• Cancer
  • Twenty One Pilots (Orig. by My Chemical Romance)

Twenty One Pilots | Cancer

The hardest part of this is leaving you.

Things My Mom Does:

My favorite thing is when my mom talks about bands and youtubers I like.

My mom: You really like Panic! At The Rodeo. Maybe you should get tickets.

My mom: Why are you so obsessed with those one dudes? Sam and Phil?

My mom: Hey this is a catchy tune who’s this by Twenty One Pirates?

My mom: That YouTube guy is really funny what’s his name? Markus Plyer? Or is that JackPesticide?

My mom: What’s that one show you like? That British one? Surgeon What? Or is it Doctor?

And honestly I love my mom so much because she never really listens when I say the titles so she makes up her own titles based off the half she does know.

the signs as bands

aries: twenty one pilots
taurus: pierce the veil
gemini: panic! at the disco
cancer: 5 seconds of summer
leo: all time low
virgo: tonight alive
libra: black veil brides
scorpio: fall out boy
sagittarius: my chemical romace
capricorn: the 1975
green day
sleeping with sirens

this. happened.
Honestly, a few years ago I didn’t think I could continue on anymore. But then a two-man band popped up on my tumblr page in 2011 and I’ve been a fan ever since.
Yesterday. February 15, 2017. 15/2/17. Anaheim, CA. I’m front fucking row for twenty one pilots. One of the last things Tyler told the arena, before performing Trees, was something that made me break down. “We can’t perform any longer, as the night is coming to an end. But this is tonight. Do not let tomorrow beat you.”
I’m never going to forget what I’ve experienced. Tyler Joseph and Joshua William Dunn have changed my life in the most extraordinary of ways. “Fight it. Take the pain, ignite it.” I’m always going to be a TØP fan. I’m always going to stand behind Josh and Tyler. I’m always going to be sort of the clique. I’m always going to love guessing which color Josh will dye his hair and being excited to see Tyler grow out his hair and shave it off again. We’re a family, through everything. We’re the clique and we fucking love Twenty One Pilots. |-/ ⚡️ig: alexiatheduffer ⚡️ PLEASE DONT REMOVE GHE CAPTION