The behind-the-back pass is quickly becoming Josh McRoberts’ go-to pass regardless of situation, but when the ball travels nearly thirty feet to Chris Douglas-Roberts for an open three, the defense should be ashamed. Can the Cavaliers even feel shame at this point? Tristan Thompson’s light jog as he tries to figure out who to guard suggests that no, they cannot.

THE DEAL IS DONE: In conclusion the Lakers will receive Dwight Howard, Chris Duhon, and Earl Clark. They have given up Andrew Bynum (to the 76ers), Josh McRoberts (to the Orlando Magic), Christian Eyenga (to the Orlando Magic) and a lottery protected 2017 1st round pick (also to the Orlando Magic).

I imagine Mitch Kupchak has Ice Cube’s Today Was a Good Day on loop in his office right now. For that matter all Lakers fans should have the song on loop today in celebration.