JJ Hamblett, Josh Cuthbertt, Jaymi Hensley

alright so this first request is for Ailbie Keane’s (george shelley) three best friends. Which we will call [b]Jaymi, JJ[/b] and [b]Josh[/b] for the moment. I don’t have many requirements for these three as far as personality and membergroups go as long as they are in college. I just ask that you do make them between 18 and 19 and freshman. I would really love for them to be Ailbie’s roommates as well, or at least one of them. This would mean they are in the honors program as well, as Ailbie is in honors housing. The face claims are [b]JJ Hamblett, Josh Cuthburt and Jaymi Hensley[/b] which is non-negotiable. The only other thing I really ask is that you make sure their personality is sorta cohesive with Ailbie’s as he can be a little hard to get along with, but a little drama never hurt anyone, right??

Kylie Jenner

request number two is for Bailey Hanover’s (kendall jenner) cousin. The face I have for the request is [b]Kylie Jenner[/b] but I would consider someone else IF you ran them by me first. Basically I want Bailey and [b]Kylie[/b] to be close. My thought was that maybe they lost touch a little when Bailey moved to the states from England and they started to get older and now they have found their way back to each other. The details aren’t super important for the moment and I’m more than open to suggestions plot wise. For age I ask you keep her between 18 and 20. The member group and personality is completely up to you!

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