josh runs into oprah

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drake and josh au but with drake = phicht / josh = yuuri / megan = yurio/ and oprah = victor and yuuri accidentally runs over victor like in that one episode when josh ran over oprah and yuuri is horrified and he and phichit go to the hospital to apologize to victor and instead of signing a restraining order (like in the episode) victor is STUNNED when he sees yuuri and tells yuuri instead of a restraining order he can make it up to him by going on a date with him



“You just ran over Victor Nikiforov.”

Yuuri had been aware of that fact. He had been aware of that fact because there is currently silver hair spilling over their windshield wipers and a, well, memorable body in tight jeans splayed across the glass. This is why he is currently frozen in place, hoping that if he stares long enough, Victor will disappear.

They’d just wanted to watch a skating event. Evidently, whatever deity is currently laughing at them hadn’t wanted to grant that simple wish.

Phichit gets out of the car first, leaving Yuuri stranded and shocked in the driver’s seat. His friend goes to Victor, starts examining him closely, and people begin approaching, phones in hand as they dial emergency numbers.

He’d just run over Victor Nikiforov.


(Not how he’d wanted to introduce himself.)


He’s shoved into the room with Victor in it. Phichit insists it’s only right that he apologizes, and he also has to go out on a date with his newest catch, a man named Seung-gil Lee. Therefore, he wishes Yuuri good luck and then darts down the hallway, heading towards Lilia’s movie theater.

Victor is gorgeous. Without a doubt. Instead of the hospital bed making him appear frail and fragile, he seems to make the hospital bed look like a throne. His silver hair falls over his eyes and he turns his head, blue eyes fixating on Yuuri’s own. Yuuri swallows thickly and blinks at him, unsure of what to say. Suddenly, the neck on his shirt is too tight.

“Hello,” Victor says, and his Russian accent wraps perfectly around the greeting.

“Hi. I hit you with my car.”

May as well get straight to the point.

Victor blinks. “Oh.”

There’s a pause.

“Sorry,” Yuuri adds. “Sorry. For that. I didn’t mean to.”

He purses his lips. “You could make it up to me.”

In response, Yuuri pales. “I don’t have that much money or–”

“Go to dinner with me.”


Victor shrugs one shoulder. “Dinner. With me. Not here. Hospital food is bad. Maybe tomorrow?”

Without thinking, he breathes, “Yes. Okay. Sure. Dinner tomorrow.”

“I’ll drive,” Victor adds, and winks.