I really love how Tyler and Josh joke around about kicking each other out of the band because one day when they do stop making music we’ll just be like “lol ok nice joke guys let’s get this band back together hahaha for real though it’s been 7 years since your last album hahaha when are you guys gonna quit joking hahaha”



About Tyler’s tweets:

It is highly disappointing that Tyler has deleted his tweets and slightly worrying because we don’t know why. Maybe it will end up being Blurryface, maybe not.
However, the clique are all together in this. Everyone has lost something valuable in those words whether it be simple humour, or something deeper. People will get upset because there were extremely inspirational words in there which may have changed their lives over the years, just as lyrics do.
Don’t judge them for being upset.
Be there for them. The clique is fragile right now and we need nothing more than to stick together and build a foundation to stand on; for us and for the boys.
Stay loving.