Keep You With Me In My Heart

Pairing: Josh Ornelas/Reader (could also be Josh Flanagan if you want, I don’t think I ever specified last names, this was just a gift for someone who is Josh O trash)
Warnings: minor swears, smooches
W/C: 1136
Notes: This is part of @jollyheyman‘s Christmas present because I am trash and don’t write any of the 50 or so prompts I have started. Sorry? Also, this idea just kinda…happened on the drive home from work today so idk where it came from really. Also also, title from the song Lucky by Jason Mraz because…well you get it. 

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anonymous asked:

trans boys jack barakat and josh from ymas who don't even realise the other is trans for ages and then one day jack mentions sthng abt it and josh is like yo yr trans too???? and they start talking abt gender shit for ages while their bandmates smile

loooooove i love this !!! it’s wonderful yes jack & josh both having come out to their bands (who are really supportive) pretty early, but they were still missing someone who would really understand them & then this happens & they’re really happy to have found someone to share this with