Twenty One Pilots (Orig. by My Chemical Romance)

Twenty One Pilots | Cancer

The hardest part of this is leaving you.

Things My Mom Does:

My favorite thing is when my mom talks about bands and youtubers I like.

My mom: You really like Panic! At The Rodeo. Maybe you should get tickets.

My mom: Why are you so obsessed with those one dudes? Sam and Phil?

My mom: Hey this is a catchy tune who’s this by Twenty One Pirates?

My mom: That YouTube guy is really funny what’s his name? Markus Plyer? Or is that JackPesticide?

My mom: What’s that one show you like? That British one? Surgeon What? Or is it Doctor?

And honestly I love my mom so much because she never really listens when I say the titles so she makes up her own titles based off the half she does know.

So, as most of my following and the blogs I follow are mostly Little Mix related, I want to follow more blogs about different things… especially queer things…  so yeah, please help a bi girl out and like/reblog if you want me to follow you (you don’t have to follow me back necessarily ofc) and if you post/reblog about:

TV shows:

- Wynonna Earp
- Carmilla
- Orphan Black
- The Fosters
- Supergirl
- Brooklyn Nine-Nine
- One Day At A Time


- twenty one pilots
- Little Mix (ofc)
- Panic! At The Disco
- or just some of the old school stuff, just any music in general

Or just some other things involving music (piano, guitar, etc) or whatever floats your boat, could be some interesting stuff about sciene, history, social scienes WHATEVER,  I’ll be checking out your blogs ofc!

So, let’s see if this gets more than just 3 people reacting to it this time!

In a world full of lies you’re my only truth
—  Headcase, One Year Stand (Me cause I love my fkin lyrics at times haha)