)”
  • yjh: “hong jisoo, I never thought this day would come” csc: “you’re finally accepting our love advice :”) ”
  • ALOT 
  • and he realises, this entire week while he’s been trying to sort out his feelings
  • he’s missed your smile and your middle of the night memes and your dumb headstrong self and your occasionally messy hair
  • he misses you
  • and he decides, firmly this time, that he’s going to ask you to prom

  • fast forward like 
  • two days from then
  • his heart is literally about to explode he thinks he’s going to die
  • nervous smiles for daAaaaaAaaays
  • he cannot sit still during class and that’s really odd because he’s such a nerd in class and always really focused so you’re super confused as to what’s happening
  • and you think to yourself, “maybe he just got a prom date?” 
  • you like like like like him
  • you groan so much the next few periods it’s unbelievable
  • and then during lunch, you’re seated down in the cafeteria with your heads in your hands because WHY 
  • and he sees you from the other end and almost dies
  • he’s all prepared
  • nothing’s going to Go Wrong
  • he thinks he’s going to combust from nerves alone
  • he wants to murder jeonghan and seungcheol for kinda convincing him to do this, that this was apparently a “good idea”
  • he’s a wreck it’s hilarious
  • he comes to you slowly, and in his hands is a styrofoam box
  • “hey”
  • you hear his voice, and you look up
  • “this is for you :)” he passes you the box and then
  • you open it
  • it’s a fucking burger
  • that’s it it’s just a fucking burger
  • “um… thanks for the burger??///??/???” 
  • you’re confused as fuck why would he ignore you for seven days and then just give you a burger??//?/?/
  • “so…………………?” 
  • joshua looks fucking terrified
  • “so what haha”
  • “is there anything, like, on the burger” 
  • “meat?????/?//”
  • his face just O SHITs and
  • he comes over to look at the burger and 
  • “NO WAIT WHERe’s the the the KETCHUP”
  • if he swore he’d say fuck but since he doesn’t, “OH NO”
  • you are, needless to say, extremely confused
  • “okay look, so I wanted to give you this burger with… with prom written in ketchup but I kinda might have accidentally gave it to Seungcheol instead and he’s probably eating it right now and I am so sorry”
  • amazing
  • you stare at him blankly for like. 5 seconds 
  • and then you burst into laughter
  • because WHO ELSE would have all that ready (a burger promposal no less) JUST to accidentally give it to his bestfriend
  • “joshua why are you such a MEMe”
  • he’s legit so scared at this point because IS THAT A YES OR A NO 
  • “hong jisoo I cannot believe this”
  • “neither can I, to be honest”
  • “but yeah. yes. yes I’ll go to prom with you, because I want to, and not because of your digested by seungcheol promposal”
  • “LEGIT”
  • “YES”
  • “LEGIT”
  • “YES”

okay this was more enjoyable than i thought it was going to be

hope you enjoyed this anon!!! 


anonymous asked:

I don't know but I just wanted you to confirm wether you've received my Boys bonding head canon request? It's been over two weeks since I sent it. If you didn't get it here is the thing I requested, the boys bonding especially Farkle and Josh along with Lucas n Zay. Like Farkle and Josh being in competition with Riley and Maya in terms of their bonds. Like them being best buddies of all times. And if you don't mind can you end it with them being each other's best man?Plz lemme know if u got dis?

omg okay bless you. Although I already wrote out wedding headcannons for each and they weren’t each other’s best man, Josh had Cory bc his friend Andrew was officiating the wedding and Maya had claimed Farkle as ‘her best person’. Auggie was the groomsman that Farkle was paired up with and they put on a show of skipping down the ‘aisle’ and ended up falling in the mud😂 At the riarkle wedding Josh, Lucas and Zay got into a fierce competition over who should be the best man, and while they were distracted Farkle was like ‘Auggie bro you’re one of the only sane people in my life you’re best man’ lmao. He had to give some cheesy speech about friendship and how ‘you’re all winners in my heart’ to appease the other guys😂😂

