josh stephens tattoos

It’s 2030. Fall out boy have now renamed themselves fall out man and actually turned into one giant meme. Just Brendon’s head is left and when Ryan was asked to be interviewed, he zoomed off into space. My chemical romance have broken up after thirteen years of a reunion era. Tyler has permanently kicked Josh out of the band and in retaliation Josh added Oakley to his Tyler tattoo. Pop punk is retro and the new trend is 2005 Pete wentz eyeliner. Sherlock is on its sixth season and in celebration of doctor who’s 100th season, Moffat told fans that there would be a wholock crossover, releasing posters and trailers but really was just trolling everyone. SPN mysteriously disappeared from existence and all we can say is that it is of supernatural causes. Tumblr has been taken over by Pepe and every blogger must wear frog masks and chant hail Pepe when they go outside. Everyone talks in emoji.

A T-shirt design for a much loved band Title Fight done by josh stephens tattoos.

The design follows traditional style tattoos and the arrow head triangle looks pretty awesome. The drawing will be made into a long sleeve for Title Fight’s next tour. Tattoo culture for me plays a minor part in my life currently, but the more I build up a knowledge of artists the broader my horizons become. I hope tattoo culture can become apparent in some of my work as I feel the different styles and techniques would be interesting for certain design pieces.