josh stahp

“Maya has liked Lucas from the beginning! Maya only has eyes for Lucas!!!!”

Um… Excuse you?

Have you all just happened to have forgotten about Uncle Boing? About Maya’s huge ass crush on Josh Matthews?

What about this? Have you forgotten about how Josh has constantly reminded Maya that she’s too young for him, yet she’s showed many times that she doesn’t care. That she’s “in it for the long game” with Josh.

Or what about this?

That is not the look of someone pretending to like someone else because the boy she ‘loves’ is ‘in love’ with her best friend. This is the look of someone who is happy to be next to her crush, to be ecstatic to have been told that he was just rejected by someone for the very reason he’s been rejecting her. This is the look of someone who is happy that her crush is still available, even if he doesn’t want her right now. 

Let’s not forget this…

When has Lucas ever called Maya gorgeous? He’s told her she’s looked good, yeah, and he calls her the Blonde Beauty but never to her face. Josh isn’t scared to say that she’s gorgeous, because she is and he knows that even if their relationship is impossible right now, it doesn’t mean that it wont be in a few years. Hell, he may even be getting over that already.

Josh is a distraction from Lucas!!!!”

Wait, WHAT?


Is a…


Yeah, sure.

Maya has had a crush on Josh way before season one even started. Maya has been obsession over Josh ever since she was old enough to have those kind of feelings, probably.

If anyone is the distraction it’s Lucas, because there’s no way that Maya faked those feelings all this time.

Maya Hart is infatuated with Josh Matthews and currently likes Lucas Friar. I ship them both, but don’t you ever tell me that Maya was faking her feelings for Josh or was using him as a distraction from Lucas. Don’t you ever tell me that her feelings weren’t real, because they’ve been going on longer than her crush on Lucas Friar. Don’t ever disregard someone’s feelings for a person just because you want them with someone else.