josh nicholas

eek i never post but i saw great comet last night and they announced its closing RIGHT before the show started so it was a bit of a weird vibe beginning the show. i sat in the stage right banquettes & the entire show was incredible (no surprise) (also so much lucas eye contact so i melted) but at the end of great comet of 1812/beginning of bows lucas was sitting next to me on the stairs and he was crying which bRoke my heart bc this show was apart of his life for so long so i started sobbing & i guess i sniffled really loud & he turned to me and smiled a lil through the tears. and my heart broke. the majority of the cast was crying through bows but trying to keep a happy face & only a few ppl stage doored which makes sense bc of the emotional night. anyway i love great comet & im v sad now so yay

Why you should watch Trial & Error

-it’s Parks & Rec meets courtroom drama
-it’s basically a giant parody of crime docs a la The Staircase
-fairly diverse cast considering it takes place in small town South Carolina
-LGBT representation-especially bisexual
-its funny as hell
-you like the trope of group of co-workers become a family? this is the show for you
-even though it’s sitcom you can treat it how y'all treat dramas and analyze the shit out of it for theories
-josh/carol anne is the love-hate on opposite sides otp I’ve seen in a million fanfics actually on screen
-dwayne/summer is kinda weird and won’t happen but it’s still hilarious to watch and it’s made clear when dwayne is being weird about it too instead of the show treating it as romantic
-the cast is fairly attractive if you’re into that
- not only is the main cast funny as hell-but every supporting and side character is equally hilarious and adds so much to the show
-it’s made clear that the Rich White Man is being offensive when he is
-like father/son dynamics like jake/holt? Oh boy this is your show
-Josh, dwayne, and anne is the golden trio if the golden trio had no idea what they were doing-so it’s just like Harry Potter i guess
-John lithgow is a national treasure

The entire thing is on for free and it has great reviews, why aren’t you watching it???

January 13th, 2017: The cast of Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 celebrated the release of the book, “Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812: The Journey of a New Musical to Broadway“, with performances of select songs from the show and a book signing at the Barnes and Noble in the Upper East. 

Features a snippet of “A Call to Pierre” performed by Josh Groban and Grace McLean