This is a painting of the song “the judge” by twenty one pilots.
I have synesthesia, a condition where a person sees a song visually when they hear it. This is what I see when I hear the judge.
This painting is 8x10 inches on canvas board. I can equip it with a hook to mount it.
I would like to sell it for $18 (free shipping anywhere)
Is anyone interested?

If you cannot afford it or wouldn’t like it, would you mind sharing so I can find a buyer? Thank you very much!

SPLATATATATATATATA- Introducing the SquidKid!

I’ll be doing a super-limited run of 25 of these, each with a totally unique paintjob, numbered inside the battery cover, and will come inside super-awesome packaging along with some extra goodies as well (shhh… it’s a surprise!).

I’ll have pre-order information posted up on my Tumblr within the next week or so, so be sure to follow me and keep an eye out, but until then, THESE TWO INDIVIDUAL SQUIDKIDS ARE FOR SALE!

I am selling these first two AT COST+SHIPPING in order to make some quick cash to get the final packaging and other stuff put together so I can have the final product photographed and get a proper pre-order page up. The final run will not be this cheap, so act fast!

They have custom unique paintjobs, new blue screen covers, internal prosound and orange backlights. (And lemme tell ya’, these feel really nice to hold. Asphalt texture with paint splatters. It’s great.)

EDIT: THESE HAVE BEEN SOLD! I’ll be posting pre-order information for the next set of SquidKids within the coming week.

Send me an ask or email me at if interested.

ANNOUNCEMENT! | Original Typewriter Print Sale

After being asked numerous times, I’m super excited to announce that for a limited time I will be selling and sending freshly printed poems directly from my typewriter to you.

Printed on the back of 90 x 140 mm cards, the original types will be created by myself on the same traditional typewriter I use to write my poems now. They will also come with a thank you note and an envelope of the same size, in case you want to write on the back of the cards and send them on or just keep them protected. And, seeing as how every result from a typewriter is slightly different, no two prints will be identical.

At present, I will only be selling these until 29th Feb so if you’re after one, make sure you don’t miss out!

For all of the details, prices and how to purchase, go HERE.

This is a really exciting opportunity for me to finally give my followers something physical and I hope you enjoy. Your support is much appreciated!


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