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The babysitter. styles (daddy smut)

A.n: So, anyone of you interested on Daddy Kink?? Because I’m thinking of writing a Daddy Harry fan fiction soon. Tell me before next week? Please. Thanks.

Btw, sorry if this is another Harry Styles one shot. I just find him sexy.


“Here you go. Twenty dollars as promised.” He hands me my money as I take it from his hand. “Thank you for looking after my kids when my wife and I are out.” He smiles at me and I give him a small nod.

“No problem. I love the kids. They’re like siblings to me.” I giggle as Josh’s head peeks out of the corner. “Bye, Josh. I’ll see you and your brother soon.” He runs up to me, giving me a tight hug around my hips and I kneel down to level with his height.

“We’ll miss you, Y|n.” He snuggles his head in between the valley of my chest as I rub his back.

“I’ll miss you too, baby.” I kiss his forehead and let go of him as I look up to Mr. Styles who’s staring at my chest which is very visible to his view. “Uhmm, you should go back inside and eat dinner. You don’t want Daddy to get mad at you, right?” I stand from my position as Mr. Styles and I make our longest eye contact ever.

For me, his face is so flawless. He is so gorgeous. And fuck, why am I thinking such things when I literally know he has a loving family? But nobody knows what I’m thinking so I’m not wasting it. I can think whatever I want.

I look away from him as I take a glance outside their gate.

He clears his throat and looks at me. “I’ll walk you out.”

“Oh, no, it’s fine. I can do it. I’m a big girl, you know.” I chuckle as I take out my keys from my bag.

“Okay then. Thank you for tonight. I’ll call you tomorrow morning because we’re going out again to file some files for the new house.” He slightly smiles and I nod.

“Okay. Have a good night, Mr. Styles.” I wave at him and walk out the gate.

“Drive safely, Y|n.”

I stand in front of the Styles’ Residence and take a deep inhale before I knock on their door. Once as the door knob slightly turns, I am getting nervous as ever; and to my surprise, the person in front of me has a sympathetic smile on his face.

He wears a plain black t-shirt and sweats. Not a dad-looking look for a thirty-four year old. Fuck, he is old - for me - but hot as fuck.

“Good morning, Mr. Styles. Is Josh and Nathan here?” I smile at him.

“I was about to call you before you got here but it seems that you’re earlier.. Their grandparents took them for a short vacation and they won’t be back until Sunday afternoon, and Lenni is at work which I am left here all alone.” He chuckles a little.

“Oh, I am very sorry for disturbing you. I better get going.” I shift on my heel and he grabs my arm.

“Stay. I insist. Let me offer you a cup of tea or coffee.” He smiles and I nod.

To be honest, I want this moment to be with him. I wanted this man for four months now. He is so sexy and so inhuman because his features are so out of this world. I would fuck him if I have the chance to, but he has a wife and two amazing kids. I know I should stop fantasizing about him, but no one can read my mind.

“Uhmmm..” I feel my cheeks heating up as he raises his eyebrow at me. “Sorry, what?”

“I asked you. What do you want? Tea, coffee, juice, or water?”

“Tea?” I smile a little.

“So, how are you?” He asks as he puts the tea bag unto the cup.

“I’m doing great. College is quite killing me but all grades are A’s.” I smile cheekily as I move closer to him.

“That’s good to hear.” He steps away a little. I know he is uneasy, but I know deep down inside he wants me too. “Sugar or honey?” He looks at me.

“Honey is okay.” I brush my arm against his as I take the cup away from his hand. “Thank you.” I see him glancing at my chest and I move away a little, giving him a little play.

“Fuck.” He mumbles and I look at him.

“Excuse me?” I raise my eyebrow at him, but a small smirk plays on my lips.

I turn my back against him and sip my tea. Minutes later, I feel two hands on the waistband of my shorts and they slowly pull it up.

“Hide that little thong of yours.” He whisper against my ear, brushing his lips so lightly.

This time, I am a little embarrassed and I can literally feel my cheeks heating up. I can still feel eyes on me. I look back at him to find him staring. He looks away as I caught him.

He does play.

I know what I’m getting into. So, I’ll take the blame for this but sorry, Lenni, I’m going to have fun with your man for today.

“Mr. Styles?” I look at him as I walk closer. “What’s that?” I point at his hair.

“Where?” He brushes his hand on his hair.

“No, here.” As I was about to move my hand on his hair, he grabs my arm and stops me. “What?”

“What are you doing?” He asks as the grip on my arm tightens a little.

“Getting this..” I reach out for my other hand and take the piece of string from his hair. “Thing. Out of your hair.” I pull my hand away from him with a little force and look at him with some disbelief. “What do you think I am doing, huh?” I move a little closer.

“I thought you were going to do some moves on me.” He speaks truthfully.

Well, he’s telling the truth.

“Nope.” I pull away.

“I didn’t say you couldn’t.” He mumbles and I clearly heard it.

