“Till then, we’ll always have you giving Josh Hutcherson CPR in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” In fact, you had a real bromance there for a while, and you even said during an interview, “My mouth touching his was a beautiful moment.” When can we expect you to rekindle that fire?

You know, Josh is honestly one of my favorite people in the world. In all honesty, every time I go to Los Angeles - and I’ve only been there once since we finished “Hunger Games,” if you can believe it - I always hope that I can actually hang with him, and I’m sure if he’s in London he knows he could give me a call. But yeah, hopefully something can be rekindled - that’s the hope. He’s one of my favorites.” -




Goku - Tom Welling

Vegeta - Hugh Jackman

Teen Gohan - Josh Hutcherson

Trunks - Michael Pitt

Bulma - Carey Mulligan

Chi Chi / Milk - Zhang Ziyi

Krillin - Martin Freeman

Piccolo - Benedict Cumberbatch

A18 - Margot Robbie

Freezer - Leonardo DiCaprio

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