Okay so obviously I’m not the best at convincing people to do things, but hi friends. If you wouldn’t mind reblogging and clicking this link for me, I’d really really really appreciate it! Each click brings me closer to the chance to win a phone call with Union J and I’m sure it’s pretty obvious how much I adore these boys so it would mean the world! The person in 1st place has over a thousand clicks, I’m really not even close but I figured I’d try. The competition closes in 1 day and 21 hours, not that I’m counting or anything. So sharing this link and clicking on it would really help me out, plus it spreads the word about the boys’ acoustic version of Central Park which is beautiful and everybody needs it in their life. 


Birmingham Pride 2015 | Union J love their Brummie fans!


You Got It All - The Album lyrics + flowers