  • Okay so Josh and Farkle first meet when Farkle is like 8 years old
  • Riley pulled some major puppy dog eyes and got her parents to let Farkle come with her for the month she usually spends with her grandparents in the summer
  • But Amy and Alan only said ‘Riley’s bringing her friend’, so Josh assumed they meant Maya and wakes up the day of their arrival expecting to have four weeks to hang out with his niece and her cute blonde friend
  • But he walks downstairs to the kitchen and he’s like wtf
  • This is a different blond friend
  • Where is the correct blond friend???
  • What is this
  • Is Maya trying to prank him or something??
  • As it turns out, Maya managed to get her ass stuck in summer school so she wasn’t allowed to come
  • So Riley brought her other ‘bestest friend’ and now Josh has to deal with this pipsqueak all month instead of having someone following him around adoringly and giggling at all his bad jokes and telling him how cool he is while simultaneously calling him a dork
  • r u d e
  • So anyway Josh is like “what’s your name?” and the kid is like “Farkle”
  • And there’s a long moment of them holding eye contact before Josh realizes he isn’t lying about his name
  • So Josh is just like “…I’m gonna call you Yahtzee okay”
  • “Um…no?”
  • “Too late.”
  • So Amy’s just like J o s h u a but Riley’s giggling so Josh is calling a win for this one
  • Okay so anyway the month goes on, they go on various ‘little-kids-in-summer’ misadventures
  • Josh usually has a great time because he loves hanging out with Riley and Maya. They’re both really funny and make him feel cool what’s not to love here
  • But Yahtzee doesn’t seem to have much of an opinion on him, and Riley’s too busy being completely enthralled every time the kid throws out a random fact to pay enough attention to Josh
  • And now he doesn’t have Maya with her pigtails and big blue eyes staring at him like he hung the stars to help him deal with his niece apparently ditching him
  • So this summer is just…not good for his ego omfg
  • (You have to take into account that while Josh isn’t an only child, he’s the MIRACLE BABY like of course he’s used to people doting on him omg)
  • So instead of this fun summer he had all planned Josh is being a bit of a mopey little bitch omg why does Riley think this bowl cut kid is cooler than him?????
  • like wtf he could see it if this was actually a cool kid, but it’s July and he’s got??? Only turtlenecks and sweaters on???? And he has a bowl cut and glasses???? And keeps talking about science???? What the fu c k
  • Joshua is adorned in the Cool 6th Grader Look* and he plays guitar and wow Riley remember that time I saved you from an angry dog??? What a way to pay me back,
  • These thoughts are rushing through his head as he sits on the counter with his arms folded, pouting at Riley and Farkle who are at the table, rolling cookie dough and talking about how fireflies glow????
  • 8 year olds are so fucking weird man,
  • Okay so since Josh is truly Cory Matthews little brother, he just simmers in his 10 year old angst and basically ruins the summer for himself. He’ s all just like ‘fIIINE I guess I’ll hang with my REAL friends instead of you losers!!!’ as he angrily scooters off into the sunset and ultimately has to deal with his school friends making fun of him for being upset that 8 year olds don’t wanna hang out with him. A n g s t
  • He’s gonna try to blame Maya for all this but it’s all him lmao there was more then one occasion where Riley was like ‘Grandma why is Uncle Joshie being so weird?????’ and Amy was like ‘He’s just at an age sweetie’ which made no sense to Riley so she’s like ‘Kay then I guess I’ll go read with Farkle at least he knows how to smile???’
  • So anyway the summer trip is over and Josh misses his niece now that she’s gone
  • Goes on with his life
  • Suddenly it’s Christmas time and his brother’s family is gonna be with them for a week and a half and he’s lowkey pumped because Christmas and New Years is the prime time to be an adorable kid and he and Riley tend to unite and get a lot of attention, eat a lot of cookies, and try to see who got the better presents from Santa
  • So they’re there for a few days having fun this is the lyfe
  • But suddenly someone’s knocking on the door and it’s FUCKING YAHTZEE ASKING IF RILEY WANTS TO COME BUILD A SNOWMAN WITH HIM
  • And Josh slams the door in his face lmao
  • But then Riley yells at him so he opens it back up and he’s like ‘how are you possibly here you live in New York’
  • ….oh, right, OF COURSE he has grandparents in the area. Of course.
  • So Josh still gets to hang out with Riley on Christmas and New Years but all the other generic December days she’s there, she and Yahtzee are out and about!
  • Stop stealing my niece!!!
  • So the holidays come and go and Josh is like. You know what??? Fiiiine.
  • I am a BIG BOY and Riley is a LITTLE GIRL and someday she will see the error of her ways and pay the correct amount of attention to me again
  • In the mean time though, he did have one thing he could at least look forward to: The weekends when Cory would bring him up to NYC and the two of them and Riley would get discount tickets for musicals. He loved that tradition. That was sacred to him, his brother and his niece, and it was safe. He’d get to see cool shows and then gush about them and sing all the songs with Riley while Cory drove them to whatever restaurant they were hitting up afterwards, and even after that Cory would buy them all ice cream and take pictures of them and it was quality family bonding and there’s no way Josh would ever feel neglected during it.
  • …May 26th 2010, in which Josh gets in the car ready to go see Billy Elliot with his family, only to find an extra member. A blond bowl cut. Glasses that wouldn’t stay on his face, a blue turtle neck, whispering something into the ear of a giggling Riley
  • Cory affectionately ruffling Yahtzee’s hair, saying he joined Riley’s dance class and wanted to learn about the musicals everyone kept talking about, and ‘you don’t mind do you, Joshie? He is basically part of the family.’
  • But he doesn’t say that so they see the show and it was spectacular but Josh is in #sulk mode the whole time