“What did you say?” I look back at him with a puzzled look but lies a smug grin across my face.

“Fuck you.” He moves closer and pulls me by the waist, leaving no gap between our bodies. “You little naughty girl.”

“Do I have to get punished, Daddy?” I look at him.

“Oh, you’re getting it. Have you been fucked before?” He asks as his grip is getting harder.

I moan a little and nod. “But I bet they’re better than yours.” I challenge him.

“You’re gonna regret saying those words.” He grits his teeth and his jaw tenses.

“I did nothing wrong here.” I hold his shoulders for support and it takes me a second to process that his lips is already on mine. I kiss him back right away.

What is happening right now? Is my fantasy coming to life? What have I done to receive such reward? I pull away as I walk towards island. He slowly walks towards me and lifts me up on top of the island.

“Strip for me, baby girl.” He smirks as he grabs a chair and sits in front of me.

I take no time to waste as everything is in the mood. I move my hands on the waistband of my shorts and pull it down slowly, teasing him in such way I could.

“Hmmm..” I smirk as I turn against him and bend down to remove my shorts, leaving me in my black thong.

“So sexy.” I take my shirt off as I face him and I see him stroking his length. My eyes immediately goes wide. He is big alright. “Fucking like what you see, huh?”

I roll my eyes as I take my bra off. “Fuck you, Daddy. Can you please get me down and show me what a big girl can get?” I smile innocently as I bat my eyelashes at him.

“You think you’re a big girl, huh?” He scoops me down and without warning he pushes two fingers inside me, earning a loud moan from me. “You a big girl?” He roughly pumps his fingers, making me grab his shoulder as I whimper.

“Yes.” I look at him as he pulls away and sucks his fingers, hard.

“Sweet.” He smirks.

As I was about to make another remark, he pushes my body against his. My back against his front as he enters me fully, earning another loud moan and groan from me.

“Mr. Styles!” I tightly grip my hand on his arm, as the other holds the island.

“What did you call me?” He slams hard, at the same time spanking my behind harder.

I squeal from the pain and pleasure. “Daddy!”

“You like it when I fuck you hard? And better than the others who fucked you before? What a slut you are to Daddy.” He spanks me again.

“Argh!” I moan once again as I come undone all over him.

He pulls out of me and comes all over the floor.

“Fuck, you’re a virgin?” His voice soothes a little and I look at him.

He has this stern yet soft look on his face.

“Y-yes.” I look down as I try to get my clothes.

He stops me, grabs me by the arm, and pulls me to his chest, wrapping his arms around my waist. I grab the opportunity to hug him and inhale his scent.

“Why didn’t you tell me? I should’ve been more careful and gentle.” He sighs.

“How did you know?” I look at him. “You didn’t regret it?”

“You bled all around me and the truth, I awaited for this moment.. but not like this.” He tucks a strand of hair to my ear and I nod. “Did you regret?”

“I have waited for this moment too.” I smile shyly.

“You know this is wrong, right? Very, very wrong.” He looks at me as he pulls away.

“I know. We can keep it as a secret.” I move closer but he shakes his head.

“I have a wife and two great boys. I can’t do this to them. I think you’ve done you’re job. I’m so sorry, Y|n, but we can’t do this anymore. We can’t keep seeing each other. I’m sorry, I’ve ruined you.” He looks at me as I try to keep my temper down.

“But..” I try to speak up but he stops me.

“You know we can’t! You’re a minor for fuck’s sake and I have a family who loves me and I just cheated on my wife with my kids’ babysitter! You should go. I’m sorry.” He gives me my clothes.

“All I wanted for you to say is that everything will be alright.” I soften a little.

My heart is raising and I am scared right now.

“But it won’t! I can’t believe I even asked you for a strip show and you gave me one. That was just fucked up and wrong. Please, I don’t want anything to mess up. After this, change your clothes and go home. I am so sorry.”

This time tears stream down my face. We just had sex and now, he wants me to go home. He is such an asshole! This is not like one of those fan fictions I’ve read.

“I know you wanted this. You said it yourself and now you’re letting me go? Fine, then. Well, thank you for the experience, Mr. Styles. You shouldn’t have let me stayed because I know you knew what I wanted from you a long time ago. I know I wasn’t that oblivious.” I wipe the tears on my face as I look at him.

I walk towards the bathroom and change my clothes. As I got out, he is on the couch with his elbows on his knees. He is fully dressed. I didn’t give him a last look as I walk out the door.

“I’m sorry. I can’t control myself.” He whispers.

“Sorry can’t change everything that had happened. If you knew you’d do this to me, you shouldn’t have asked for the things you’d let me do because you knew I’d do it for you. I’m sorry if I sound like a creepy, obsessed, crazy, stupid, young girl who drools over you but.. Just goodbye, Mr. Styles.”


A.n: Sorry the ending sucks. Btw, about the fan fiction.. Are you in it? Comment your thoughts. Talk to me! Let’s be friends.

