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red hot chili peppers lyrics x monet paintings // requested by @-perpetualworry-


So I’m doing a new series! You send me a band, and I’ll make lockscreens of all of their albums! The first band is of course Red Hot Chili Peppers, and this is just part one, part two will be out in a couple days!
Send in who you guys want and I’ll get onto them asap!

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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Minimalist Songs


“Wait a second here! You don’t like the… the fuckin’ bassline at the end of the song? The outro?!” *John proceeds to make bass sounds.*😂


The Chili Peppers do a lot of improvising, but it’s within the framework of song structures. The Meatbats is from a purely instrumental standpoint. But when you hear the term ‘instrumental music’ you think it’s real serious stuff and everybody’s playing a million notes and it’s about playing fast. That’s not what we do. — Chad Smith

Like a lot of the die hard fans I am sorry to see him go. John has been a source of magic for that band that hasn’t been there in any incarnation since Hillel. Still, I understand that as an artist there might be different places he wants to go creatively and I look forward to those efforts. I am also a huge fan of Josh Kilnghoffer and look forward to what he will bring. We still get the band with a new artist who will step into the light and we will still hear from John. Not the worst deal in the world.
—  Dave Navarro
Sometimes - and no offense to him - but sometimes I don’t know if I’m looking at the new guy or if I’m lookin’ at John [Frusciante]. It’s almost as if they got a John type. You know what I mean? Which is great. It works for them and they’re obviously doing great. No disrespect because Josh [Klinghoffer] is an incredible musician. But I certainly wasn’t [a Frusciante-styled guitarist] and my approach was much more experimental. They’d just come out with “Blood Sugar Sex Magik,” one of the greatest rock records of the decade at that time, ‘cause that record is fucking perfect. Regardless of my relationship with them, that’s one of my favorite recordings of all time. But to come off that success and then try to reinvent is a pretty fucking harrowing feat. We did the best we could.
—  Dave Navarro (Ultimate Guitar, 2014)