  • Surely this is a one time thing though, right?
  • It is not a one time thing
  • It is an every time thing
  • H e l p H i m
  • But omg okay Josh does eventually grow out of this angst
  • Just because he gets older and matures and all that
  • Eventually figures out life doesn’t revolve around him like all 6th graders eventually must
  • Eventually accepts that sometimes Riley can find people that aren’t him cool and maybe she can pay equal amounts of attention to them
  • He still barely interacts with the Yahtzee kid tho, not because of any lingering resentment but just because??? What is there to say??? They’re very different people. They have nothing in common.
  • Their longest conversation 5 years of knowing each other was ‘Hey can you stop calling me Yahtzee? It kinda hurts my feelings’ ‘Oh wow sure sorry dude’.
  • Josh still calls him Yahtzee in his inner monologue lmao
  • Josh was presented with a new nickname of ‘Dr. Turtleneck’ at Family Game Night
  • But the next time he’s back and prepared to use it…what the ever living fuck why is this kid not in a turtleneck
  • They were meeting up for another discount musical trip and Riley just arrives with this guy in a denim hoodie and a beanie and Josh is like ‘wtf where’s your pet genius’ and Riley’s just like??? Farkle is standing next to me do you need a stronger contact prescription????
  • So Josh has a very mini existential crisis because Farkle looks cool now and if Farkle is considered cool than w h a t a m I
  • He gets over that quickly enough though lmao
  • So like they are chill with each other and all but he doesn’t actually become legitimate friends with Farkle until the kid starts dating Riley
  • He was horrified to walk in on that scene on Valentine’s Day. He kept crying even after he learned it was a misunderstanding
  • Like Josh is all for letting Riley grow and experience life and all but n o p e that is his NIECE, SON
  • Josh was planning on talking to Farkle about the relationship, he was lowkey planning on just having a very friendly and casual conversation with him while holding a butcher knife and chopping vegetables in an angry way that didn’t fit with his tone of voice
  • But then Eric almost killed the kid, and accident or not Josh figured he had received the ‘don’t-mess-with-Riley’ message
  • And now that Josh was a struggling college student who was always at Cory’s to steal food or wifi, and Maya had gotten over her obsessed crush on him, Josh started hanging out with Riley’s friends every now and then
  • He and Farkle initially started bonding over a shared love for horror films and then eventually found other things they had in common. There wasn’t like, that much to go on, but they did end up forming an actual, strong friendship.
  • They’d get into in-depth discussions and analysis’ about movies, try to convince each other to listen to cool new bands, hang at parties the gang snuck into
  • Maya c o n s t a n t l y making jokes about Josh taking Farkle as his ‘apprentice in hipster trash’
  • Josh managed to refrain from murdering Farkle after Riley got pregnant that was a miracle
  • Josh was named godfather of Penny and although he was still pissed his niece got pregnant so young in the first place he was SO PSYCHED TO BE A GODFATHER
  • Buys Penny so many presents
  • When he’s ‘on tour’ with his band, if he’s ever in Riley and Farkle’s general area he will all but kidnap this baby
  • Farkle f l i p s when Josh and Maya start dating
  • Every time Riley and Maya run off to do something, Farkle always cracks a joke like ‘I think my girlfriend is cheating on me with your girlfriend’
  • They are HIGHKEY those guys who will be at a party or a hang out or whatever who are like ‘well the girls seem to be preoccupied time for us to hold bottles of beer and stand next to each other in compatible silence’
  • They don’t really form an actual #bromance until after Farkle’s bachelor party
  • Because the day after that (which is the day before the wedding), after Cory and Topanga fucking m u r d e r e d them for sneaking Auggie into a bunch of clubs and getting him drunk, they were still massively hungover and just moping about and laying on the Matthews’ couch looking through all the pictures they posted last night
  • And they’re finding themselves in these increasingly provocative situations the girls put them and they’re just like…how do we possibly come back from this
  • ‘There’s nothing to come back from. this is nothing.’
  • ‘There’s a picture of you pretending to give me a blow job in the middle of Times Square.’
  • ‘I was pretending??? Thank GOD I couldn’t remember clearly enough!!’
  • ‘I vaguely remember at some point we performed an over the top sexy tango for a crowd of grown adults dressed like Catholic school girls…?’
  • ‘The only crowd that deserved to see us tango like that tbh’
  • ‘I…Josh I think I’m wearing your underwear right now’
  • ‘Yeah, we didn’t pull that one off as smoothly as the girls did…’
  • It’s at this moment Zay texts Farkle asking him if the weddings off bc he discovered his true feelings for Josh,
  • And Farkle is just like Z a y bye
  • ‘Or are you gonna go through with it only to have Josh interrupt right at the very end and profess his love for you in front of the whole crowd??? I’d pay money for that.’
  • And after that it sorta becomes a running joke in the friend group
  • Every time Maya and Riley do something…literally ANYTHING together
  • People are just like ‘can they be TOPPED’ and will annoy Farkle and Josh until they try their hardest to out-gay their own wives omg
  • At some point they give up being uncomfortable with it it just becomes a weird second nature for them lmao
  • They live for the fact Farkle’s daughter’s Cassie and Cleo hate Josh’s son Sebastian.
  • They have a youtube channel detailing the twins pranks on the poor boy omg
  • Josh uses #celebritypower to endorse Farkle whenever he’s got a political campaign
  • Every time they post selfies they caption it ‘just bros being hoes’ lmao Maya coined that
  • But yeah they’re chill and they’re friends and they’re idiots it’s a fun combination lmao

