josh tickell

Documentary Review | Fuel


Rating: 7/10

Creator: Josh Tickell

Elevator Pitch: Change your fuel, change your world.

Overview: After growing up in the wide open spaces of Australia, Tickell moves to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and finds a much different life. The water is polluted, the air is polluted, and people are getting sick due to the vast oil production in the area. Angered by what he finds, Tickell makes it his life mission to find a way around our lethal consumption of oil. Fuel documents his search to find untraditional fuel sources and explains the huge environmental and economic advantages we could reap by using them. 

Thoughts: Extremely interesting. It wasn’t just fluff and opinions like I expected. It had a lot of solid research presented reasonably with an unbiased viewpoint. I have never been all that interested in alternative energy sources, but after watching Fuel it just makes so much sense. I will be doing more research on biodiesel, solar, and wind energy as a result. 

Only down side to this documentary is that it’s extremely redundant. It was an 1'52" long and could have been about 30 minutes shorter and had the same impact. 

Reviewed by: Jeremy Carter