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“I Fell For You.” || Josh Pieters Imagine

A/N – Hey guys!. So this is so short, so I’m sorry for that to the anon who requested. ALSO, a couple of you have said you want more sad imagines, so will you please tell me what about? I’m usually better at sad imagines than happy ones so it’ll be good to write some again. love you all x


- E x

— Josh’s POV —

Me and her, just walking through the park again as we usually did on the way back from lunch or dinner.

“But then, apparently he broke up with her and then said he didn’t.” She says, carrying on her story as we just walk along the wide paths of the park.

“Josh, you listening?” She repeats, snapping me out of the daydream I was in until then.

“Yeah, sorry babe.” I reply, shaking my head to get the thought of how amazing she was out of my head, just for a moment.

“What’s up? You’ve been in such a daydream all day.” She says, laughing to herself about how I haven’t been listening to a word anyone’s said all day.

I usually did this around her, even the boys had noticed. She was just so beautiful and I couldn’t help but stare at her, she was amazing in everyway.

The way her Y/H/C fell around her shoulders, to the way her Y/E/C held the whole world in them.

She was unreal.

“Yeah, sorry. You’re just amazing.” I say, giving her hand a squeeze in mine, and looking down to see her smiling up at me.

“How are you so nice? Even when the boys mess around with you, you just laugh it off. How?” She says curiously, she always saw the practical side to things.

“They don’t mean it, they’re just messing about. It’s fine babe. What were you saying?” I ask, as she just shrugs off my reply, and carries on with her story from before.

She always told me the boys went too far with the jokes on me and Mikey, and yeah they did sometimes but it was nothing. They never meant it. They were my best friends, it’s what best friends did. I mean, I’m abnormally tall and very ginger, I’m bound to get some jokes.

After finishing her story, we carry on walking and talking some more.

“Y/N, I love you.” I say, feeling the urge to tell her that I was completely head over heels for her.

“I love you too, why you telling me this?” She says, looking up at me, smiling away.

Lighting up my world, as she always did.

When I look back up, a jogger is running straight towards us, not watching where he’s going and I have about one second to get her out of the way.

I manage to get her off to the side, before the runner bashes into me and causes me to fall to the ground with a bang.

“Oh my god josh are you ok?” She says, clearly trying her hardest to not laugh at my fall.

“I’m good babe.” I say, grabbing her hand and getting up.

“See, I fell for you.” I say, giving her a cheeky wink at the pun.

“That was the cringey-est thing I have ever heard.” She says, her mind slipping into a state of hysterical laughter.

It was true, I fell for her.

Why you should watch Trial & Error

-it’s Parks & Rec meets courtroom drama
-it’s basically a giant parody of crime docs a la The Staircase
-fairly diverse cast considering it takes place in small town South Carolina
-LGBT representation-especially bisexual
-its funny as hell
-you like the trope of group of co-workers become a family? this is the show for you
-even though it’s sitcom you can treat it how y'all treat dramas and analyze the shit out of it for theories
-josh/carol anne is the love-hate on opposite sides otp I’ve seen in a million fanfics actually on screen
-dwayne/summer is kinda weird and won’t happen but it’s still hilarious to watch and it’s made clear when dwayne is being weird about it too instead of the show treating it as romantic
-the cast is fairly attractive if you’re into that
- not only is the main cast funny as hell-but every supporting and side character is equally hilarious and adds so much to the show
-it’s made clear that the Rich White Man is being offensive when he is
-like father/son dynamics like jake/holt? Oh boy this is your show
-Josh, dwayne, and anne is the golden trio if the golden trio had no idea what they were doing-so it’s just like Harry Potter i guess
-John lithgow is a national treasure

The entire thing is on for free and it has great reviews, why aren’t you watching it???

Dust and Ashes
Josh Groban & Company
Dust and Ashes

My love and admiration for Pierre Bezukhov deepens. We would really be soul mates, if not best friends. Is there a difference? We both have been lonely, awkward, ridiculed, laughed at, lazy, numb, etc. I too crave to connect to some greater essence of humanity/higher power. We both drink too much. We ALL drink to much. God, I really hope that I haven’t wasted my life at almost twenty-four. It feels that way far too often… I’ve read books, watched films, participated, and viewed theatre, but there always seems to be something I’m missing or another regret. “Bury me in Burgundy” has become a mantra of mine. I hope “I want to wake up” becomes the next. I could go on about this song for another lifetime. 

I’ll pick up with “Sunday Morning”, ironically on Sunday morning. Tomorrow I’ll be in the city all day. I’ll be at the first preview of Sunday in the Park with George. Pierre and I might agree with Seurat and his Order, Design, Composition, Tone, Form, Symmetry, and Balance.

But at the end of the day when every price has been paid
If you’re gonna rise and sit beside him on some old seat of gold
And won’t you tell me why you live like you’re afraid to die
You’ll die like you’re afraid to go

10 years ago tonight, The OC aired its series finale. I, for one, still miss my California family.