This post is for Buns @peetasbunmyoven whose birthday is today. I hope you have a fantastic day. Here is a post of your favorite man. Enjoy!

“My Hands are Clean” Josh

“This is Jen” Josh

Sexy, Sweaty Josh

Rock On Josh (tongue porn)

Hunky josh

Josh can handle his liquor

“I Want You in My Bed Tonight” Josh

Baywatch Josh

“Look, it’s See Through!” Josh

Psychedelic Josh

“I’m So Good I Don’t Even Need to Look” Josh

DJ Josh

Puppy Josh

Baseball Pro Josh

Sub Josh

And last but not least…

New O-Face Josh

Gifs not mine

I feel like Chris is the type of person to spend a lot of time in character creation screens to try and get the best possible character, and then he goes to show Josh

and Josh has the most nightmare-inducing looking character with the dumbest name like “Captain Fuckface” or “Lieutenant Fuckyou”

Chatfic: Sammy Kane and the Joshes Who Are About To Become Hawks Season Ticket Holders

(Not my pic! See link in post for source and MORE PICTURES OF THE BEST BB in a TURTLE COSTUME.)


me: i have edited turtlefic for posting
i developed diabetes
ninjaboots: ahahahaaaa
you want the entire internet to think we’re insane, don’t you
me: the sad thing is, this is like, a medium
on our insanity scale
ninjaboots: yes, well
me: they lack the proper perspective.
ninjaboots: the internet doesn’t need to know that
me: which they will never have.
thinking of posting this as the intro.
so they know to appreciate that we shield them.
this is actually us shielding them
believe it or not.
ninjaboots: from our broken selves, or from sam kane’s lethal cute factor
you decide which
me: i’m gonna go with unholy combo
ninjaboots: fair.

(Also, it goes without saying that these chatfics like - aren’t meant to be a) logical b) in line with actual child development stages and c) anything but cuuuuute awful domestic action ft. hockey players right? YOU KNOW THIS, GO FORTH.)

let me just
right the fuck out of that
ninjaboots: oh my GOD
baby SAM
svmadelyn: they would have to watch him so closely
that is such a kidnappable baby
ninjaboots: and he is such a friendly baby, too
he wants to talk to people.
svmadelyn: hello
he’s a turtle
wanted to be a dog
but it got losted in the mail.
yes, it is a betrayal.

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This post is for Sammy whose birthday is today. Happy 30th! The best is yet to come! Here is a post of our precious cinnamon roll we love so much. :)

Klutz Josh

“He’s Got Moves” Josh

Thirsty Josh

Monkey Face Josh (and Ryan Seacrest)

Giving Josh

Josh’s Got Moves

Baseball Pro Josh

Josh: Fan of Sports Bras

“Josh’s Weiners”

Swagger Josh

Josh, as Teddy

O-Face Josh

Sub Josh

Drumroll Josh

Josh Sandwich

“Coach, Put Me in the Game” Josh (arm and booty porn)

Hutcherwife Josh

This makes him even sexier

Shirtless Josh

Humanitarian Josh

And last but not least…

Your favorite

Gifs are not mine

This post is for the lovely Kristin @showeringwithhutcherson whose birthday is today. I have you have a day as wonderful as you are. Love you! Here is a post of the man we love so much. <3

Starbucks Josh

Beard Stroker Josh

High Five Josh

Home Run Josh

Daddy Feels Josh (!!!!)