- Eia x

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“Anonymous“ (Pt. 2)

Tyler Joseph Fanfiction

Part 1

Summery: Tyler finally decides to go after his possible ‘soulmate‘, will that end well?

Warnings: none

Words: 1,219

(A/N): First of all, thank you guys for the positive feedback, I hope you all are happy with how this turned out. I’m sorry if this sucks, I tried my best. Second, I am planning on writing a final chapter so lmk if you want an ending to this x

‘‘Dude, what‘re you doing?“Josh asks curiously, peeking on Tyler‘s phone

The brown haired boy hesitates but reluctantly lets the drummer catch glimpse of his screen. “S-she posted another poesy“ he answers stumbling over his own words.

                     “They say the ocean’s blue, but it’s black right now
                       In the dark, on the sand, looking out at my crowd
                      Depression and drowning singing now the full parts
              Of lightning reveals where the ocean stops and the sky starts“

He reads out to his friend, who‘s clearly taken back by the girl‘s poetry capability. “That‘s incredible. She‘s been having lots of thoughts in that extraordinary mind of hers lately, hans‘t she?“ Tyler nods slowly, claiming it‘s the third time this week and rummages through the pocket of his jeans for the crumbled piece of paper, on which he noted down the other two poems she‘s posted, to show them to Josh.

Keep reading


Sneak peek at 2.08 “who is josh’s soup fairy?”

Marcus had taken long enough to get Wrench to let him out. The male was being just a tad  over protective but given what had happened? He could let it slide. On his walk just to his car he slowly began to understand it more. Prime_Eight had fucked him up good and now Vivienne and from the looks of Josh’s last message? He wasn’t saved from them either.

It was a short drive to the hackerspace and once there he took a moment before he got out of the car. Every bit of him wanted to be out doing more but considering how much it took just to get here? He was useless. But the least he could do was help Josh. Heading inside and entering the code he rolled his shoulders testing how they and his ribs felt. The answer was not good.

Moving inside he started down the steps listening out to see who all was there. “Yo Josh you alive?” Peeking past the concrete he took in the sight of the other male slaving away from what looked like a sea of cans. “Holy shit dude you are going to kill your system like that. Our shut down time isn’t that bad.”

Titanic Josh Dun

“Ok you go grab Titanic, I’ll grab the blanket.” You turned around and ran upstairs to your shared bedroom, the blanket was still messily spread around your bed. Celine’s voice filled the house as you came down the stairs, pillows and a blanket in tow. Josh was already curled up into the corner of the couch, waiting for you to come back and keep him warm. You pulled the blanket around your shoulders and cuddled into his chest, the blanket was rested over both of you as Josh wrapped his arms around you.

“If I cry, you can’t tell anyone.” Josh’s chest shook a little as he laughed and wrapped you up tighter.

The movie went along, your hands playing with his hand under the blanket, while his other hand played with your hair. Just as Rose was taking off her robe you reached up to cover up your boyfriends eyes.

“You can see all of that a different time, from the right woman.  No peeking” Josh tried moving his head around to peek, but with both of your hands in front of him, he couldn’t see anything. He sighed and slumped down into the sofa, your body falling down with his.

“Fine, but I’m holding you to that offer.” He bent his head down to kiss the top of yours.

Jack was slowly sinking into the Atlantic, when you heard sniffling from behind you. It was Josh.

“Aw baby! It’s ok, you know Leonardo DiCaprio is still alive right? You could easily meet him.” You were wiping the tears off of his cheeks, trying not to laugh at how sensitive he was.

“But she said she would never let go! When you say you’ll never let go, you’re not supposed to let go. Would you let me go?” He looked up at you, his eyes still shining, and his face screwed into confusion.

“I would do even better, I would have put you on the door with me.” You settled back down into his chest and wrapped your arms around him. Josh pulled you flush against his skin and just held you. He continued watching the movie, you just sat there and listened to his heart beat. The steady rhythm, slowly putting you to sleep.

It was probably a half an hour later, when you felt a cool breeze around you, soon replaced with a soft bed. Josh’s body curled around yours as he tucked the blanket around both of you.

“I’ll never let go. Even if there’s a boat.”

I feel so bad, because this is incredibly short. I just had to post something, crappy or not

how awkward would it have been if after being ‘killed’ by the saw blades, josh had an uncontrollable sneezing fit. or while chris was untying ashley, josh snuck a peek to see if they were gone yet, but instead the two of them were staring at him in utter silence and fear? 

or like, what if when using the ouija board, he spelt library wrong or something- and chris being the smart guy he was pausing for a minute and just being like ‘what????’ 

id just die for little cute/silly mess ups like that leading up to the main reason why josh was caught. 

Happy Belated birthday to Sarah @sponsormusings! I hope you had a fabulous day! Here is some recent Jhutch for you to swoon over. Enjoy! :)

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