josh wigler
The 'Hannibal' Team Wants To Bring The Cancelled Cannibal To A Theater Near You
The show must go on... even if it's no longer a show.

““The way the finale of this season sets [things] up, we could do [a movie] quickly or we could wait a couple of year,” Fuller told MTV News during an interview at San Diego Comic-Con. “It’s kind of a great opportunity to leave the series on NBC, and if the door is still open for a feature, then let’s jump on that train.”

Fuller even has an idea for the film’s story, which would have firm roots in the Thomas Harris source material “Hannibal” stems from.

“There’s actually a section in one of the novels that was the basis for the arc of season four,” he said. “That could be condensed into a shorter story and still be as powerful as a season. It’s something that fans of the novels have clamored for, this story bit, and it hasn’t been done in any of the adaptations.”

(Josh Wigler)