Derp Josh

Football Player Josh

Grounded Josh

Dedicated Josh

Adorbs Josh

“Are You Afraid of the Dark?” Josh

Slightly Uncomfortable Josh

Tongue Porn Josh

Baseball Pro Josh

Swagger Josh

Sexy Josh

Disappointed Josh

Smartass Josh

“Put Me in Coach” Josh (arm and butt porn)

Handsome Josh (squad goals)

“I’m Going to Kill the Fandom One Picture at a Time” Josh

“Oldie, but Still a Goodie” Josh

Rocker Josh

“One of Your Favorite” Josh

And last but not least…

New O-Face Josh (hehehe)

Gifs not mine

anonymous asked:

Whether it's that cocky grin or crooked smile, there's no denying that Josh's smile makes the world seem brighter. What's your favorite Josh smile pic? 😘 Your-friendly-neighborhood-JHutch-loving-anon!

oh jeez Josh anon. This idiot’s happiness makes me happy, so there are a lot. Like angel Peeta Josh smiling. 

inversely the devilish grin works for him too

and lets be real, everybody loves when the world fades away and you can see this look in his eyes

bonus Jonus: Squinty fedorable Josh

So far in the Live action panel, they replayed the 11 Little Roosters Trailer, a new episode of Social Disorder and 

and a teaser for a new short starring Barbara & Josh

And an extended look at the Million Dollars But… episode with Kerry, for RTX

So far the panel that showed off the most things is possibly the Live action panel, it also included a little more news on Day 5 (deciding whether or not to put full development into it or make it into something more.) And they are making a third season of Immersion!!!!


Year in Review: Markiplier

Heres just some of the things that made 2015 an amzing year.

And lets start stong with a good old fan game, Tiny Box Tim: Origins . We all learn valuble lessons like dont get naked in a room full of weponry or you will become your own buttstabber

Now lets get dark with a game Mark played at about the same time,  Presentable Liberty . This is a very important game that mark has played because it made him question things and ask “why?” Also Charlotte. 

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Now to another game i love that made Mark question and me cry because of how emotional Mark got, One Chance . It made him think about what he would do, the fact that he would do anything for his family and now im all sad again….

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Now for my favorite fan games ever  With the Addition of Markiplier (part1 part2)  With the Addition of Markiplier: Asses and Angels (part1 part2) and  With the Addition of Markiplier: Dance With Caution (part1 part2 part3). Radical Soda is amazing!

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Town of Salem is one of my favortie game that me and my homies play, and Mark Jack Bob and Wades videos got me into the game. 

Now lets talk about FNAF….  3 happened

and we thought i was over….. then

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Fnaf 4 was not expected but it was better unlike some of the titles. And this was Mark

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Then the FNAFBs games with drunk Mark

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something we will never see again


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People hate it and people love it

But something everyone loves is

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Mark with out a shirt on and being sexy.

All the emotions of Dream.exe

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The return of spore and MMMMMM LIVES AGAIN!

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Now dont forget the Whisper Challenge

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“Dont jizz on my puppies please”

Then there was Until dawn and my baby Josh

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and Marks hair being all pink

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then a lighter pink

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and now blue

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Just so many more things in the past 2 months i cant even start, but heres a few random moments

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and my favorite

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And after hitting 6 million, 7million, 8 million, 9 milion, 10 million and now 11 million, Mark is still the amazing person who has help change my life for good.

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cant wait to see how much we have all changed next year

This post is for Ash deepinthemeadow whose birthday is today. I hope you have a wonderful day! Here is some adorable, yummy, and sexy Josh for you. :)

Favorite snack Josh

Air Guitar Josh

Derp Josh

“I can speak Spanish” Josh

Swagger Josh

“Surprise!” Josh

Whipped Josh

80′s Josh

“I don’t know why but this is sexy” Josh

“Put up your dukes” Josh

Kissy Josh

Totes Adorbs Josh

Raise the Roof Josh

Tongue Porn Josh

Hutcheridiot Josh

And last but not least…

Shirtless Josh

gifs not mine