The Terrible Fight

Hey Cuthbertians,

Have you ever had that horrible fight with a significant other? You know you love them and you need them, but somehow they annoy you sometimes because of the little things they do to…annoy you actually. 

George was cooking, like he tends to do, when I got a ring on my phone. It was from a number I nicknamed “Best Bros”. I went out to answer it and George began screaming to his lungs, it was actually our Manager reminding us that we have an actually tour to do so don’t enjoy the holiday too much.

I ran up the steps equally afraid and delighted of the obvious jealousy that was apparent in his voice. The Delight met me up to the kitchen my face still smirking.


I met him, however, in the kitchen to a serious grin, anyone who is in a relationship knows how that looks.


He asked me,

“Who were you talking to?”

I looked at him and told him I was talking to this guy.

He was like 

“This guy, who is ‘This guy’?”

He got really angry and I told him the truth and obviously he didn’t believe, it was our manager

He replied angrily at me

“Who was it, do you want to fight?”


I sat in the living room waiting for him to cool off as his monkey suit made it hard for me to take him seriously, at least in that state.

He said he would hit me if I didn’t tell him who it was. Surely George would not hit me and ruin my face, and gorgeous boy band quiff. Surely enough he hit me and I looked at him and told him if he did it again he would have to deal with this.

Luckily enough the manager called and exposed that I was actually talking to him and also I could not phantom hitting Georgey.


Love Josh