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It comes as no surprise that musicians and writers are of a similar breed. For artists of language mining emotion, penning songs and music…
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new lover // josh ritter


Josh Ritter at Oak Point Park Amphitheater in Plano, Texas during the 21st annual Toyota Texas Music Revolution. (March 25th, 2017)

  • Josh: I'm a - I'm a big fan of marriage. Whoever you are, getting married is a hopeful act. When it didn't work out for me, it was a shock, I felt like a failure. It was the worst moment and [...] I was - I was in Canada. I started writing songs because I didn't know what else to do, you know, and the songs were so mean, and so angry, and so full of, like, rage.. and I found that I had to wait, and as time went on those things changed, and they became - love, and all these other things -
  • Rainn: Well, you found your new wife during that grieving time.
  • Josh: Mmhm.
  • Rainn: And the album transitions from this kind of angry, splintery songs of despair into kind of more hopeful and kind of rediscovering of love kind of like springing from the ashes.
  • Josh: Yeah! Yeah, I feel like that's what art should be is, is this, is a biological change, you know? Our anger is in ourselves, you know, it's like silt in a riverbed that just needs to wash out, and it's going to take time. You have to intend to forgive somebody and let that be enough for the time being.